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You Can’t Kick Big Goals if This is Off

Would you like to achieve or do some big things with your life?

Have you got some big things in mind that you would love to bring into fruition?

One of my colleagues has a great shirt, which says “Dream Big Baby!!”.

I love the idea.

However, as a realistic optimist, strategist and student of human performance, I realise there are some key things that need taking care of; in order to set up the environment for successful BIG dreams to come into fruition.

This is the topic of today’s conversation.

In the coaching space, I teach to achieve big things, there are some 4 pieces needed:

  1. A clear & impassioned VISION.
  2. Aligned & focused MINDSET.
  3. Effective STRATEGIES & SKILLS.
  4. Optimum HEALTH & VITALITY.

Today I want to focus on number 4, and also peel it back to its absolute basics.


It is really hard to kick big goals if you don’t have the ENERGY to do so.

If your health sucks you have problems getting out of bed, let alone dreaming big and showing up big.

So what takes our energy UP and what brings it DOWN?

There are lots of things I could focus on, but one topic has been coming up for me time and time again of late.

I seem to be seeing it, and reading about it, in numerous places.

It is something that can really suck the energy out of you.

Especially over the long term – which is the usual time-frame for doing BIG things.

The Background and Context

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am pretty big on the health (energy) side of things, and given that our main energy source is FOOD, we need to make the best choices here.

I also like to quote Michael Pollan, who wrote ‘In Defense of Food’, who said, in relation to food and eating:

“Real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Great general advice.

But I would like to make a greater distinction.

Like the distinction between ‘table salt’ (harmful junk food) and high quality mineral salts like Himalayan and Celtic seas salts.

Real food – GOOD.


Here’s why the distinction is highly important.

There is a CRAZY amount of pesticides sprayed on our food. Even after food is grown and ripened, glyphosate is sprayed on it, to dry out the grain, or seed, or crop.

Glyphosate is not only poisonous to insects, bugs, and bacteria in the outer world, but it is highly toxic and poisonous to the healthy bacteria we want growing in out gut (and most likely contributes to symptoms like ‘leaky gut’).

Here is another thing I learned recently.

‘Round Up’ which is one of the principle weed killers produced by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer), also has synthetic snake venom’s in the mix. To help kill things better. Bayer apparently have numerous patents for the use of snake venom’s in their pesticides. They are 100% focused on PROFITS, and 0% on your health.

I am not sure about you, but venom (and glyphosate) on the food I am about to eat, does not sound like a cool idea.

The more toxicity I bring into my body, the harder my body (especially my liver) needs to work to clear these toxins.

Meaning I have LESS ENERGY (and health) to kick big goals.

I think 30 years ago, eating ORGANIC was a desirable, but today I think it is ESSENTIAL.

Especially for long-term health.

The main message

Buy ORGANIC food – especially fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here is a list of the foods to ABSOLUTELY buy organically (called The Dirty Dozen). E.g. Strawberries, Spinach, and Kale.

Reduce your toxin intake, by going organic, or GROWING organic.

BONUS message

5 other ways to INCREASE your accessible energy are:

  1. Fasting (less energy needed for digestion).
  2. Meditation (lower heart rate and lower blood pressure conserves energy).
  3. Movement (supports the lymphatic system and general removal of toxins, through sweating).
  4. Water (I talk more about it here).
  5. Don’t waste energy doing things that are meaningless, unfulfilling or a waste of your life force.

My Parting words

I want you and me to be as healthy as possible.

And of late, I have seen so many people ill with different ailments.

From mild to extreme.

Which means we need to make the best choices we can for our bodies.

So we can not only be healthy and vital, but so we have the energy to do BIG THINGS with our lives.

Choose ORGANIC wherever possible (especially those Dirty Dozen).

And help your body to thrive!! 🙂

Have a vibrant day and an organically inspired sorta week. 🙂

See you next week.

Take care,


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