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How to Become a Leader of Your Mind, Body and Results

Hands up if you received any leadership training in your life.

What about exceptional role models leaders who guided you through childhood.

How about the quality leaders and leadership you experienced through the educational system.

In my case, I did have leadership training, I did have some great leadership examples growing up, but I also had some WOEFULLY poor leadership role modelling through the first 25 years of my life, which I spent the next 25-years UNLEARNING!

For many clients I work with, they have had no clear leadership training, and either poor or mediocre role modelling in their life.

There is a gap in their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE, which negatively impacts the quality of their RESULTS (in all areas of their life).

It even impacts how they experience life, on day-to-day basis.

When you are a knowledgeable, skilled and conscious LEADER of your life it means:

  • Greater stability
  • Greater calmness
  • Greater creativity
  • Greater level of high-quality decisions
  • Greater problem-solving abilities
  • Higher levels of flexibility
  • Greater levels of adaptability
  • Ability to do life and get results on a grander scale.

Life is played very differently, and the results show.

Whether in health, relationships, personal achievements, legacy, or greater opportunities.

What great Leadership is not about

First let’s have a quick squiz (look) at what great leadership is NOT.

  • Great leadership is not a popularity contest (with others or even yourself).
  • Great leadership is not about short-term gratification.
  • Great leadership is not about winning or fame and glory.
  • Great leadership is not about coercion, bullying, shaming, gas-lighting, trickery, or distorted truths;in order to get your way.
  • Great leadership is not a “gene” or trait we are born with.
  • Great leadership does not have a direct correlation with status, power, money or job description (as I think we are all WELL aware of.

Can you think of any people calling themselves ‘leaders’ that tick off any of these boxes?

Overt visibility of poor leadership has been rife over the last few years. We definitely cannot rely on other people to ‘lead’ us. We need to become the Leaders of our own lives.

What great leadership is all about

I have delivered corporate training on Leadership and one of the definitions that resonates for me most is:

(Great) Leadership is about creating the environment that is conducive to the overall success of the TEAM.

That team can be outside of you, but it can also be – and is hugely impactful – when it comes to your internal environment.

Being a great leader of your mind, emotional state, and body has the greatest influence of your level of health and vitality.

So, for me, this is what Great Leadership is all about:

  • A great Leader sees the bigger picture.
  • A great Leader makes decisions focused on potential long-term consequences, while coming up with the best ways to support short to medium term consequences.
  • A great Leader does not shy away from tough decisions or choices.
  • A great Leader seeks expert advice they acknowledge they don’t have.
  • A great Leader is more interested in the team’s success than any personal accolades.
  • A great Leader is not attached to dogma, but through critical thinking, is always willing to changetheir point of view.
  • A great Leader owns their mistakes and is willing to change their mind and plan if necessary.
  • A great Leader is calm, stable and intuitive.
  • A great Leader seeks and expresses Truth (with a capital ‘T’) even if it is unpopular.

I have to admit.

Showing up as a Great Leader is not easy.

But the rewards and sense of SELF-ESTEEM that come from adopting the philosophy and practices of a true Leader of Self, is worth it.

A great Leader is able to achieve more things, of value, which are not only beneficial for themselves, but for the whole.

5 ways on HOW to become a great(er) Leader


Practice being more COURAGEOUS (start with 4% greater than ‘last time’). Lean into tough conversations. Stand still when a part of your brain is telling you to run away. Disagree with someone if what they are saying does not resonate with you. Stand up for a person or animal if someone is being unkind or unjust to them. Don’t follow the herd, but choose your own path. Be willing not to be liked by everyone. Be clear about your boundaries and then protect them. Be willing to say “I don’t know.” Be willing to try something new, or a new way of doing things. Be willing to ‘fail’. Lean into discomfort.


Get (much) better at DECISION-MAKING. Learn how to do it better. Whether that is reading my book (Decision Making Mastery) or some other source; but spend time on up-skilling in the art and science of decision-making. My Number 1 Tip is do not going into a decision-making process if you are not in the right physical or emotional state. Also don’t chisel your Plans in stone, as they often needed to be amended and updated when you get ‘real world’ feedback. You can listen to a recorded presentation on Decision Making which I delivered at The Practice in 2021. Whatever your method, do invest time, money and energy at getting better at this. The Co-creation of your Destiny depends on it.


MEDITATE. Raising your level of conscious awareness, allows you to see the whole picture. To be able to narrow your focus, and expand your focus, at will. It will also help you to block out distraction, so you get to the heart of an issue. It exercises the brain, so you become more resilient, adaptable and efficient. A highly attuned mind is essential for a great Leader to make great decisions, producing great outcomes.


Don’t rush. SLOW DOWN. Make an intelligent decision on what is the best time-frame to get something done; based on what is best for you, for others and for the greater good. A great Leader does not have a one-size-fits all mindset. They realise that getting things done fast, is not always the best long-term option. Often going slower means you can observe and digest more feedback, in order to make better decisions.


Get STRATEGIC. I think this is one of the main things I bring to my life and my coaching work. Helping people get perspective. Stepping back. Asking the right questions. Getting clearer on the big picture. Seeing how all the pieces might fit together, in the right sequence. Looking at consequential activities and sequential activities, so you can put activities in the right order. Getting really creative, about how it all fits together. Considering contingencies if certain things do or don’t happen (before the event). Doing mental rehearsals (which you can do in meditation) so you prime your brain in advance. The greatest levels of passion cannot overcome a strategy which takes you in the wrong direction.

The key points (and summary)

Choosing to become a better Leader impacts all areas of your life – results, relationships, health, vitality, etc..

It is good to know what poor Leadership is, so we can hit ‘reverse’ if we feel ourselves drifting in that direction.

Great Leadership is a choice, a practice and conscious awareness.

Great Leadership can be learned – RIGHT NOW (by incorporating any or all of the 5 Suggestions).

Great Leadership might not be easy, but the rewards are plentiful (not only for you, but for others, and the world at large).

Role modelling great Leadership greats a huge ripple of impact.

My parting words

Being a great Leader takes effort.

But you have it (a great Leader) already within you.

Choose at least 1 of the 5 Suggestions to focus on, and make a plan for how to incorporate it.

I think you might agree that right now, the world really needs more conscious, authentic and self-empowered Leaders.

Let’s lead the way.

Have a courageous day and a conscious decision-making week.

Take care,


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