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My 3-Step Secret Strategy for Solving All Problems

brain black whiteOk. I get it. That is a big call. ‘All’ problems. But give it a go. You might surprise yourself. And if it is not working out for you (here comes my big call), send me an email and see how I can help with this ‘unsolvable’ dilemma. I am breathing deeply now and wondering if I need to delete that line. 😉

Fortunately I own this belief that says I can positively impact anything I put my mind power to. And want to know what the real big secret is?

You can too!

This I know.

Step 1: The knowing thing

One of the things that is common with a lot of my clients, and with myself on occasions, is we don’t realise how competent and powerful we really are. How much potential we have within. How much ability we have to solve any ‘problem’ or challenge we are faced with.

Your mind is so powerful and miraculous, the scientific community doesn’t know exactly how it works. It is still a mystery and its full potential is unclear or theoretical.

You have the same mind, made with the same stuff, as the smartest minds on the planet. I know you have greater potential for thought than you give yourself credit for.

So step 1 is about…’maybe I do have the possibility to figure this out.’

PS: This also means suspending the thought (or verbalization) of “I can’t”. When you say “I can’t” your glorious mind stops trying. It saves its energy. You give it a vacation, which it will gladly take. Instead say, “I reckon I might just be able to figure this out.”


Step 2: State of mind adjustment

I quoted Einstein last newsletter and I think I need to quote him again. He essentially said we can’t solve a problem with the state of mind that created the problem in the first place. We need to change our thinking. And often to do that, we need to change the state we are in. We need to put ourselves into our most resourceful and best mind thinking state. A CALM mind is essential to be at our best.

So let’s get practical on how to do that:

Make sure your brain is hydrated (drink some water)
Make sure your brain is fueled up (if you are hungry, your thinking is likely to be affected, and your brain may not have enough fuel to function optimally)
Move your body (get blood flow happening and a bit of brain chemistry working in your favour) – this could be a short walk, walking on the spot, some stretches, etc.
Take a 5-10 min ‘time out’ with some deep breathing (you may think you don’t have time for it but trust me it will make all the difference to your results)

The more we consciously prepare ourselves to deal with a ‘problem’, the greater level of mind we have to address the problem. The more creative solutions we will find.

If time is very short (and don’t use this as a cop out), I recommend a glass of water and 3 deep breathes. I know you have time for that. 😉


Step 3: Ask a better question

Now you are in a calm state of mind, ask better questions, like these:

  1. What is the end result I want to achieve? (This gives you perspective of the bigger picture and may actually cause the ‘problem’ to stop being a problem and become a stepping stone to something bigger or even disappear through insignificance)
  2. How can I utilise this opportunity to learn and grow? (See it not as a problem but as an opportunity for learning and growth)
  3. What story am I telling myself that is making this feel like a problem, as opposed to an opportunity? (We tend to be more resourceful when we see something as a challenge, or a necessary step, or an opportunity)
  4. If I did know how to figure this problem out, what might my solutions be? (This presupposes that you can figure out anything)
  5. Who do I know, or who could I reach out to, that has already figured a similar problem out? (Let’s face it. None of our problems are unique to planet Earth)
  6. How can I have fun figuring out this problem? (See what your amazing mind comes up with)
  7. Is my story about this problem true? (Check out Byron Katie’s Work to expand on this train of questioning)

My belief is that success and big achievements and happiness and income and great relationships and growth, etc. is interwoven in the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. It actually takes up a whole chapter in The Guidebook to Happiness.

I would go so far as to say the catalyst for solving any ‘problem’ is a high quality question, since our answers are always preceded by a question. High quality question = high quality answer. If you don’t like the answers, then change the question.

Answering our questions requires us to THINK and fire up that pre-frontal cortex of our brain and tap into this incredible thing we call ‘mind’.



I am not here to say that solving problems is not painful or confronting or over-whelming or daunting or scary. I am here to tell you that everything is figure-out-able. When you fire up your mind, in the right state and ask the right questions, there is nothing you can’t figure out.

So here they are again:

Step 1: Know your mind has at least 100 times more potential than any of us are using.

Step 2: Get into a resourceful state of mind (calm)

Step 3: Ask the ‘right’ questions

Now what you do with the SOLUTIONS you come up with; well that is up to you. 😉 Thought, without action, is unlikely to change things. Unless the best solution, after real thinking, was to do nothing. But I think this is an action too. We actively choose to do nothing. And thus ends that wee rant. 😉


The Final Takeaway

I obviously love this mind and consciousness and thinking stuff. It is ground zero for me. When we get better at utilizing our minds (in a non-overactive way), we take our life and results to a much higher level.

My greatest desire is for you to find the calmness of mind that impacts your whole life. That reduces emotional turmoil, that helps you co-create an even better future, that helps you enjoy the present moment more, and that changes the quality of the relationships in your life.

And know you are much smarter, capable, competent, resourceful, resilient, intelligent, than you tell yourself. This I also know. 😉


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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