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Is Your Emotional Fuel Healing or Harming You?

Let’s get straight into this conversation, starting with some context.

Do all petrochemical fuels, derived from oil, burn the same? Do they all burn as cleanly as each other? Do some burn faster or slower? Do some produce more heat than others? Do some fuels leave a cloud of black (polluting) smoke in their wake?

Let’s acknowledge that not all fuels burn the same, even if they derive from the same source.

So today, we are going to talk about the FUEL of our emotions.

And this is inspired by a good mate of mine who I have known for decades, and has had recent heart surgery.

He has always been great in the fitness and nutrition department, but as I highlight in the subtitle of The Guidebook to Optimum Health, exercise and nutrition alone are not enough for optimum health.


First let’s break that word down.

Psycho | neuro | immunology. This is a field of science that recognizes that our psychology (thoughts), effects our brain and neurology (causing different neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and hormones to be secreted into the blood stream and picked up by cell receptors), which has an impact on our immunesystem.

Even though this is a recognized field in medicine, I would suggest that 90% (+) of Doctors are unlikely to admit the major role played by our emotional states, especially the long-term ones, that activate the hormones of stress over months, years and even decades.

Most Doctors and particularly specialists, generally don’t ask questions about your lifestyle or emotional states. They don’t acknowledge that the betrayal of a person years ago, might have been ‘eating away’ at you like some sort of cancer. Or the suicide of a good friend when you were growing up may have affected and changed you in ways, which are not healthy or helpful.

The key point out of my writing today is to remind you, and make you fully aware of the impact of our EMOTIONAL states – especially the consistent and long-term ones – on our physical health and well-being (mental health).

Until we fully acknowledge this, we will be forever treating symptoms and not the actual ROOT CAUSES.

The reason Dr Joe Dispenza (author, educator and neuroscientist) has 600+ testimonials online, of people healing themselves from cancer, heart disease, Parkinsons, depression, numerous autoimmune issues, suicidal tendencies, osteoarthritis, major back injuries, tumors, visual and hearing impairments, etc. is because he understands that emotions impact neurology, biology, and the chemistry in our blood and therefore cells.

In the future I will do a deeper dive on Dr Joe’s work, as in my 23 years in the health space, I have never seen the level of consistent and frankly miraculous results (and scientific proof) when it comes to healing the very very uncommon.

What emotional fuel are you burning?

I have spoken about different types of fuel in the past. Recently I talked about the emotional fuel of trying to ‘prove yourself‘ as being a low-grade fuel source (most likened to ‘anger’). It does create energy, but not efficiently and it leaves toxic residue.

Additionally if you choose to believe the heart is merely a physical, mechanical pump for the circulatory system, you are going to miss accessing one of the most powerful healing forces we have.

Dr Dispenza gets such amazing results, because he is aware that creating a coherent heart, and a coherent electromagnetic field of energy around the heart, starts to reorganize matter. It was Einstein who essentially said: The field (energy) influences the particle (matter).

So a coherent field of energy, influences what is happening at the level of matter.

We create a coherent or incoherent field of energy around the heart through our emotions.

And the biological outcome of that emotional effect, is either hormones of stress, or hormones of healing. Plus a very different pathway of the autonomic nervous system.

If I express anger, I create a very different field of energy and impact on the autonomic nervous systems, than if I am expressing love, compassion, empathy, or acceptance.

The occasional expression of anger is fine as a fuel to break inertia (or take us out of lower states like fear or apathy). But if it is your fuel of choice, it will start to harm your body’s health, and ability to maintain homeostasis.

My friend who had heart surgery, has experienced a couple of significant events in their life, that I know were very painful, but they also chose not to forgive the perpetrators (even years later). They have harboured anger, and even hate (in their hearts) towards these other people.

Here is the downside of that choice.

  1. Every time they think of the person they hate, or is reminded of them by a trigger in the now, their body experiences the very same biological response (stress hormones, etc.), as if they were in the past event, or as if the person where in front of them now.
  2. If you generate a highly emotional thought that ‘I need to protect my heart from feeling that pain, like in the past‘; your body can physically respond to that message, by creating things like ‘blockages’ or ‘obstacles’ or ‘calcification’ or ‘plaque build-up’ to protect things getting access to your heart and hurting you.

We are powerful creators when we combine specific repetitive thoughts with high emotional states.

And why we are told to be careful of what we wish for.

Note: Yes, I am aware that exercise and good nutrition play a big part in heart health, but they are not the full picture. I believe and have witnessed the emotional (and energetic) element being highly influential in physical outcomes.

The EMOTIONAL FUEL you choose to burn has an enormous impact on your physical and mental health.

A (much) better emotional fuel to burn, which creates the right environment for healing, is FORGIVENESS, LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, JOY, PEACE, ACCEPTANCE, COURAGE, WILLINGNESS, and REASON.

That’s the message.

If you don’t know how to access the right emotional fuel or process past trauma’s, then reach out to someone who can help you get there. Whether that is someone like me, or doing Dr Joe Dispenza’s work, or finding the right therapist who not only understands the role of emotions in health, but provides practical ways to manage and process them.

My parting thoughts

I have made this point before, but it is worth repeating.

Your emotions matter, when it comes to physical and mental health.

Especially the ones you express often; as they set off the biology of harmonizing or disrupting.

For me choosing a more ‘spiritual path’ does not relate so much to a religious practice, but is about practicing how I emotionally interrelate with the world around me.

These days I teach about becoming more SAGE-like, in order to navigate more gracefully through life, and have vibrant health.

What emotions, or past emotional experience, do you need to (finally) deal with?

Don’t let it linger or fester for too long, as it could lead to, or contribute to, a health issue.

Choose LOVE as your Optimum Emotional Fuel of Choice and you can’t go wrong.

Have a juicy love-filled day and a grace-filled week.

Take care,


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