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Does Your (Life) Playbook Need an Upgrade?

The answer to the question in the title, as it relates to me, is a big YES!

And I don’t just need a touch-up or a solid rewrite.

I actually threw my old Playbook out and decided to write a new one from scratch.

Sort of like a post 2021 version, and it is an evolving document, because I am always learning and the world and its systems are going through major changes.

Take this last last week for example…

I was in a pretty high level of pain (9/10) for the first 3.5 days of the week; in my lower middle back, side of hips and top of my glutes (butt cheeks). I was getting around like a 90-year old grandpa, well before my time.

Since I have a pretty solid playbook on how to deal with body pain, I got to work.

It consisted of Dr Joe Dispenza’s 75-min guided meditations (Blessings of the Energy Centres) at least 2 times a day. Supplements. Clean, clean eating. Less food in general, so not too much energy was used for digestion, instead of healing. Plenty of sleep. Relaxation. Rest. Rescheduling coaching sessions until next week.

This worked pretty well.

But then I remembered a book a colleague recommended (thanks a bazillion Sharon!!) called ‘Healing Back Pain‘ by Dr John Sarno M.D..

It was right up my alley, as it was all about the mind-body connection.

Within the 24hrs it took me to read the book (it was only 200 pages), my pain reduced by 50% and my mobility increased significantly.

Just by being reminded – made aware – of the mind-body link (and it’s influence).

Dr Sarno’s 17-years of working in rehabilitation showed him there was more to back pain (and neck and shoulder pain) than a physical root cause. He has tried using physical therapy methodologies for years and did not get consistentresults. It was a bit of hit-and-miss.

So he decided to focus on what was happening at the mind (and emotional) level with his clients.

His understanding (and clinical experience) lead him to this:

If we have very uncomfortable emotional things that our subconscious mind thinks we are not capable of dealing with; it initiates pain in our bodies to distracts us.

It ‘represses’ the uncomfortable emotions, and gives us some pain to fixate on (typically in the lower back, hips, upper butt, shoulders and neck), as a protective subconscious mechanism to save us from ‘harm’.

This completely resonated for me, and re-reminded me of all I knew about the mind-body link from the teachers and teachings I have studied.

So I needed to add an addendum to my (post 2021) PLAYBOOK:

If I am experiencing pain in my body, do not automatically assume there is a physical origin. Look to see if you are repressing any emotions of anger, anxiety or resentment (for example). If so, understand them and then do something to resolve them. Focus on that before leaning to physical therapy measures. PSYCHOLOGY then PHYSIOLOGY.

I also now call any “back pain” – BRAIN PAIN (which changes its frequency).

Playbook upgraded!!

How I rewrote my PLAYBOOK

Towards the end of 2021, I realised I needed a major overhaul of my Playbook.

A ‘Playbook‘ – if you want to be Co-Creator in your life – means a philosophical Life Plan, with contingencies, strategies, action items, do’s and don’ts, values, mission, vision, and the likes. It can be written (for some parts that is probably most beneficial) or at the very least, it is a clear personal philosophy that guides how you think, feel (e.g. manage your emotional states) and behave.

Small plug … On 22 Oct I will be facilitating ‘A Bali RESET’ workshop, which is about upgrading peoples playbook.

The way you decide if your Playbook needs upgrading, is if you get real-world feedback that things are a bit wobbly or you’re a bit wobbly.

Are you surviving or thriving?

If you are just surviving – I would recommend an upgrade.

That was the case with me.

In 2021 I felt like I still had too much of a foot in the survival camp.

So after 3-months of curious introspection I decided I needed to show up as ‘more’.

I called it being a Natural Superhuman.

I knew that was our potential, but I needed to articulate what a Superhuman looked like in action.

How would a Superhuman think, manage their emotional state, and behave, specifically, day-by-day???

I knew I wanted to integrate the intuition of my gut, the wisdom of my heart, and intelligence of my mind.

Three integrated, interconnected and attuned brains in action.

That is when the archetypes of the Leader (mind), Warrior (gut) and Sage (heart), came into being.


‘Natural’, because it all came from within our existing awesome Human BEING self.

My new Playbook, called ‘Becoming a natural Superhuman’ seemed like the right fit for moving from survival to thriving.

And of course, it would be an evolving Playbook, reviewed and revised on a regular basis (just like any high-performing business would).

My key point is – and I have said it before – our 2019 Playbook is not going to cut it in 2022 and beyond.

We need a whole new way of showing up NOW and in the future.

Becoming a natural Superhuman

When I started digging into the archetypes of the Leader, Warrior and Sage, I realised that there are some common virtues.

I decided that a highly effective Leader, Warrior, and Sage, had the following common virtues:

  • Courage
  • Intuition
  • Stability
  • Resilience
  • A focus on Evolution (constantly learning and upgrading)

So when you put them all together – Leader, Warrior, and Sage – into one being, you end up with a pretty AWESOME HUMAN BEING.

A powerful combination able to overcome uncertain, unknowable and often unstable times.

I think it is useful to you if I go deeper into each of them in the coming weeks.

Then you can decide what parts of them you want to integrate into your own Playbook and personal philosophy on life; so you can evolve beyond survival traits, and move into thriving (with a clearer plan on HOW to do so).

And if you want to go even deeper you can join me in November.

The key points (and summary)

What worked in the past is unlikely to work as effectively now, or in the future.

In coaching, a common observation is: “What got you to where you are, is actually holding you back from getting to your next level of potential“.

It’s time to change.

All of us need to update, upgrade or rewrite of our Playbook to thrive in the future.

My suggestion is the combo of our inner (and upgraded) Leader + Warrior + Sage = (what I am calling) a Natural SUPERHUMAN.

And more to follow in the coming weeks.

My parting words

I know life sucks a bit when you need to keep reviewing and revising things. When the ‘old’ ways don’t work as well. Damn it!

Though I figure on the right journey and pathway, there is plenty of beauty, insights, moments of awe, and love along the way.

(I am also a fan of having the right tools for the journey too ;-)).

Next week, let me share with you what I think a great LEADER looks like in action (and what lessons you might take from that).

Until then.

Have a day filled with potential and a week filled with growth.

Take care,


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