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Breath-walking is ‘meditation in action’

powerwalkingI know so many people that are aware that meditation is super great for them in so many ways but are so ‘wired’ that the ability to sit down quietly and empty their mind is just too far of a stretch. So I think that what I am about to share with you might be just the thing to get some of the positive benefits of ’emptying your mind’ without having to still still for 30 mins each day. The little gem I am about to share is called ‘breath walking’ and the video below shows you an actual demonstration of it too.

I actually call breath-walking a form of ‘active’ meditation and if doing still meditation is beyond you for now it is a great place to start. I first heard about breath-walking from Anthony Robbins who said Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the MIT from ‘Good Will Hunting’ for the non-Americans) ran a number of tests and spoke highly of the positive benefits. Which included stimulating the lymphatic system (which requires breath and movement) and energizing the body. It also will take the attention out of the past and future and bring you back into present time consciousness – free of emotional pain or discomfort. Which has got to be a good thing. Plus you are walking – which we all know (I am assuming here) is ridiculously great for the body and mind.

In the video, you will also see another technique that Tony Robbins added to the breath-walking, which is an acupressure technique stimulating the meridian points at the end of the fingertips. Anyway, enough writing…please watch the very informal video to get a better idea. I am unlikely to win any film citations or awards, but you will definitely get the idea.

So please enjoy your breathing and walk your way to better health and a much calmer mind.



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