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5 Practical Ways to Become (much) Luckier

lucky charmYesterday I had the joy of doing a presentation in Qatar to an amazing business women’s organisation on authentic success and one of my key teachings is about co-creating your success, your happiness, your health, your destiny and your results in life.

That is, being a (very) conscious player in the results you get in life. Firing up your magnificent mind and living a life by DESIGN and not by default. Sounds like a good idea to me!

So continuing on with that theme, I want to give you 5 practical ways to become a lot luckier in your life.

I actually thought I was unlucky when I was in my late 20’s; but after doing the inner work, I had a remarkable mental shift. I not only believed I was luckier, but I started experiencing freakishly weird luck in my life. Sort of like that manifesting stuff when it came to opportunities, synchronicity and even money.


Luck Exercise 1: Doing the Einstein thing

Einstein said something along the lines of ‘doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity’.

So to become luckier, we may need to do things differently.

For me, when I experienced my greatest change in luck, one of the keys was doing things different. Making different choices. Opening up to different possibilities. Seeking out new knowledge, so I would have the capability to make better choices.

To become even luckier, you might need to do things differently to the way you are doing them now.

Just a suggestion. 😉


Luck Exercise 2: Take personal responsibility (even if it hurts or is embarrassing)

Hmmm. This one was a very tough lesson for me and it felt the equivalent of trying to swallow a brick. Not easy and not a lot of fun.

Back when I was 30 (a few years ago ;-)) I decided it was time to take responsibility for the poor decisions I was making. It became very obvious to me that I was not an ‘unlucky person’; I was just being an idiot, making stupid decisions, and doing stupid stuff. No wonder ‘bad stuff’ happened to me, and not other people.

The other people where not drunk and trying to impress a girl by doing a back somersault off a bar. My ‘unluckiness’ in this case lead to me almost fracturing both of my heels and being on crutches for weeks.

So I ask you. Was I unlucky or stupid (also known as doing the wrong thing, in the wrong place, at the wrong time)? Plus I missed out on the girl because I had to spend a night in hospital. Ooops. So unlucky…not!


Luck Exercise 3: Change the recording

I used to have an internal loop recording, which said something along the lines of … ‘I am SO unlucky’.

When you think a certain way (like ‘I am unlucky’), it makes you focus on all the things that could go wrong, which primes your brain to notice and pay attention to all the things you don’t want in your life. Thus increasing the probability that you will actually attract them.

Also the thought ‘I am unlucky’ does not make you feel good. It contracts you, rather than expands you. We are more likely to be unhappy, than happy. And we are more likely to experience the effect of negative emotions within our bodies.

The solution: just start saying ‘I am lucky’, or if that feels way too much of a stretch, say ‘I am becoming luckier’. This changes the way you feel. This changes the way you act. This changes the results you get. This also changes the ‘energy’ you bring into a room. Your feelings affect the energy in a room and the energy of other people. When someone is a miserable (beeeeeeep), it sucks the energy out of a room. When someone is light and bright, so is the energy in the room.


Luck Exercise 4: The Jedi mind stuff

Continuing on from the last strategy; focus on what you do want. Elite athletes have been doing this for decades. In fact, the most successful, illuminated and blissful have been doing it for 1000’s of years. They spend a lot of time playing the results that want to achieve in their minds. And while playing those vivid images, they feel the feelings they would feel if they achieve those results.

The role of the reticular activating system (RAS) is to filter the millions of bits of information our brain is receiving every moment through our senses. It not only filters out, but it LETS IN the information that is relevant to what the brain believes to be is most important. Also known as what you focus most attention on.

You will suddenly become magically luckier when you spend time seeing and feeling in your mind what it is you want in life.


Luck Exercise 5: Meditate on this

Below is one of the slides I showed in my presentation yesterday. Not surprisingly, everyone had their hand up in the air.


If we play on our little internal loud speaker the idea that ‘everything always works out for the best’ we tend to notice a lot more of the good things, even in bad situations. We notice the opportunities. The chances for growth. The better decisions we can make in the future. And the many GIFT’s that exist in every life circumstance.

We experience more luck when we pay more attention to the good, when we reframe the ‘bad’, and when we learn and grow from all of the tests that life throws our way. Luck is often a frame of mind.

Imagine saying, ‘I am so lucky, because everything always works out for the best.’ You already know this to be true, so this means you are also so lucky in your life right now. Good for you!!


Extra’s anyone?

This might not be what people want to hear? But there is an old saying that goes like this: ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get.’

I think there is something in that. I would add a couple of other words too. Intelligent & conscious work.


The Final Takeaway

Can you see a pattern?

The idea that we have a lot more influence over the results we get in life, as opposed to us be at the whim of strange external forces. You are powerful. We all are. We just forget how powerful we are sometimes.

So can you become ‘luckier’ just by doing some specific things?


And I challenge you to try and prove me wrong and along the way, you might just end up having your luckiest day / week / month / year ever!!


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook or on my Blog.

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