Feeling Negative Emotions Pain

Top 10 Tips for Processing Negative Emotions

emoticonNow did you notice I used the word ‘processing’? Not fighting. Not suppressing. Not avoiding. Not ignoring. But processing.

It is ok to have so-called ‘negative’ emotions. They are a sign to us that something needs to be done. The aim is to get the message and then have the nervous energy of emotions (with their cortisol and adrenaline) dissipate or be processed as I am suggesting here.

All of the techniques to follow are essentially turning off the stress response, and activating the relaxation response. In that state you are more aware, creative, powerful, resilient and less reactive. So that is always what we are aiming for.

The Tips are sort of listed from the most basic (for the small stuff) to the techniques for the bigger stuff. Choose one, if it is not potent enough then work your way down the list. Enjoy!

Happiness Tips

Learn how to ‘Unfriend’ negative emotions before they take up residence

Blog-305 Simple Steps to stopping Negative Emotions before they get out of control. Obviously the question is not a question, but an obvious – “Of course I would and now tell me HOW!!”

To the right is a simple 5 Step Strategy for how to take an emotion that is starting to rear its ugly head, and put a lid on it before it gets out of control. The reason why we want to stop this, apart from the obvious, is that when our negative emotions take over, they hijack our brain and ability to use it most effectively. They sort of make us a little dumber! Not where we want to be.

So below I explain why the 5-Step Strategy to the right actually works. So get ready to take your knowledge of why we can down out of the trees many thousands of years ago and went on to become the master race.

Understanding The Basics

The way I will explain the 5 – Steps is to look at each one and tell you what happens and why. I will just go over the basics, but if you want to go deeper at the end I will recommend some resources.One point to note is that the brain has evolved over 1000’s of years to be hyper sensitive to danger (or the perception of danger). Great benefit in the savanna, crap benefit in the office.