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The 5 Biggest Takeaways from One of The Best Success Coaches on the Planet (Tony Robbins)

successSo a couple of weeks again, myself and a couple of my colleagues made a pilgrimage to Singapore to attend an event with 13,000 other people called ‘Unleash The Power Within‘, hosted by Tony Robbins and his crew.

Now we know that money is not the measure of success, but it can indicate the ‘perceived value’ of something. Tony Robbins really is one of the best when it comes to creating massive change in people. He currently has a 2-year waiting list for clients who want to work with him. The price tag is $1,000,000! That fee is pretty out there, but get this. He only works with you for up to 12 hours!!!!!

He has worked with Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Princess Diana, plus a whole lot of who’s who. The reason they hire him is because he gets RESULTS. He is a MASTER at the art of changing peoples lives. He has been doing it now for about 4 decades. So he has amazing insights, personal experience, and also access to the best minds on the planet.

So…he is worthy of listening to.
And now I will share with you the 5 biggest things I took away from this 4-day event.


My Top 5 Takeaways #1: Even more Confirmation

Last week I talked about how to power up your decision making. If you haven’t read it, click here.

And this was confirmed for me, in an even clearer way.

The physical, mental and emotional state you are in has a HUGE impact on the quality of the decisions you make.
(Which means it affects the quality of the RESULTS you get).

You can’t be in a LOW emotional state and expect to come up with GREAT solutions, to get you out of your funky emotional state.

Step 1 – change your state
Step 2 – make a great decision to get out of your funk

The easiest way to change your emotional state is to change your physiology. That is, change how you are using and moving your body. Tony has also been teaching a thing called the ‘Triad’ for years. He talks about changing your physiology, focus and language to change your emotional state. You can read a brief description of the process by clicking here.


My Top 5 Takeaways #2: Celebrate more (a lot more!!)

Just like Kool and The Gang sang in their epic song from 1980 called ‘Celebration’:
Celebrate good times…come on!‘.

If you forget what the song sounds like, or have never heard it, or want to have a chuckle at some wicked hairstyles, then check it out on YouTube here.

Hands up if you are crap at celebrating your achievements?!?!

I have my hand held up HIGH in the air. In the past I have been terrible at celebrating my achievements. When I published my first book, I skipped the celebration and started focusing on “what’s next?”

Is there anyone else guilty of that? Maybe YOU!!!!

Start celebrating.

The first reason is that it feels good. In a healthy feel-good, non-narcissistic sort of way.

The second reason is that you are conditioning your physical body (and nervous system), that when you do something great, you get to feel great. You are programing your body to achieve, in order to receive (a feeling of goodness).

Your body will lean into challenge, because it knows there is a reward – through celebration – at the other end.



(Footnote: Celebration does not have to include alcohol. In fact, the best celebration is the one that is created from the chemical cocktails that are already available in your body – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, etc.)

And it does not have to be celebration of the world changing stuff. Celebrate a great day. Celebrate a great conversation you had with someone you care about. Celebrate a report you just finished writing. Celebrate that you got through the day without losing it. Celebrate writing this blog post (Yes. I am talking to you Carl Massy!)

Good forms of celebration include dancing to some great music. Throwing your arms up in the air as if you just won the 100m at the Olympics. Doing some fist punches in the air. Doing your happy dance. Calling a good friend and sharing the celebration. Taking a loved one out to dinner. Buying yourself a thoughtful gift.

PS: Did I already say that ‘celebration’ does not have to equal alcohol? Get creative (please).


My Top 5 Takeaways #3: What is your energy level?

Energy is everything.
Actually it really is everything. The whole universe is a sea of energy. It is the primary currency of the universe. It is the stuff that everything is made of.

Do I need to go on or are you clear that energy is important (chuckle chuckle)?

It is hard to achieve what you really want to achieve in life, if you do not have the energy and vitality for it. This means that you need to do things in order to increase your level of energy.

In Brendon Burchard’s book ‘High Performance Habits‘ it was one of the top 6 things that is consistent in all high performers. High performers know how to generate and manage their energy.

They also take time doing what they need to do, in order to increase their energy. They make specific choices. If you know me, and my work, you know this is a huge topic and teaching for me.

If you want to go deeper, grab a copy of my second book – The Guidebook to Optimum Health.

Low energy = low result (or a strain to get something across the line)

Make it a priority to learn how to elevate and manage your energy. Practices like yoga (done properly) are designed to built up and manage the energy (called prana) in our bodies. Come and spend a week at The Practice to learn how.


My Top 5 Takeaways #4: You are Worthy

If at a fundamental level you are primarily driven by a need for SIGNIFICANCE; that is, to gain external approval, you are very unlikely to be happy in life. This might be clear to you intellectually, but a lot of people are ‘unconsciously’ driven by this need.

Most often as a result of their up-bringing; where they felt they needed to perform, or be an over-achiever, or to stand out, or do something special, or be someone special – in order to get love, attention or connection from their parents or parent (in most cases).

The challenge with being driven by this primary need (either consciously or unconsciously) is that you can never fulfill it. There will always be someone better, or some bigger mountain to climb, or some new financial target to hit, or some (even better) job to aspire to.

It is cool to be driven. Just not driven in order to get recognition (which may or may not come). You give up your power to someone outside of yourself, that you don’t have control over.

The better choice is to be driven by your desire to make a difference in other peoples lives; to be driven to bring more love and connection into the lives of the people around you; or be driven to see how much you can grow (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) from one day/week/month to the next.

The truth is actually this: You are worthy of love for just showing up and staying in the game.


My Top 5 Takeaways #5: Beliefs, beliefs, beliefs …

Sorry for the long newsletter. What can I say? It was a long seminar – 4 days – and 12-15 hour days!

If you have read my work you know a big part of what I do is about changing peoples beliefs. It is most of what I do when I am coaching a client. AND IT IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST GAME CHANGER!!!

A client I worked with yesterday had this belief: “I perform best when I am stressed”.

How much anxiety (stress) do you think she experiences in life? Do you think sending a message to your body that in order for me to perform, I need to be stressed, is going to be good for your nervous system? Do you think chronic stress – because you want to always perform at your best – is going to burn you out eventually?


It works like something like this:
Belief = Feeling = Behaviour = RESULTS!!!

If you don’t like your results, it might be because your beliefs happen to SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
Was that too harsh? 🙂

Back to my client.
Imagine what her life going forward will be like, after we planted a NEW belief.

“When I am serene, I Thrive!”

Creativity and stress do not co-exist. But on the other hand, creativity and serenity, are like two strands of DNA. Our brains tap into genius, when we are in the right mental state – like serenity, calm, relaxed, engaged, connected, enthusiastic, inspired, in awe, etc.

I could write a LOT more on this.
But instead I am going to recommend you read the first (mini) book I wrote called, ‘Your Beliefs Are Controlling Your Life: For Better or Worse.Download it here.


In Summary

Thank you for making it this far!
You ROCK!!!

Pick one thing that resonates for you now, and act on it (now).

And if you ever want to do some 1-on-1 work with me, just send me an email, or join me at one of the Life Masterclass events, where we do the deep-dive work (and change your most limiting beliefs).

Have an AWESOME day and week!!

If you ever want help with uncovering and processing some of your core limiting beliefs, then don’t hesitate to get in contact  with me on Facebook or at The Practice.

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