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Stress, Tunnel Vision, Separateness, Quantum Physics and Flying Helicopters

heliIf you can guess what the link is between all of the things in the title you get a special big congratulations by me. Well done! And if you don’t quite get the link, and think I am smoking the good stuff, then read on as I unpack my thinking for you. 😉

I actually had a colleague of mine ask if I could write an article on this phenomenon that he has learned over the last few months and which he brings into practice now with considerable positive effects. So what you will be reminded of, is very practical and impactful.

As a result of the Dr Joe Dispenza workshop I did recently, I also have a greater perspective on the ‘stress thing’ from a physiological and quantum physics perspective. Though I am still trying to get my head fully around the inter-dimensional time-space part of the conversation. 😉

Now let’s get started…


The Stress Thing

One thing that happens when we go have a stress response, is that our vision narrows. We become more tunneled vision. Which is extremely handy if you have a bear roaring in front of you. It is best to keep your attention on the bear, as opposed to noticing the lovely white native flowers that are growing at the base of a nearby tree. 🙂

The challenge is that if we get fixated on a narrow vision, we have a much harder time coming up with a great solution.
We are in the realm of the emotional part of the brain (the mid or limbic brain) with limited access to our creative faculties housed in the cortex or upper part of the brain.

When our vision narrows, so does our perspective. We have less options. We are pretty much left with three options: fight, freeze or flee (or stand behind some other poor sucker and hope that… ;-))


The Helicopter Thing

Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?
You get such a great view, and perspective of what surrounds you. You can see how the river leads to the sea, or the forest ends at a cliff, or there is a piece of land that is strewn with sharp rocks, or a mountain that might be impassable from a certain direction.

As a result of this higher perspective, you can plan the most effective way to traverse a particular piece of terrain. Armies used helicopters for decades to help them come up with the best plan for different scenario’s. With a higher perspective they could see more of the picture.

The same thing applies in your life. When you see things from a higher perspective, you can see how things might or might not fit together. You might see from a higher perspective that things are not as bad as you had imagined. From a higher perspective you might realize that what someone did to you, was the result of something external that you would have missed if you had not taken a higher perspective.

Things become clearer when you have a higher perspective.

And the beautiful thing is that because most of us are not dealing with the immediate threat of a bear wanting to eat us (yes I am making an assumption here ;-)), but are dealing with stress related to non-life-threatening situations, we have the time and capacity to open our perspective. To imagine we are seeing things from a higher level. To imagine we have a helicopter view.

You can actually make your mind get out of the tunnel and reappear in the helicopter. All it takes is your mental intention.
Just generate the thought…”Let me look at this from a higher perspective”…and then voila you are there!

Your can actually control your mind (and therefore your body and emotions).

Now you create a different perspective. A broader perspective. The situation is not-in-your-face and requiring an immediate (nano-second) reaction. From this place you can work your magical mind and solve any of the challenges you are faced with.


The Quantum Physics and Separateness Thing

I promise to keep this part of the conversation light and mostly in English. 😉

Quantum physics tells us that everything is interconnected. There is no separation. We are all in this universal quantum soup, where there is no ’empty’ space between us. All the space between us is full of energy, information and this thing called consciousness. We live in a unified quantum field.

In all spiritual traditions and religions, one of the highest levels someone could attain is a state of oneness or enlightenment, or connectedness to all. For us non saints, sages, and enlightened beings, when we feel connected, to people, life, mother nature, the environment, or source, there is a deep sense of contentment, that I am pretty sure you have all felt. And as quantum physics suggests, this is the actual reality. There is complete connection for us all, all the time.

So the challenge with the stress thing is it actually makes us feel more separate. Instead of the oneness thing we start identifying with a separation between the thing in front of us, and ourselves. We connect to a separation between us and them. We become more alone and less connected.

And from a very practical perspective, when we feel disconnected or LONELY it actually starts to adversely impact our health and happiness. So by jumping into that helicopter and getting a higher perspective, you might start to see how things are actually connected after all and not separate. How you are not alone, but are being supported from near and far.

Riding that helicopter might help you see the bigger picture and how things might not be as bad as you are spinning up in your very imaginative mind. 😉


Final Words

This is a simple message.

When you feel yourself getting stressed or fixated, see if you can take back control of the situation by using your mental power to get a higher perspective. Seeing the bigger picture allows a more creative solution (every time).

Also being in a stressed state enhances a feeling of separateness, which is not the reality. As quantum physics suggests, we are all connected and there is no ‘nothingness’ between us and everything else in this universe. So none of are are ever truly alone.

Not you. Not me.

And on that note, my wish for you is to have a super awesome day flying around in your own special design of helicopter. 🙂 🙂


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