A Recent Revelation on How to Increase Your Confidence

A Recent Revelation on How to Increase Your ConfidenceI often think I am going to write a short newsletter, or tell you I am, but it rarely happens. So today might be a first for me, as my revelation was pretty damn simple (it happened in seconds).

Here is the background…

For a lot of clients I work with, a major thing on their shopping list of ‘Things I Want in My Life‘ is CONFIDENCE. “How can I have more confidence?” is a common question I am asked.

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Is Your Belief About ‘Possibility’ Causing You to Make Quantum Leaps or Drag Your Arse?

Is Your Belief About 'Possibility' Causing You to Make Quantum Leaps or Drag Your Arse?Essentially I am interested to know if your beliefs about ‘possibility’ are taking your forward in leaps and bounds in your life, or are your beliefs causing you to drag your butt and get left behind by your future possible self?!?! 

Let me explain.

This is what I have witnessed and experienced hundreds of times…

It is not a ‘universal reality’ that determines the experiences someone has in life – in their relationships, their profession, their earning potential or anything else. It is the beliefs they have and the stories they tell that keep them locked into their our own personal reality of the universe. If we change the stories we tell, about what is or is not possible for us, we actually start to change your world.

Because here is the thing. We create our own ‘reality’. Our reality is not exactly what is visible to us through our eyes. Our ‘reality’ is shaped by the beliefs of what we think we ought to be seeing. Our conscious mind can not handle all the sensory inputs we receive moment by moment (there are millions per second), so our brain FILTERS sensory information, based on what it believes is most important to us. And it determines that based on our thoughts, beliefs, fixations, stories, and the things we are most emotionally attached to.

Change your beliefs and stories and you change your ‘lens of perception’. You start to perceive things in different ways. So where you saw impossibility, you now see possibility, because you are looking essentially with a new set of eyes.

Does this make any sense? I hope so.

What is REALLY possible?

My passion and purpose in life is to learn and share. I love learning new information, experimenting with it and then sharing it in a way that positively influences others.

I have spent about 20 years now trying to better understand the relationship between the body, mind, brain, emotions, energy and even the universe. I have read books on neuroscience, numerous forms of psychology, epigenetics, quantum physics, emotions, psychoneuroimmunology, health, spirituality, nutrition, yoga, physiology, and a bucket load of other things.

So my understanding of what is possible is pretty broad, based on the idea that we only know what we know, and don’t know what we don’t know. I have expanded my beliefs of possibility through self knowledge, practical experience and observation of others.

And one of my favourite teachers – who is bringing the world of metaphysics and science together – is a neuroscientist by the name of Dr Joe Dispenza. He was the reason that I went to Berlin recently. I attended his 7-day retreat, with 1200 other people from around the world. Almost 50% of the audience were in the health care industry and a significant number of them were physicians. So we are talking about a well-educated audience, and many from a scientific background. He also had a team of neuroscientists doing real-time EEG brain scans throughout the event.

Over the course of the 7-days of deep intentional, deliberate and specifically executed guided meditations (from 1hr to 4 hrs), there were some pretty incredible health outcomes for people.

I saw a guy who had a stroke done the left side of his body (for several years) lift his left arm up parallel to his body, and he also said they he was starting to get more sensory feeling in his leg. A couple of women reported having tumors on their thyroids greatly reduce (one was from 2.5cm and visibly noticeable to being small enough that it was not visibly noticeable). A person also reported getting their hearing back (Dispenza said this happened three other times in previous retreats).

Do you believe that is possible?!?!

I had a couple of my own ‘mystical experiences’ which are hard for me to fully explain. But they gave me a personal experience, which casued me to broaden my understanding of possibility as well.

The neuroscientists measured the brain activities of people in deep meditation with an EEG machine. One result showed highly coherent gamma brain wave activity. They compared these results with what is ‘normal’ brain wave activity. The comparison was off the charts!!

Talking brains, are you ready to exercise your brain? In a standard bell curve, about 3 standard deviations from normal (the peak in the diagram) covers about 99% of the group (think about the spread of IQ from low to high with the majority being around the middle). The results recorded by the neuroscientists in Berlin showed a result that was about 300 standard deviations from ‘normal’!!! Meaning the results are off the charts and into the realm of ‘unnatural’. Also note that the person being tested was a normal woman and not some Buddhist monk who had been living in a monastery and meditating for the last 50 years.

1fd8786b-0792-47ca-9e15-364ecd8832a7It isn’t a coincidence that Joe Dispenza’s latest book is called ‘Becoming Supernatural’. His book also has a collection of the scientific data he has been collecting over the last several years doing these deeper dive workshops, where he helps people access altered states of consciousness.

I am not going to go into the HOW here. I am still getting my own head around understanding and explaining clearly how change occurs when we influence things at a quantum level.

Einstein said that ‘The field controls the particle’.

What he means is that the energetic field influences matter. That the level and coherence of a vibrational frequency has an affect on matter.

When we go into deep meditation, we alter our brain wave states, which allows us to have more access and influence on the subconscious parts of our brain; like the autonomic nervous system. We also have the ability to ‘download’ information from the quantum field. Just like a radio has a transducer to convert information stored in a radio wave into organised sound (a song or announcers voice), we have a pineal gland that acts as a transducer by taking information from the quantum field and turning into information that can be used to up-regulate the autonomic nervous system for example. It’s interesting that the Egyptians were fascinated by the pineal gland 1000’s of years ago, and realised its importance.

And now to get practical.

I guess my main aim of this newsletter is to say…

(Because you only know what you know, and don’t know what you don’t know).

When you change your BELIEFS about possibility, you actually change what is possible for you to receive and experience.

I just want you to consider the possibility that there is a whole lot more going on beyond our 3-dimensional sensory experience and the world of seemingly physical matter. We have a lot greater ability to influence our health and the experiences we have in life, than we are lead to believe by main stream teaching.

I encourage you to read Joe Dispenza’s book called ‘Becoming Supernatural‘ or even his previous book called ‘You Are The Placebo‘.

The fascinating thing is that yoga has been teaching this same (quantum) stuff, in their own language and way, for 1000’s of years. I love it when two worlds collide. The once considered worlds of mystical and science are coming closer and closer together. And a theme might be this…

You are much more powerful than you may have imagined when it comes to influencing your destiny (internally and externally).

In Summary

I have taken a lot longer to write my newsletter than normal as I was trying to work out how I could best serve you, after what I recently learned, experienced and observed at this retreat in Berlin with Dispenza…without weirding you out too much.

My message is this:

Be willing to expand your worldview of what is possible, and your ‘reality’ is likely to change with your expanded worldview. Along with new possibilities coming into your life.

If you are new to quantum physics check out this short video of the Double Slit Experiment that shows that ‘observation’ affects the results at a quantum level.

My apologies if I confused anyone. I am just learning and growing and wanting to share what I uncover along the way.

Have a super FABULOUS day!!
Take care.

Want help with uncovering and processing some of your core limiting beliefs? Then get in contact. Just reply to this email or connect with me on Facebook or at The Practice. And for more in-depth training videos on coaching and traditional yoga, check out The Practice Online, which you can access a free 30-Day Trial, by clicking here

5 Smart Ways to be Even Smarter than Your Smartphone (MORE Productive & LESS Stressed)

5 Smart Ways to be Even Smarter than Your Smartphone (MORE Productive & LESS Stressed)I am so grateful I am ‘old’. Really.
And before the ‘old’ thing starts growing its own story, I mean ‘old’ in the sense of being 48 years old (not 108 years old!). I still feel I am well and truly in the glory years of my life.
But when it comes to mobile phones, I am decades older than them. Below is the first ‘mobile’ phone we had in our office, while I was in the army in the early 90’s. I think calling it ‘mobile’ meant it was only mobile if you had a car to carry it in.
Anyway, the round-about point I was trying to make is I am glad I grew up in a time where there was a ‘before mobile phone’ period where we learned other ways to amuse ourselves, other ways to communicate and other ways to organize meet-ups with fellow backpackers when traveling the globe.
We would actually have plans like this: “Let’s meet up on the number 1 platform at the Prague main train station, on the 25th of June, between 10am and 1pm. If you don’t make it on that day, we will meet between 10am and 1pm on the 26th. If we still don’t meet up, then I will see you when I do.”

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Why Are You Rushing? Really. Why?

Why Are You Rushing? Really. Why?This might be a very short article. Might being the operative word. I actually don’t know how long it will be when I sit down at the start writing; because I just write and see what comes out.

So the big question I want to explore (for myself as well as you) is…


What’s the hurry? What is the race you are in?

Maybe someone (back in a Victorian times) set us up for failure by penning the words…the human race.
Perhaps we inadvertently set an intention by using the word not how it was intended. And now we are playing it out. Interesting…or…

SHIT!!! (Sorry dad)
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The 5 Biggest Takeaways from One of The Best Success Coaches on the Planet (Tony Robbins)

celebrateSo a couple of weeks again, myself and a couple of my colleagues made a pilgrimage to Singapore to attend an event with 13,000 other people called ‘Unleash The Power Within‘, hosted by Tony Robbins and his crew.

Now we know that money is not the measure of success, but it can indicate the ‘perceived value’ of something. Tony Robbins really is one of the best when it comes to creating massive change in people. He currently has a 2-year waiting list for clients who want to work with him. The price tag is $1,000,000! That fee is pretty out there, but get this. He only works with you for up to 12 hours!!!!!

He has worked with Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Princess Diana, plus a whole lot of who’s who. The reason they hire him is because he gets RESULTS. He is a MASTER at the art of changing peoples lives. He has been doing it now for about 4 decades. So he has amazing insights, personal experience, and also access to the best minds on the planet.

So…he is worthy of listening to.
And now I will share with you the 5 biggest things I took away from this 4-day event.

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Changing Your Emotional State with the Triad (from Tony Robbins)

TonyRobbins_20130729.inddSince the Coaching Team is off to Singapore this month to see Tony Robbins – a leading success & performance coach from the USA – I thought it would be interesting to share one of his basic teachings on what it takes to change our emotional state (in the short term). This is a strategy to change your current emotional state, and what he calls his Triad.

He suggests that there are 3 things that we can address to change our emotional state:

  1. Change our PHYSIOLOGY
  2. Change our FOCUS
  3. Change our LANGUAGE

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3 Ways to Power Up Your Decision Making & Level Up Your Result

3 Ways to Power Up Your Decision MakingThis is a topic I have been teaching on a yoga teacher training course at The Practice, plus recording for The Practice Online, and now I am here to share it with you.

If you improve your decision making abilities, it has the potential to have a HUGE impact on the results you experience, as a result of the quality of the decisions you make.

So pay close attention…

(Effectively, more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want)


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Yoga: The Original Science of Happiness (and Emotional Well-being)

Yoga- The Original Science of Happiness (and Emotional Well-being) squareI encourage (strongly) that all of my coaching clients include a yoga class or few into their weekly health and well-being regime. When I wrote The Guidebook to Optimum Health, I came to the conclusion that the most complete ‘physical activity’ for overall optimum health & vitality was yoga.

Yoga goes way beyond physiological benefits and ticks off all of the boxes when it comes to health: physical, mental, and emotional.

The reason is because it is one of the oldest practiced sciences when it comes to happiness, well-being and reaching our full human potential. We are talking 1000’s of years to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

I started practicing yoga in 1999 and it was one of the best choices I ever made. It changed my life for the better.

Let me explain why…

Caveat before we start: Unfortunately a lot of ‘modern’ yoga is about busting out spectacular looking yoga poses so you can create an Instagram worthy picture to wow your Insta-fans. The yoga I am interested in is different. It is consciously practiced, in a specific (scientific) way, with high quality teachers, who understand the science and philosophies of the practice (and practice what they teach).


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The First 4 Pillars to Experiencing Authentic Success

The First 4 Pillars to Experiencing Authentic SuccessMy typing fingers are a little tired this morning, so I thought I would share a number of short videos I have recently recorded, talking about the subject of SUCCESS, and what I think are 8 of the essential ‘pillars’ to feeling a deep sense of success and happiness.
The first 4 Pillars of Authentic Success are:
  1. Feeling Daily Joy
  2. Having High Quality Relationships
  3. Feeling Connected (to yourself, others and something bigger than you)
  4. Feeling like you are Growing and Evolving

If you were to rate yourself in each of these four categories, what would you give yourself out of a potential highest score of 10?Maybe you decide to watch all 4 videos (which I would recommend) or you just decide to watch the video that relates to your lowest score/s. Regardless, I know that you will learn something or be reminded of something you already know but are not practicing. As always I am all about sharing practical strategies for you to implement today.

And as I know you know, there is a big difference (about the size of the gap called The Grand Canyon) between common knowledge and common practice.

I want you to learn and then APPLY the strategies you learn (or are reminded of).

Have a super fabulous day and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.
Take care.PS: Will I be seeing you in Bali at my 3-Day Life Masterclass seminar?
As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook or on my Blog.

A Really Common Self Sabotaging Habit Which is (Relatively) Easy to Fix

A Really Common Self Sabotaging Habit Which is (Relatively) Easy to FixI coach a lot of different people. 

And most of them experience overload, overwhelm or basic stress to varying levels in their life.

I have also found that people have quite a varied capacity to handle stress in their lives. Some can handle more, for longer, and some for less.

But this what I have found to be common. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in the short term (less than 1 year), and under estimate what they can do in the long term (3+ years).

It seems that most of us have a pretty ineffective crystal ball.


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