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Target These 3 Areas if You Want Radical and Lasting Transformation

transformationI call myself an expert ‘strategist’.

I spent 14 years as an officer in the army and then 5 years consulting to Olympic Games and mega events. I am not saying this to toot my trumpet, but to let you know that I like to be really strategic about stacking things in my favour so I get the BEST and BIGGEST results.

When it comes to TRANSFORMATION (becoming someone even greater, so you create something you have not created before) I want to consider all of the areas that are going to have the greatest return on investment (ROI).

I am not naive to think I can remove the ‘work’, but if I am going to do the work, I want to make sure I am working on the stuff that really matters. The things that have a bigger ROI compared to the effort you put in.

Thus I look to see exactly what can I do, to positively influence these three main areas:

  1. Past
  2. Future
  3. Present

Let’s have a look at each of them separately shall we.



Can we change the past?

Can we change the association with have to the memories of the past?

Why is this important?

If we have a memory from the past, that we call a ‘negative event’, when we think of that event, or are reminded of that event, or are triggered by something related to that event, then we are transported back in time (in our minds) and feel the same feelings we felt from the past. Which means we experience the same chemistry in our bodies. It is like we are actually living in the past. It is like we are trying to deal with something in the present, using the emotional signature of the past. Like I said; this means we are actually living in the past.

Does connecting to a negative event (or the memory of it) elevate your creative energy or possibly suppress it?

It turns out that ‘unprocessed’ past experiences cause you to have less energy available in the present. Which also means (THE GOOD NEWS!!!), when you process past experiences you liberate energy for the present. This equals more energy to create new things in your life.

We cannot change the past, but we can change the emotions associated with the past. And if we change the emotions, this affects our energy, and behaviours in the present.

This is why I work with clients to change their relationship with past events (and emotions), so they can draw wisdom from the experience, not be hijacked by their past, and bring more clarity and energy into the present moment.

So we can’t change the past, but we can absolutely change the emotions we have connected to all our past events. Change your emotions, and you change your energy.

Transformation requires energy, so we want to free up as much as possible, and then use it for the next piece of the puzzle.



If you don’t have a target, will you hit the target?
If you don’t know where you are going, will you get there?
If you are not clear about what you want in life, how comfortable does it make you feel?

One of the main things people come to see me about is to help them get more CLARITY. It seems most people I see want the feeling that goes with knowing which direction they are heading. They want to make sure the steps they are taking count. That the steps they are taking are on the right path for them.

It is ok to change the course of your life numerous times along the way. It is not like we have to find a path that will serve us for the next 50 years. But there is something wonderful about choosing a target and probable path that feels good in your heart. That gives you the chills. That makes you feel giddy, excited, scared, curious, and connected to some thing bigger than your self.

The future piece is about getting clear. Even if that is getting clear about what your very next step is. Energy loves to move. Maybe you don’t know exactly where you want to end up, but I am pretty sure if you broke the journey down, you would know where might be the best next step for you. Then stay curious and open to the feedback you get, so you can choose another ‘next step’ to take.

This piece is about getting clear about what you really want.

But it is also about getting clear of WHY this is the target for you.
Don’t buy into someone elses story of what they think you SHOULD do. In fact, when someone starts telling you that you ‘should’ do something, drop down into a runners crouch and then bolt in the other direction.

Listen to your own heart.
(And then come up with a really good plan. If you are clear about what you want, but are heading in the opposite direction, you might be taking the really really long-cut around the globe).

Which brings me to the last piece…



Apparently the choices we make in life (and take action on) have a very big influence on the results we get. In fact choices + action = results

So if we want different results, we can increase the amount and type of action we take, or more importantly we can change the choices we make.

The quality of the choices you make, has a huge impact on the results you get in life.
Choices matter.


It is important to be in the best mental, emotional, and physical state, when you are making choices.

Rushing too fast could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Not looking at the bigger picture could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Being in a negative or reactive emotional state could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Having low energy could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Using wrong ‘facts’ could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Making assumptions could lead to sub-optimal choices.
Not facing the immediate reality could lead to sub-optimal choices.

Want to know the most important decisions I make in my life?
Each morning when I decide on what I am going to focus on for the day.

This shapes my day. It has a high influence on the results I get each day. And I figure if I have a series of ‘successful’ days, then it might be that I have a successful life.

This means, I do a specific routine each morning to put myself into a peak emotional, energetic, physiological, and physical state, so I can make my best decisions about what the focus of my day will be. This means I am most likely to get done what I have deemed – when I am most clear – is the most important, meaningful, fulfilling and (often) joyful things to do.

The other thing to focus on is getting clear on who you want to be, and become, each and every day. We get to make a choice about how we want to show up. This ties in with the ‘action’ part of my initial formula. How do you act? You might make a great choice, but act poorly, and it will have adverse affect your results.

Make great choices, and then take right actions to get the best result.

Examples of right action might include:

  • Being compassionate.
  • Being gracious.
  • Being assertive.
  • Being clear in your communication.
  • Coming from a place of integrity.
  • Choosing what is right, over choosing what is easy.
  • Acting with less haste, and greater perspective.
  • Not acting like a 4-year old throwing a tantrum when things don’t go your way.
  • Keeping an eye on the bigger picture and long-term consequences.
  • Being responsive, not reactive.

The more present you are (in the moment) the better decisions you have the potential to make. So this piece is about doing the work to sharpen your ability to stay conscious and fully present in every moment, as opposed to slipping back into past thinking or being reactive.

Did someone mention meditation or mindfulness activities?
In my opinion these practices are essential, not just desirable, if you want to become a peak performer.

And just to reiterate…a deliberate and effective morning routine has a powerful impact on the choices you make, and the rest of your day.


In Summary

This is my work on me and on the people I work with individually or in my workshop. The Life Masterclass I run is designed to target these three specific areas.

Whether you work with me, by yourself, or with someone else, be deliberate and intentional about looking at these three areas of your life.

  • Have I processed some of my past ‘stuff’, which might be holding me back or draining me of energy each day?
  • Am I clear about my target and why I have chosen that target, or do I need to go back to the drawing board (regardless of what age I am)?
  • Am I optimizing how I show up each day, and creating the environment for me to make my best choices?

Do you need to do some work? And the reality is, we all (myself definitely) could do a better job that what we are doing. We don’t need to beat ourselves up; we just need to own that there is more awesomeness in each and every one of us.

This is my work and I would LOVE to work with you to help out however I can. The Life Masterclasses I run in Bali and abroad are all about doing the work on these three areas, and just like this work changed the course of my life in Easter 1999, I know it has the same potential for you.

I look forward to seeing you on the flip-side.

Take care and much love.


Want help with getting clear about you path, priorities and a sustainable plan? Then get in contact. Just reply to this email or connect with me on Facebook or at The Practice. And for more in-depth training videos on coaching and traditional yoga, check out The Practice Online, which you can access a free 30-Day Trial, by clicking here

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