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Discover the 8 Key Traits of Highly Successful People

guidetosuccessJust this morning I finished reading a great book on success. And since success and happiness overlap to quite an extent, it was great to find a book that narrowed down 8 specific traits that highly successful people have in common. And since a ‘trait’ is like a characteristic, it is something that can be learned or developed if you don’t have it now.

Richard St John, the author of ‘The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common’ conducted over 500 interviews over several years and tabulated all of the data, to narrow down to 8 specific things that are common in the most successful people in all walks of life. He is also successful himself, so comes from a personal point of reference as well.

So what did he find were common in all highly successful people?

The 8 Traits are:

1. PASSION. They loved what they do.

It is not surprising that passion is at the top of the list. Without the passion all the other things that need to be done would not happen. I also believe that every person’s passion (and style) of it is uniquely theirs. We may be passionate about similar stuff as others, but our passion has it’s own unique fingerprint. So finding and expressing your passion in life, I think, is key to not only success, but true happiness.