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Getting to The Next Level Demands THIS

comfort zoneI am trying to think how to sugar-coat this idea, but I am having a bit of challenge.Essentially it works like this. If you want to have more, You need to be more. If you want to have more success, more money, more depth in your relationship, more travels, more adventures, then you need to show up as the next best version of yourself.It turns out, the inner work comes first.


The comfort zone

When you are working out in the gym, with the intention of creating bigger muscles, or burning more calories, or transforming your body, it is a given that there is going to be some ‘discomfort’. In this setting the discomfort is pushing or pulling against a resistance.

So the fact is, there needs to be RESISTANCE to achieve GROWTH. The greater the resistance (discomfort) the greater the growth.

If you want to go to your next level then you need to be prepared for a bit of discomfort. See that discomfort as yourself growing.

In fact, Dr Halvorson (author of the book Succeed) says if we think something will be easy to achieve we have automatically reduced our probability of achieving the goal.


The other stuff that is needed

The only other thing I wanted to say about getting to your next level is that is is going to require you to change (evolve), to inject more energy, to become more clear, to become more focused, to show up in a different way.

I often have clients, or have seen people at seminars, who want to be millionaires. I tell them if they want to have that, then they need to become the type of person who is able to create wealth at that level.

They may need to become more tenacious, more focused, more committed, able to handle more risk and stress, better at delaying gratification, less impulsive, more engaging, more clear, etc.

It is about who you need to become in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

What is it that you want; and how do you need to show up differently? Then start working on that.

I believe that ATTITUDE is the greatest determinant of success. Not IQ or breeding or opportunity or even skills. There are outstandingly skilled musicians who are broke, and then there are high school drop-outs that are multimillionaires.


Are you up for it?

Of late I have been taking my work, my business, my coaching and my presenting up to a new level. It is definitely not comfortable (but it can be exciting). I know that is necessary if I want to grow. If I want to make a bigger difference, provide for my partner in a bigger way, and have a great life adventure, then I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable at times.Because on the other side of the discomfort zone is that field of infinite possibility.

So what do you want to HAVE in your life and who do you need to BECOME in order to achieve it?


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