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Why Wait? What Is It Costing You?

waitI think you know where this is likely to go.

Over the last week I was stewing and stomping and grumbling and growling and building things up in my mind to be a lot bigger than in reality they were. I was triggered by something on a Monday related to another person and my business, then stewed about it all week. It put me in a less than optimum mood when I had a couple of conversations through the week, that related to this unresolved thing.

I was telling myself, that I would take care of it when we had a formal meeting in several days time. Though in the meantime I was allowing my frustration (and STORIES & MEANING I was giving the situation) to take on a life of its own. It was making me less than my joyful, pleasurable self. 🙂

Fortunately I have a great intimate partner (we just celebrated 9 years together on Tuesday!! ;-)) who literally kicked my butt. She said these famous words “Why Wait?”So the day before I was meant to have a formal meeting I reach out to the person I was having my internal issues with and asked if we could get together. They know and care about me, and knew it was important for me, so came and met me straight away.Then I spoke.
They listened.
Then they spoke.And then the feelings I had been building up over a week dissipated. I was freed.
The stress left my body. My frustration was erased. The story was undone. And I got on with my life. Whew!!Even though I could have resolved it the day after (most likely); WHY WAIT for one more day?
Why suffer for one more day?The moment I took action my internal state changed. The moment I made the DECISION TO ACT and then took ACTION by sending a message to say I wanted to meet up, I automatically started to feel better.

So here is what I was reminded of and want to share with you (as a reminder):


Lesson Number 1: Sometimes time does not heal all wounds

Sometimes the healing happens when you take decisive ACTION. Particularly if you are stuck inside your head and your stories. It is the stories we tell ourselves that are often the cause of suffering. The real pain is generally limited. The meaning we give to things, if left to ruminate for too long, can cause more suffering than is needed or necessary.

Taking action is most often the thing that will create a new result.
Decide, then act. It’s powerful stuff.

Lesson Number 2: Why wait?I tell my clients that they are only allowed to suffer for a maximum of 24-48 hours before they have to reach out to me or someone else for help. And I forgot my own guidance. I left my frustration and annoyance go on for a week, stewing below the surface.

The better option would been to have gathered my thoughts (which included facts and assumptions) and then reach into my courage bag – which is always there when you need it – and take action. In this case, have that ‘tough conversation’.

Another option could have been to talk to someone else who’s opinion and character I respect and get a second opinion. Again, this is about taking action.

The story I told myself was that I was waiting because I was doing the Sun Tzu ‘Art of War’ thing and choosing the perfect time and battleground. When really that was an excuse for me being a marshmallow. Damn it! The truth is out. Sometimes I am a light-weight. Sorry world. 😉


Lesson Number 3: Stories, stories, stories…

Boy. It is a wee bit crazy how our stories shape our moods and thoughts and behaviours and energy and feelings.

What we believe we perceive. And what we perceive shapes our reality. Change your beliefs and your perceptions and you change your reality. That is not a fancy play of words. That is a fact. We create our reality and results according to what we believe is possible or not.

If you have not read my free book on beliefs (Beliefs Are Controlling Your Life), then I suggest you check it out. Or read it again. 😉 Alternatively you can check out a webinar I just presented in The Practice Online membership site on Beliefs by clicking on this LINK. This beliefs stuff is ESSENTIAL to know.

What are you holding yourself back from, because you are telling a story that disempowers you? Or what stories are you telling that are causing you to suffer?

IN SUMMARYWhat are you WAITING for?

What do you need to do, or take care of, or just get done?

What have you been putting off ‘until a better time’?

Where are you suffering because you are not taking action or asking for help?



Please. Please. Pretty please. 😉

That’s it from me. You have work to do. 🙂
Have fun and a super day!

As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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