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ELITE Goal Setting: Tip 2 – Are you growing

Blog-8This Goal Setting Tip by Carl Massy is: It is very important to have a goal in your life that is difficult for you to achieve and will challenge you. If you don’t have a difficult or challenging goal in your life it is possible that you will feel like you are not moving forward.

Here is why: Have you ever thought what happens to a plant that is not growing? You guessed it. It is busy dying. We, like the plants, have an inherent need to grow. If we ever feel that we are not growing, it actually gives us a sense that we are stuck or moving backwards.

The other thing about growth is that we do not grow without resistance. It is like training muscles in the gym. If you use a weight that is too small (i.e. there is little or no resistance) your muscles will not grow. Muscles – like our emotions – need resistance to grow.

So…if you don’t have a goal in your life that is stretching you, or challenging you, or making you feel uncomfortable; then it is time to start thinking about (and getting clear on) what it is that you really want, which will cause you to grow.

And remember to write it down when you have it!

You want to set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming.” – Jim Rohn

Carl Massy is an ex-Army Major, a world-leading consultant to the Olympic Games and now NLP Life Coach. His blend of excellent strategy with the deeper workings of the mind and body, ensure that the results are at the next level!

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