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AI, Self Actualization, Self-Worth and Resilience

Recently I was called (by my muse) to write on the subject of AI.

It is a pretty topical subject at present and there are lots of differing conversations around AI.

A lot of that is speculation on what it will, or won’t, become in the future.

What I wanted to focus on is our relationship with it, in a way that allows for the most magnificent evolution of our human selves, and also what it might mean in day-to-day life.

My role, as always, is to support people (you) and humanity to evolve into their greatest expression.

Plus get the most joy out of life.

And not make life harder than it needs to be.

I am also about long-term growth as opposed to instant gratification.

So with a few of those things in mind, let’s have a look at some of the challenges with the adoption and integration with AI, so we can make the most informed decisions when it comes to how we might best use it.

Brain power

I have spent a lot of time reading books on neuroscience and the likes.

Trying to better understand the function the the brain, mind and consciousness.

For instance, scientists used to believe that brain cells die off over time, but now we understand that through the process of neurogenisis, we can actually create new neurons and develop new neural pathways as we learn new or novel things.

This suggests that the brain can grow, or change, or evolve (think ‘neuroplasticity’) IF we use it.

Just like a muscle can grow if it is met with a form of resistance – like lifting a barbell in a gym.

We also know that if we don’t use muscles they start to atrophy (breakdown).

One recent study I read suggested up to 8% (breakdown) in 5 days, if muscles are not used.

Just like skeletal muscles can atrophy from disuse, so too can the brain.

The brain needs exercise to maintain high functionality.

Sort of like that statement, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.

With the rising levels of dementia and Alzheimer’s, I really think we need to support our brain’s health by consistent healthy use.

Tendencies over the last 10 plus years

This is an observation coming from someone who grew up with advanced technology, like a big box black and white Television set (with 2 channels and not 24hrs), so I have had the experience of space between me and technology.

I am also an obsessive people watcher (and yep, that sounds a bit cookoo.

And I care deeply about the long-term mental health of people.


My observation is people have got more and more in the habit of using a search engine to figure something out, before their brain even has a chance to fire up and start doing its ‘working out’.

This may get a ‘correct’ end result.

But it has not exercised the brain.

My concern is that we are losing brain power, through inactivity.

I like to try and figure things out first (doing a brain workout) and then when my brain is a little knackered, I might seek technology’s assistance.

Be conscious of working out your brain for mental health, just like you are conscious of working out your muscles for physical health.

Now let’s explore AI, Self-Actualization, Self Worth and Resilience

Two times recently I had a friend suggest I use AI for a particular task.

The first was a suggestion to use AI for content creation – like me writing this article now.

The second was to use AI to come up with a business name for a project I am working on.

So this got me to thinking.

My gut feeling at both these suggestions was a ‘Hell No’.

And as I explored the deeper reasons as to why I lent away from these suggestions, this is what came to mind and what I wish to share.

I love the deep feeling I get when I create something from nothing (like my weekly Tips).

It gives me a great sense of accomplishment; adds to my self worth; and because it requires effort I believe it is building up my mental capacities allowing me to face even greater (future) mental challenges in my life.

It makes me feel good.

I suspect if I used AI to create content, it might be faster, and it might even be ‘better’ technically, but it would not be an expression of me, or work on the development and conditioning of my brain.

If I used AI to come up with a name for my business or project, would it give me a sense of accomplishment, or align with my heart centre?

Again AI might give me a great result, but often it is not the ‘result’ that is most important.

Perhaps what is most important is: WHO I BECOME ON THE WAY TO ACHIEVING A RESULT.

Taking a short-cut might get me there quicker, but does it build my character?

My final point is specifically about resilience.

I do the work now – on my mental health and emotional capacity – so I can, in the future, deal with the inevitable challenges I will be exposed to in life.

If I get too dependent on technology at the expense of my brain power, when the technology is not there or fails for some reason, I am more vulnerable and less capable to creatively think my way out of a challenging situation.

My final message

I am sure there is a place for AI in my life (I am thinking numbers and data collation).

We just need to be really CONSCIOUS about how we use it and integrate it into our lives.

And if you want to experience self-worth, build up self-esteem, and create a resilient mind, it is unlikely to come if you hand over your creative work to someone else (in this case AI).

Life isn’t just about ‘results’.

‘Results’ don’t help us self-actualize.

It is the process we go through to attain the results that matters the most on your human and soul journey (and evolution).

As I said earlier, it is who you become along the way, which matters most.

My Parting words

Our integration with AI is an interesting topic.

Even wondering whether it can become sentient at some point – which there are very differing views on.

Given we can’t influence that too much, we need to focus our influence on ourselves.

I do believe we need to creatively exercise our brains more.

I also believe that handing creative thinking to someone else (AI) does not build up our self-worth or sense of self.

But I am not hear to tell you how to live.

I am just hear to share information and ask questions, so you make the best choices for you.

I hope this was of benefit for you.

Have a wonderful day and week of celebrating your human magnificence-ness.

See you next week.

Take care,


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