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Do You Want a Better Life or Some Useless Piece of Cr#p?

shoppingBack to basics

Over the years I have done a bunch of work and traveling to Singapore. Great food, nice and orderly especially after coming from Indonesia, and a bucket-load of shopping centres. Plus people working their butts off to make more money so they can buy stuff that they actually don’t need (and haven’t got the time to enjoy).Did I hear someone say ‘but what about retail therapy’? Well here is a question for you. Was the term ‘retail therapy’ introduced by the retail industry or by a team of the worlds leading therapists on emotional intelligence and stress management? Research does suggest that shopping is actually likely to make you feel worse, in the long run, as opposed to better. Having said that, if you drop the shopping for stuff you don’t need and catch up with friends for meaningful conversations, that is a different story entirely.

Here is my theory

When you look about your house, how much stuff do you see that you really ‘need’. That contributes to the quality of your life and the lives of the people around you?

Happiness Tips

Where has all the fun gone and how to get it back

credit-cardHow to get some Fun back in your life. Do you remember how much fun it was as a child (if you were born before…1990) to save up for something that you really wanted? Perhaps you wanted to buy a skateboard, a bike, a Barbie doll, a G.I. Joe (showing my age) or go on the rides at the local annual carnival.

The excitement of saving up – maybe for weeks or months – meant that the whole excitement associated with owning that Barbie doll lasted for ages. It also made the final purchase so much sweeter, because it was the culmination of all that hard work saving.

Earl Nightingale said that success (which influences happiness) is the ‘progressive realisation of a worthy goal’. So this process of saving and then purchasing actually made us feel, as children, successful and full of esteem for self. This is the stuff that built up our self-esteem.

Compare that scenario with…