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The Successful Mind: Chapter 1 – Introduction

book introBefore you is a foundational pillar of knowledge, experience and wisdom I have come to understand and constantly apply to support myself, and my coaching clients, in creating the greatest possible life experience. My greatest desire is to help you create a joyful, rich living experience that provides you with all of the wonderful relationships and achievements that define a vibrant life. When you come to truly understand what I am about to share with you over the next few hours, and step into the direction that is right for you, your life will take on a whole new meaning and your journey into joy, health, vitality, success, and abundance will be underway in earnest.

I am excited to be able to share with you what I have joyfully, and also painstakingly, learned over the last 20 years. I also aim to fast-track your journey of coming to learn and understand this knowledge, because I know it to be a necessary and powerful stepping-stone on the path to evolution.

The stepping-stones and path I have discovered that lead to a better life look something like the formula below.

For many years I used to believe having ‘wisdom’ guaranteed we would make better choices, but when I decided to dig deeper, I realised there was more to the story. There have been situations in my past, when, though I was well-equipped with knowledge and experience (aka: wisdom), I still made poor choices.  These experiences sparked a quest to understand the key ingredients to better choices, and consequently getting better results. I realised there were two specific elements I had to work on.

The first element was enhancing my ability to be consciously aware in the present moment. Doing this would allow me to step back and access my reserves of combined knowledge and past experience (wisdom) to make the best choice based on the reality in front of me. The more present we are, the more perspective we have. The more we are in an elevated state of awareness, the more discerning, deliberate, intentional, intelligent and powerful our decisions are likely to be. We make choices based on what we know, what we have experienced, and the nature of the unique situation at hand. We don’t just regurgitate the old way of doing things. We are aware of where we came from, where we are, and where we most desire to go. This is a very powerful combination.

The second element was coming to truly understand and appreciate the influence and power of all the subconscious beliefs and thoughts at play whenever I am not 100% conscious in the present moment. It turns out, according to research by neuroscientists, that we are only fully ‘consciously aware’ of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour about 5% of the time. The remainder of the time – most of our lives – we are running on subconscious programs that have been learned and bought into, over the course of our lives. Now this is great if the subconscious programs we are playing are relevant, current, and life enhancing; but the reality is that a whole bunch of the programs influencing us – in a word – SUCK. And not just a little bit. They suck big time! Ouch!

Let’s have a quick look behind the curtains. Some of our subconscious programs cause us to throw tantrums like a 4-year-old who has had their lollipop taken from them. Others might cause us to completely freeze in front of a group of people, even when we know exactly what we want to present to them. Then there are beliefs that influence us to step back in fear, when everything we need to succeed is already within us. There are internal programs that cause us to sabotage our relationships with the people we most desire to be with in life.

Can you relate to any of these experiences? How would you like to gain the knowledge and strategies that allow you to move beyond these self-imposed limitations?

Then I wholeheartedly encourage you to invest in yourself and your destiny by looking deeply into the information and insights I will be sharing with you in this small book. By doing so, you will be taking steps toward better choices and a more empowered life. Action is the path to your evolution.

Get ready to take a journey to an even more amazing life. I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to provide useful tools and information to support you in the process. I love to witness people uncover what has been holding them back, or draining them of their precious energy, clarity, and drive. It is a joy to see people wake up to their greatness.

My intention in writing this book is not only to provide you with knowledge, but also to stir your emotions in a way that will stimulate you into action. I will then share with you the steps I recommend you take in order to get the very most from these insights. My aim is to support you to become an active explorer and take back the controls of the life I know you have the potential to experience. Just like everyone else on the planet, you are UNIQUE. You are truly special, and when you tap into that unique greatness, that personal and incomparable expression of yourself free from the layers of external influences you’ve accumulated along the way, you will truly make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

I want to inspire you to be the skipper of your boat. To have a better understanding of where the coral reefs might be, how to navigate around them, but also how to deal with the situation when you accidently hit a reef. Because no matter how good we think our ship is, if we go through life thinking we are the indestructible Titanic, we too might be unprepared for life’s inevitable challenges. Life is about challenges; but those challenges aren’t designed to break us, those challenges are there to make us grow and evolve into the people that we are destined to become. Just like the muscles in our body, they become stronger and bigger when a heavy enough resistance is applied against them. We need challenges in life in order to grow. But always know that life is for us and not against us. It does not serve anything or anyone for you to be anything less than your absolute, radiant best. So hang onto your coattails because you will very soon step up to a whole new level!

This book contains insights and concepts that I have learned over the last 20 years, but I promise to deliver them in a direct and practical way, which is a whole lot more fun than reading through a 600-page ‘Introduction to Modern Psychology’ book. I have also made countless mistakes over the last several decades, so you will also get the benefit of those lessons, without the bloody noses, slaps in the face (believe me; we could all do with far fewer of them!) or the surgical operations to repair broken joints (my lesson there was profound and simple: ‘slow down or stop before you lose control’).

So let’s dive right into one of the central themes we are exploring in this book. It is absolutely fundamental to understanding why your life is the way it is and is the first subject for me when coaching a new client. It has even, for many people, created a major paradigm shift. To some it might seem like the chicken and the egg came out in the wrong order. If it seems a little bit odd, just humour me for a little while. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box — even to challenge your own beliefs. In fact, get rid of the old box all together!

This simple model suggests that our BELIEFS lead us to FEEL a certain way, which causes us to BEHAVE in a particular way. And it is because of our unique behaviour (aka: the actions we take) that we get certain RESULTS. The model directly challenges the idea that our external experiences determine the overall quality of our lives. What I am about to share with you is going to open the door to the possibility that we have a lot more control over external events (known as our life’s experience) than we may have imagined possible.

Instead of trying to change external elements in your life – people, places, situations, economies, governments, bosses, businesses – which takes an incredible amount of effort, and may even be impossible, we shift our intention to changing from the inside out. When we do this, something magical happens. Things shift around us. We see things in a different way, and therefore we get to experience life and everything in it, in a new and different way. That is the power of working from the inside out.

If you want to experience a whole new life — new results, new relationships, new adventures, new abundance — then let me offer you some of the building blocks (known also as beliefs), which will lay the foundation for the amazing journey ahead of you. You are, in your current state, a mass of pure potential. To date I have never had a client or seminar participant who claims to be using 100% of their potential. So I know with absolute certainty that you have a well of power within you that is just waiting for the right stimulation and direction to take your life to a whole new elevated level.

Are you ready to shake up the foundations and change the course of your life forever? What are we waiting for?

Parting words (not part of the book)

I have been deeply involved in personal development and human enhancement for over two decades now, and regardless of the direction my studies and research takes me, I still come back to a fundamental focus on ‘what do you believe?’ at a conscious and subconscious level.

And if we don’t search, we don’t find. So I encourage you to challenge what others tell you (their beliefs based on their worldview and personal makeup) and especially what you tell yourself. We shape our destiny with our thoughts and thinking.

If you want to go deeper on the topic, then grab a copy of The Successful Mind. For now, as a Kindle version, it is only $1.00.

And let me know if you have any questions or comments along the way. I would be more than happy to help out.

Finally, I am looking into the prospect of hosting a Life Masterclass Retreat (which will include 1-on-1 Coaching) in early 2020. It will only be a small group; so if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible.

Have a super fabulous day.

Take care and much love.

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