You Have Huge Potential, but Don’t Make This Mistake

About 15 minutes ago, I finished doing a ‘self-healing’ technique developed by Dr Darren Weissman.

I did an abbreviated version of what he calls the LifeLine Technique.

Part of the process is setting an INTENTION (which is very relevant to this conversation).

First, you set an intention.

Starting with “I AM…” (a powerful two-word combination to be used wisely).

My chosen intention was: I am a creative genius, able to create something from nothing.

Part 2 of setting an intention is to connect to the FEELING associated with experiencing the “I AM” statement, in the now.

And as you may or may not know, it is the quality (coherence) and intensity of our feelings that most influences the quantum field around us.

So the feeling I felt, when I truly connected to being a creative genius, was…


It (and I, when I experienced and connected to this emotion) felt AWESOME…and full of pure potential.

I created the feeling by self generating the feeling from the inside out.

That is the potential that exists in all of us.

To create the emotion or emotions we actually wish to feel.

This is easier at some times, harder at others, but is still POSSIBLE for us all.

Now here is what I also want to remind you…

My hypothesis on your creative potential

This isn’t really just my hypothesis.

I have recently heard similar views from clairvoyants, astronomers, energy workers, and colleagues in the wellness space.

So my hypothesis is this.

Over the last few years our creative potential has been stifled by fear, uncertainty and a focus on survival.

This means there is a well of potential, untapped, CREATIVE ENERGY in us individually, and collectively, which is waiting to be expressed.

We, as beings of life, are just like the life around us (think mother nature), which is designed to grow.

I think the same source code for growth exists within us.

A strong (unconscious) desire to grow, to express, to birth things (be they small humans or ideas).

So I strongly suspect there is a HUGE well of creative energy ready, within you, awaiting expression.

I also think there is a collective energy (around the planet) which is awaiting creative expression.

This means…

There is a massive amount of potential creative energy sitting at the base of your spine waiting to be expressed.

Now hold that thought…

Let’s revisit the INTENTION thing

There is a saying used in the wellness space which says “where attention goes, energy flows”.

This is more than just a woo-woo statement.

It is implying that where we direct our attention (and intention) is where our creative energy, physical energy and even psychological or mental energy are expressed.

Experiments like the Double Slit experiment, showed that our attention affected the results at a quantum level.

So your attention matters.

A lot.

But here is the challenge:

Maintaining our attention on the things we DO WANT, as opposed to being distracted to focusing on the things we DON’T WANT.

It can be hard to maintain our attention on the stuff we do want, when there are so many external and internal distractions, pulling our attention in the wrong direction.

I said hard, but not impossible.

And now let’s bring these two elements together.


First I said I believe that there is enormous CREATIVE ENERGY sitting at the base of your spine, or the back of your mind, which wants to be expressed.

Secondly, I talked about the importance of a clear intention and focus, on what you DO WANT.

When you bring a clear intention, with this abundant potential creative energy, the end result is the creation of something even greater than whatever has come before.

I think we are at a time where our potential to create amazing stuff is on hyper-drive.

We can create more abundantly and I believe quicker (collapsing the quantum wave of potential more quickly).

I think if there was ever a time where you wanted to create something new, now is the time.

Take your attention (and creative potential) away from the things you don’t want.

Get in the habit of redirecting your attention, intention and energy at what you DO WANT.

Even if you have to do it 20-30 times a day.

It goes like this:

  1. You get distracted.
  2. You focus on what you don’t want.
  3. You catch yourself out.
  4. You redirect your attention, intention and creative energy on what you DO WANT.
  5. And you repeat this as many times as you need to, until you have created mind and muscle memory, that has you focused on what you do want about 99% of the time.
  6. And then you reap the rewards of your CREATIVE GENIUS-NESS.

My Parting words

We humans are powerful creators.

And now is a time where your creative energy is awaiting expression.

At a much higher potential level, than in the past.

But we need to be clear about where we direct that energy and power within.

Stay focused on what you do want to create.

And if your attention drifts (as it surely will), just redirect it back to WHAT YOU WANT.

But do that (to yourself) in a kind, caring and conscious way.

You’ve got this.

Enjoy your day and week focused on all the things you do want more of, and crowd out the stuff that doesn’t serve you.

See you next week.

Take care,


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