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A Common Cause of LOW Energy (not What You Think)

Hands up if you have low energy a lot.

How about sometimes?

We all have times and days where our energy is low.

Which might relate to very practical things like hydration, nutrition, and sleep.

But if we have an on-going experience with low energy, the cause might not be what you think.

Here is what I have discovered through coaching over the last 15 years (and gazing at my belly button often.


When a new client reaches out to work with me; I send them a couple of questionnaires.

One takes about 2hrs plus to complete and is a deep dive.

The other one takes about 5 mins, but is SOOO revealing.

I essentially ask people to rate their ‘Levels’, on a scale of 1-10, when it comes to 12 categories relevant to their lives.

One of them is their ENERGY Level.

Here is what I have witnessed

My hypothesis on your creative potential

What I have found is this:

Quite often if someone has low ENERGY, they might also be low in PASSION, PURPOSE and ENTHUSIASM (as rated on my questionnaire).

But here is the interesting thing.

We might ASSUME that their passion and enthusiasm is low because they have low ENERGY.

However, that is not what I have found to be the case.

This is what I more consistently see:

If someone is not clear of their PURPOSE (and not passionate about their purpose or goals), they are very likely to be short on enthusiasm, but also very likely to have LOW ENERGY.

Yes, to taking care of nutrition, hydration and rest, which are all essential.

But often there is something DEEPER under the surface that is effecting someones ability to feel energized in life.

And yes, past trauma can also be a contributing factor, but having a PURPOSE that INSPIRES you (and is in alignment with your soul or mission in life), can also help move through those past life challenges.


Are you in alignment with your PURPOSE?

And do you feel your PURPOSE is in alignment with you (who you uniquely are at you core)?

The yogi’s might ask if you are on your Dharmic path?

Step 1 is to get really clear about what the fullest expression of yourself is (in action in this 3D world of form) in a way that serves you, serves others and serves the greater good.

Step 2 is actually TAKING ACTION.

Someone who is clear about what their purpose and passions are, but is standing still in fear or with some other mental block (or limiting beliefs), is also likely to feel ‘drained’, out of alignment, or not tapped into their full potential.

The other thing that happens when we get really clear on our purpose and come into alignment with it, is we also come into alignment with a well of energy not only within us, but all around us.

I call this Source energy.

I believe when we are truly aligned, and on purpose with meaningful goals, we tap into a well of life force, that fills us up.

That moves us.

That illuminates us.

That draws opportunities to us.

That ‘feeds’ us the energy we need to overcome obstacles or resistance.

The primary offering for you

Do you feel you are directing your attention and intention on a Purpose and Meaningful Goals, which are in alignment with the very core of your being?

Are your Purpose and Goals inspiring?

Are your Purpose and Goals life affirming?

Are your Purpose and Goals supporting something beyond youself (e.g. making the world a better place).

And finally, are you taking real action in the pursuit or expression of your Purpose?

If not, it might lead to low energy, or a lack of access to that powerful Source energy.

My Parting words

A lack of Purpose, or an unclear purpose, can lead to low energy.

I have seen it time and again.

I have also seen the change in energy once someone came back into alignment with their core expression.

One other thing.

A sign you might be ‘off course’ is doing procrastination.

You might be procrastinating because you have impotent Goals.

If your Goals and Purpose are truly inspiring, you will be too consumed and enthusiastic to have time to procrastinate.

I hope this message helps you get back on course, and if you need a hand getting clarity, just drop me a line.

Wishing you all the very best on your life journey and the expression of YOU.

Have a joyful day and a purpose-oriented week.

See you next week.

Take care,


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