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Changing Your Emotional State with the Triad (from Tony Robbins)

TonyRobbins_20130729.inddSince the Coaching Team is off to Singapore this month to see Tony Robbins – a leading success & performance coach from the USA – I thought it would be interesting to share one of his basic teachings on what it takes to change our emotional state (in the short term). This is a strategy to change your current emotional state, and what he calls his Triad.

He suggests that there are 3 things that we can address to change our emotional state:

  1. Change our PHYSIOLOGY
  2. Change our FOCUS
  3. Change our LANGUAGE


Changing our physical body is one of the quickest and effective ways to change our emotional state. The change can be a simple as standing tall, shoulders back, chin slightly down, eyes looking forward and slightly up, and deepening our breath. It could also be doing some star jumps, going for a walk or run, or busting out a downward facing dog. When we move our body, we move the emotions in our body.



If we change what we are focusing on, we change our emotions. If we focus on what is wrong, we have a very different emotional experience, than if we focus on what is right or good or could be good. If we focus on what we don’t want, again we have a very different emotional experience, than if we focus on what we do want. Change your focus, and your emotions follow the new focus.



When we change the words we are using, and the way that we are using them, we again have the opportunity to change our emotional state. If I say that “I am suffocating”, it has a very different emotional impact, than if I say, “I am feeling a bit lost”. If I say “He stabbed me in the back”, it has a very different emotional response than if I say, “He lied to someone about me”. You have a choice when it comes to the language you use, and therefore the type of emotions you feel.

The best option is to change all three, to create a complete emotional state change.


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