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The ‘C’ Thing…a Big, but Relevant Topic

This conversation follows on from last week, where I spoke about emotional ‘Junk in the Trunk’.

And it ties in with my full-time health immersion, journey and obsession for the last couple of decades.

One of the things I have learned over time is it is very hard to separate the body, mind, emotions, and even the spiritual element of ourselves into little neat separate boxes.

They are all inter-related.

There is overlap.

You can’t have a toxic relationship for several months or years and not have health issues.

Be they mental or physical – which again are inter-related.

The mind and the body are part of the same whole.

So when it comes to working on symptoms expressed in the physical body, don’t imagine the mind doesn’t play a role in this, and predominant emotional states are not a factor.

Cancer is definitely not a fun subject to talk about.

And I did balk at my own thought to write this article.

But hey, I am here to offer support in any way I can, so let me share with you my perspective on the treatment and healing of cancer.


I am not here to tell you what pathway to take when it comes to treatment.

I personally would take a more natural route, but my point is relevant even if you take a more ‘conventional’ treatment route with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

What I am suggesting is what needs to accompany the treatment in order to heal probable root cause/s, and change the genetic destiny.

I have spoken before about ‘epigenetics’ which is ‘epi’ (above) genetics, which means there are things beyond genetics that influence our genetic expression.

There are things we can do which will up-regulate (turn on) or de-regulate (turn off) certain genes.

Certain things we do turn on genes related to health and well-being and turn off genes that disrupt optimum health.

The ‘Genetic Destiny’ thing

Our thoughts and emotions have a significant influence on the neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and hormones that influence and even become the environment inside our bodies, vessels and cells.

That biochemistry influences the health of our cells, organs and systems.

And here is the thing that most interests me.

Our thoughts influence our emotions, which influences our autonomic nervous system and the chemistry which is released into our bodies, thus creating a physical outcome on our bodies (cells, organs, and systems).

This means I have three potential pathways to influence my genetic destiny:

1) I change my thinking in order to create different emotions (i.e. I mindfully influence my thinking).

2) I change my emotional state (from a survival emotional state to an elevated emotional state).

3) I change my behaviour (what I physically do) to influence my genetic expression (epigenetics).

So my belief when it comes to a cancer diagnosis is we need to make a RADICAL change in the way we think, feel and behave.

Which might means I need to change my ‘personality’ in a way.

Just like a person with a ‘shy’ personality; who with the right changes in how they think, feel and behave, can become someone with an ‘assertive’ or ‘engaging’ personality.

One thing when dealing with a cancer diagnosis (or any major health issue) is asking:

“Would it benefit me to show up to life differently?”

I am here to suggest it is.

The part that is most consistently missing in treatments (regardless of whether they are natural or conventional)

This will come as no surprise.

I believe that if someone with a cancer diagnosis, does not do the EMOTIONAL work in parallel with their treatment strategy, they are likely to get a less beneficial outcome, and may not fully resolve the root cause.

Do all the physical stuff…

BUT do not skip working on the inner personal, emotional and historical psychological landscape.

That’s my message.

I am not telling you which treatment path to take, but I am suggesting that whatever path you take will be ENHANCED if you do the deep inner work too.

It might be that you need to address things like:

  • Unresolved childhood trauma.
  • Past physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse.
  • Deep seated fear of your safety and security.
  • Abandonment issues.
  • Broken relationships with parents, siblings or close friends.

The common reasons people don’t do this is because it is often hard; but also because people don’t think it makes that much of a difference in the NOW.

It does.

There is a great book (and bestseller with 4.8 stars and 65,000+ reviews) called “The Body Keeps The Score” which is a very informative read.

Harmonizing this past stuff matters, to our health, in the now, so don’t skip it.

(And also, as a note, do not wait until major symptoms show up. Take action when the smaller signs reveal themselves).

The physical bit

It would be remiss of me not to mention the physical aspects of the healing journey.

My main point is non-specific, but I imagine you get the point.

I believe if we are faced with a major health challenge, we might also benefit from a major LIFESTYLE change.

This ties in with the behaviour thing in changing your genetic destiny; but I wanted to highlight it separately.

It might mean a job change.

A geographical change.

A pace-of-life change.

A medical approach change.

A relationship change.

A dietary change.

A physical activity change.

I know you get the point.

To get a different result (like optimum health) we may need to make radical changes in our physical life.

My key message

Regardless of the treatment pathway someone takes, it will always benefit from ALSO doing the deep inner, emotional work.

This inner, emotional work is not only likely to lead to a healing opportunity and experience for the individual, but for everyone entangled with their life, regardless of the final outcome.

The work can be done with (good quality) psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists using differing modalities (e.g. hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, NLP, TFT, the LifeLine Technique, and TimeLine Therapy).

My final point.

This option also (in the end) needs to embraced by someone, rather than forced on them.

If they choose not to go there, that is okay too.

My Parting words

Not a fun subject, but one that we are often touched by.

And a subject I could not back away from.

Especially if my suggestions can be of any service.

Resolving any inner conflict (or disharmony), whether it is from the distant past, or recent past, can only enhance our lives.

I talked about ‘junk in our trunk‘ last week.

Unfortunately, if we have too much junk in the trunk it can also contribute to physical illness and disease.

And as always if you need a hand, perspective or suggestions, just drop me an email.


Have a superb day and an insightful kinda week.

See you next week.

Take care,


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