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Why Do We Rush and What’s The Cost?

Is life a sacred journey for you?

If not, would you actually like it to be a more sacred experience, rather than a race on the hamster wheel?

These days in my business I am MUCH more interested in working with awesome humans people who want to focus more on EVOLUTION (as a whole being), rather than having a “6-figure” (plus) salary or business. Boring!

In the bigger picture, isn’t it more fulfilling to have a sacred life experience, as opposed to being part of a mob of mad racers scrambling for the finish line?

Or a race to amass the most impressive pile of possessions.

Now I am not saying we have to live like paupers to have a sacred life, but I am questioning (which is a good thing) the crazy rush to somewhere we are probably are not even sure we know, or even want.

So today, let’s talk about “What the frigging hell is the rush?!?!”

And the idea of a spiritual journey, as opposed to trying to get “there” quickly.

(Not so useful) Reasons we might be rushing

Hands up if you are often caught rushing – by yourself or others – and when you stop or slow down you had NO justification as to why you were rushing in the first place?

I have even been ‘busted’ by my partner Ferry for brushing my teeth like a crazy person on speed.

Ferry asked me, as I was brushing my teeth at Mach 3 before bed, whether I had another appointment I needed to make.

The answer was an obvious “no”.

So, why the rush?

Here’s some reasons why we may be rushing:

  • (MOST LIKELY) We have been subconsciously programmed – maybe as a child or in our formative years – that if we did not hurry up and do something, we were in a world of trouble. We formed the beliefs and subsequent habit, that doing something quickly meant we would not get in trouble, and we would ultimately avoid PAIN. Chances are our parents or care-givers, were passing on their own unconscious beliefs and habits about rushing, cramming and getting stuff done. Most actions start with a belief or story, associated with our base emotions of pleasure or pain. I also remember in the Army being taught (aka: programmed) to move with a ‘sense of urgency‘ (aka: go fast).
  • We have also been turned by society from citizens into CONSUMERS who consume things quickly, and are subliminally programmed by the ‘marketing machine’, that if we don’t hurry, we will miss out. And the story is; that is a bad thing. The fear of missing out (FOMO) thing, is again something that is imprinted at a subliminal level and has us believing and behaving in a way, where we need to be everywhere at once which means we need to move our arse’s very fast (or miss out!!). And at a subconscious level that = pain. Most often the stuff we will miss out on, is completely irrelevant to our life and deeper fulfillment.
  • We have a distorted perspective of the idea that life is precious, each moment counts and we are only here for a short time. Somehow we think because life is short, precious and we don’t know when it will end, that we have to cram everything into every moment…because we don’t know when it will end. The downside of this belief, concept and practice is it STRESSES US OUT!!!

What is the good of having more stuff in life, if we are TOO STRESSED to enjoy it?

All of these reasons are BONKERS.

However, most of them are unconscious, or subconscious programs, that we are not even aware of.

Hence why I am writing this piece.

I want you to realise, that there is no ESSENTIAL or MEANINGFUL reason why we rush (94% of the time), and it is only by bringing conscious awareness, to what is unconscious, that we can start to make different choices. Listen to my (free) audiobook The Successful Mind to get a better handle on how to ID and shift limiting beliefs.

It’s time to take the slow lane for a more easeful and joyful experience.

What’s a Spiritual Journey might look like?

As I spoke about the other week, having a more spiritual life experience does not mean you have to retreat to a cave.

What I mean about a spiritual journey – regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs – is bringing more sacredness into this thing called life.

Seeing the sacred all around you.

The beauty that surrounds us moment-to-moment.

Whether that is another remarkable human, a gorgeous dog, a uniquely interesting and life infused tree, a puffy cloud, a snail racing across the pavement, a beautiful architecturally designed building, an imaginative vase, etc. etc. and etc.

A spiritual journey is about (actually really) enjoying the journey.

As opposed to being fixated on the destination.

And not only fixated on the destination, but at some level believing there is some sort of worthy prize for getting “there” quickly.

The EGO loves prizes, and accolades, and podiums, and pats on the back, and ‘winning’ (PS: and so do narcissists ;-)).

But what is LOVE is concerned about?

Is the SOUL nourished by prizes?

Does the HEART sing, due to pats on the back?

Maybe it is because I am 53-years young these days.

And I want to pass on my life experience and observations for those coming behind me.

The spiritual journey or spiritual way of moving through life (i.e. the opposite of rushing to the next thing) is more expansive, fulfilling, satisfying, calming, nourishing and joyful.

And most importantly, it is a whole lot LESS STRESSFUL.

The key points (and summary)

No one can have it all, or do it all, and the trying for something unattainable, is a recipe for misery.

So…the whole FOMO thing is worth addressing, resolving and putting in the recycle bin.

Rushing is STRESSFUL so you don’t get to enjoy the journey, and the experience once you reach the destination is usually fleeting.

The idea of spiritual journey, is about bringing more sacredness into your life and your interrelationship with all of life.

Most ‘rushing’ is the result of subconscious programming, so hack, change, or upgrade the program.

Establish whether it is your HEART or EGO that is in charge of the speed dial.

Being in a rush is like being on a HAMSTER WHEEL.

The spiritual journey is like being on a FERRIS WHEEL.

Very different experiences.

My parting words

I want you to experience more joy and less stress in life.

I also want the same for me (selfish bugger that I am.

So let’s CONSCIOUSLY this week, pay attention to when we are rushing, and see if we can discover WHY.

Then…see if we can practice a more sacred alternative.

That sounds like a great activity for the week!!

As always, if I need a helping hand at any stage, in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you a FERRIS wheel kinda day and week.

Take care,


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