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The Non-Cave Version of Developing Your ‘Spirit’

This is my 3rd post on the subject of how to make us (even) more awesome.

What I call being a NATURAL SUPERHUMAN.

I use the word natural, because I want to reiterate the fact that all we need is within us now. Even when we are butt-naked without props.

I have used the archetypes of LEADER, WARRIOR and SAGE as I believe their virtues are most relevant.

In uncertain times, or rapidly changing times – where certainty is limited – we need to BE, BECOME and SHOW UP AS a superior version of self.

A great Leader, with a Warrior’s fortitude and willpower, is a powerful combination, but it is not complete.

We also need the heart, wisdom and intuition of a Sage.

We need to be able to tap into something bigger than ourselves.

We need to be able to connect to life at a deeper level if we want a enriched experience.

And we need to enhance our ability to FEEL – internally and externally.

So let’s talk about the 3rd and final piece of this masterpiece…

…a masterpiece that is YOU fully illuminated.

And I LOVE the sound of that!!

What is a Sage?

Just so we are singing from the same sheet of music, let me describe what a Sage looks like to me.

Picture a wise older man or woman.

They walk slowly, not because they are feeble, but because they have a deep sense and knowing of the mysteries of life.

(As well as the practical sides of life).

They smile a lot.

They stop, while leisurely walking, to take in the beauty surrounding them.

When they stop to observe the beauty, they draw in a deep breath to infuse the beauty into the core of their being.

When they are faced with a challenging circumstance or person, they slow down even more.

They take a deep breath.

They take in the WHOLE picture.

They allow the creative energy from deep within them to bubble to the surface.

They respond in a calm, measured, but assertive way when it comes to solutions.

They spend 10% of their energy on the ‘problem’ and 90% on a wise SOLUTION, which has long-term positive outcomes.

And I know, there is a Sage-like energy and potential in you, me, and every other human on the planet.

Our role now is to bring it forth.

How to draw forth our inner Sage

One of my favourite understandings and discoveries about wisdom is this wee formula:


Our Sage represents the wisdom of the Heart, more than anything.

But they also have a beautiful mind made up of the active searching of knowledge and seeking new experiences, giving them more brain material to drawing from when they are creating their masterpieces of wisdom.

Unfortunately, the wisdom of the heart is subtle (though powerful).

Meaning, it requires a high level of conscious awareness to be able to tap into (or hear, feel, sense) the wisdom of the heart.

This is why an elevated level of consciousness is required to experience, embody and execute true wisdom.

To draw forth the most elevated and effective level of our inner Sage, we need to be constantly building our knowledge base. We need to step into new experiences to continue to learn and grow, at an experiential level. And we need to undertake practices to raise our consciousness and heighten our level of conscious awareness.

All doable.

Though it does take time and concerted effort.

Which is another trait of the Sage.

They are patient, plus they are at peace with the repetitious or mundane.

(Like the Warrior) They know repetition is the mother of learning.

5 ways on how to support and unleash your Inner Sage


You don’t need a practical cave, but a space that is quiet and free of distractions is of optimal benefit. This is where you will practice your most Sage-like activity. Yes, you guessed it. MEDITATION. Meditation not only builds up the focus and fortitude of your mind, but it is ESSENTIAL for creating a coherent heart (i.e. a coherent electromagnetic field of energy), which allows for coherent information to pass to the mind, and to all the cells and microorganisms in your body. It is through meditation (or mindfulness practices) you will gain a greater awareness of the messages of wisdom coming from the heart.


Solitude is very different from ‘loneliness’. Solitude is when you take time away from distraction – people and technology – and build on your relationship with self. In our modern world, solitude is not offered to you. You need to find it or create it. It is times where you are by yourself, that you are able to discern a greater level of awareness of what it is you truly want – to be, have or experience. When you remove yourself from the known and familiar, you can create from a clean slate. The best and healthiest way to experience solitude is to spend time in nature. Your microbiome (internal gut flora) will also love you for it. In solitude and silence you will become more aware of your hearts inner wisdom.


The Sage is Sage-like because they are very good at discerning what is ‘reality’ and what is ‘story’, ‘opinion’, or ‘someone else’s view of the world’ (which does not make it a fact). They practice Critical Thinking, which includes an observational element designed to explore what is ‘self-evident‘. The best way I know how to bring this into the practical realm is to ask the question (often): What is the Reality? I ask this a lot and I think it is a very Sage-like question. It gets rid of clutter of the mind; like old beliefs, stories, biases, opinions, and ‘completely-made-up-sh#t’ based on 4th hand information.


This is a tough subject and practice, but one the Sage does not avoid. They know the reality is: all of us, regardless of our colour, beliefs, height, size, gender, political beliefs, etc., will die some point. A date mostly unknown, but inevitable. They are open to conversations and contemplation about death. They consider their own mortality, and the mortality of the people around them. This does not make them morbid, but creates an even greater zest for life. Western cultures are typically crap with the subject of death. So my suggestion is to contemplate it. Write about it. Feel into it. Read books on it. Talk to your parents about it. Books on near death experiences (NDE’s) can also be quite revealing. I recommend, ‘Dying To Be Me’ or ‘Proof of Heaven’ (written by a skeptical neurosurgeon who was in a meningitis-induced coma for a week).


In my mind; the Sage laughs a lot. They have a child-like playfulness to them. They don’t take life too seriously. They have thoughts when faced with adversity like, “this too will pass”. They are not attached to stuff, so don’t lose their mind when things don’t turn out their way. They realise they are not the ‘master of the universe’ and therefore have the humility to realise even when they do their best, the universe might have a different idea on how things play out. They laugh when they make mistakes. They are happy to ask ‘stupid’ questions. They are not ‘know-alls’, which means they constantly learn. They talk to animals, insects, and trees because they know we are all connected. They also know they are connected to something greater than themselves, who loved them into life, and loves them every moment of life, regardless of whether they are winning or losing.

The key points (and summary)

We need to connect to, and draw forth our inner Sage.

It is our Sage that elevates the outcome and life experience of our Leader-Warrior.

The Sage is connected through their Heart to something greater, and something infinitely more wise.

Being n a rush, disconnects us from the wisdom of our inner Sage.

The Sage is in love with life, but joyfully and playfully unattached to how it unfolds.

They see, feel, sense, notice and experience the beauty on offer in each and every moment.

There is an inner Warrior in you.

Your inner Warrior is influenced and guided by your inner Leader and Sage.

Maintenance (physically and psychologically) is the best strategy.

When your gut and heart co-create, you become unstoppable.

Practice doing things you don’t want to do. Not to punish yourself (e.g. choose things that also have a positive physiological benefit), but to build up your personal psychology.

Get more organised, as it makes it easier to act without hesitation and duress, plus there is lightness to it (think Feng Shui).

My parting words

The Sage was the last thing I started working on in my personal development.

I studied and practiced Leadership and Warriorship, but it wasn’t until I put my attention into Sage-ship that life took on a greater meaning.

(IMO) Bringing our Hearts fully and openly into life is essential for a truly rich life experience.

The world needs more Heart and more modern Sages.

Sages, like us.

Have an open-hearted day, and a playful, non-serious, week

Take care,


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