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This Simple Strategy Can Change Your Emotions, Opportunities, Creativity and Results

This Simple StrategyYou know I am a big fan of simple and practical strategies that make a real difference, right now, in peoples lives (including the life of myself).

This technique is very simple to do…which also means it is very simple NOT TO DO.
So you need to set the intention right now, that you will trial it for the rest of the day and for a period of at least 48hrs.

Are you ready to commit to that?

Then let’s get started!

Clear glasses versus tinted glasses

What do you see if you look through a pair of clear glasses?
Now change those glasses and look through glasses that are tinted blue.
How does the picture change?

Do you see the same stuff, but with a different perspective?

Would you therefore agree that if you change the lens, you see external things differently? Or said another way…When you change your ‘lens of perception’ you perceive your external reality in a different way.

What if it was that easy?

Well maybe it is…


What I have witnessed

Over the last 10+ years, I have coached 100’s of people from all walks of life. And what I have observed is that how people ‘look’ at things (externally and even internally) has a big impact on how they perceive things. I am sure this is obvious to you.

What I have found is that there are two principle and very different ways that people look at the world around them. Two very different lenses of perception people use.

The first one is ‘judgement‘.
The second one is ‘curiosity‘.

Can you already guess the different life experiences of these two people, who are made from the same stuff, but looking through a different lens?

One of them is constantly dialoging in their mind about right, wrong, good, bad, chatter, chatter, chatter, and more crazy monkey mind chatter.

The other person is saying things like “Hmmmm” and “That’s interesting” and “What could that mean?” and “I never thought of that before”.

One is likely to be a lot more stressed. One is likely to spend a lot more in time in awe and wonder.

When you look through a lens of JUDGEMENT, you have a VERY different experience than if you look through a lens of CURIOSITY.


The science, psychology, and wisdom

If you connect to the word JUDGEMENT, how does it made you feel? Does the word feel heavy or light? Flexible or rigid? Dark or light? Playful or serious?If you connect to the word CURIOSITY, how does it made you feel? Does the word feel heavy or light? Flexible or rigid? Dark or light? Playful or serious?

If everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies (science) would you say the frequency (or energy) of judgement feels very different to the energy of curiosity. Judgement for me feels much heavier (and serious), and curiosity feels a lot lighter (and playful). Just like survival emotions (anger, fear, attachment) feel heavier than elevated emotions like joy, awe, excitement.

When we perceive something in a judgemental way, we are comparing the thing in front of us to all of our past experiences and biases. We are also very much attached to our EGO about what we feel is right, wrong, good, or bad, based on the worldview we have created over our life. When we get attached to our EGO and our PERSONAL IDENTITY, we start putting labels on things and trying to put things into a box.

This is the opposite of what you want, if you intend to have new experiences and create new things in your life.

If we look at things happening around us, from the perspective of CURIOSITY, we see new possibilities. We can create new thoughts. We can create new neural connections in our brain. We can also create a new future experience for ourselves, because we are not attached to the feelings of our past.

Different lens of perception = a very different emotional experience.

Looking through a lens of perception of CURIOSITY allows you to learn, grow, create something new, evolve beyond attachment to what you think you know and who you think you are. We really need to have a sense of growth in our lives for us to feel a sense of fulfillment.

What lens are you going to choose to look through in your life?

How to do it – practically
This requires you to have and practice ‘self-awareness’.
You need to become aware of what lens you are looking through moment to moment.If you feel yourself becoming reactive to something in front of you, PAUSE, then ask yourself this million-dollar question:
“What lens am I currently looking through?”This interrupts your unconscious pattern, allowing you the space to consciously choose something new.Next put on your CURIOSITY glasses, and ask this question:
“When I look at this through a lens of CURIOSITY, what now am I seeing?”

You make the choice.
You open yourself up to possibility.
You become a conscious co-creator in your life.
You get to positively influence the way you feel.
You get to positively influence the quality of thoughts you generate.

Your choices influence your life experience. Even the small ones – like which glasses will I wear today?


Parting words

This simple technique is easy to do, and like I said, easy not to do.
When you do it, life gets a whole lot more enjoyable.

Getting curious is fuel for the soul and enrichment for the heart.
Not to mention the positive biochemistry for the trillions of cells in your body.

So I wish you all the best on your trial to stay curious for the next 48 hours and beyond.

And if you want to continue to shape your self awareness, join feel free to join me for a Life Masterclass, in Melbourne (28-30 June 2019). Please reply to this Newsletter if you have any questions.

Have a fabulous day.

Take care and much love.


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