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How to Optimize Your Health and Overcome Illness: Part 1

TGTOH Ok. So here is what I have learned over the last 20 or so years, when it comes to health. Whether it is about taking your level higher (to experience more energy and vitality) or to move out of illness or disease.

There are two main things to focus on, and the more ‘radically’ you approach them, the greater results you will get.

So this week I will be talking about Part 1: (Radically) Change Your Lifestyle

And then next week we will talk about the part that almost all people (including many health care professionals) don’t get, don’t apply, and therefore don’t get the results that are possible.


What are we working with?

When I talk about lifestyle, I am talking principally about how you physically live out your life. What are your physical habits, practices and choices.

Think on this scenario.

Someone becomes seriously ill. They get immediate corrective surgery. They go back home after leaving the hospital and continue to maintain their former lifestyle.

What do you think their chances are of getting sick again?

I think you would agree that it would be very high. It is because we live in a cause and effect universe. There is a very high likelihood that someone’s lifestyle habits contributed significantly to the level of health they experience.

Therefore, if someone does not change their ‘lifestyle’ they will continue to get the same results they got before.  


How about some specific examples

A lot of the time, due to misinformation, or lack of information, people are not fully aware of what lifestyle habits are the ones that have the greatest impact on our health. That is why I wrote The Guidebook to Optimum Health. To explain, from my research, practice and observation, what the best and worst lifestyle habits are; so people can make more informed choices.

Here are some of the best lifestyle habits to add or remove:

1. If you don’t move your body, it will cease to move all together.

Physical activity is not just necessary so you look good in your jeans. I agree that might be a nice by-product, but we really need to move in order to to cleanse our blood and body of toxins, to improve the cognitive function of our brains, to reduce stress, and to maintain the health of our hearts (just to name a few). So if this is not a consistent part of your LIFESTYLE then time to turn it back on.

2. Reduce the processed foods.

If I was only allowed to pass on one tip in relation to ‘nutrition’ it would be this. If you are in the HABIT of eating a lot of processed foods (canned, packet, fast food, etc.) your health will suffer in the short and long term. By cutting out processed foods you also reduce one of the greatest impediments to health – excess sugar. Reducing sugar is a bit of a buzz phrase for good reason – sugar becomes toxic for the body over a certain level (about 25g of 6 teaspoons). Sugar makes you fat too – which is definitely not good for the jeans look. Ooops.

3. Drink water.

Hmmm. Sounds simple. If you are in the HABIT of drinking mainly flavoured drinks, rather than water, you might want to make a lifestyle change. Most flavoured drinks not only have more than 25g of sugar in one serving; but have additives, flavouring, colouring, salt, and preservatives. Time to give the body a break, by giving it a fluid that does not need to be filtered or processed or detoxified. That would be water in case you wondered. 😉

4. Get some sleep.

If you are in the HABIT of getting 5-6 hours sleep a night and telling everyone that is all you need; you might just be in the ‘survival’ zone. Getting by pretty well, but maybe not THRIVING. That is the zone I want to operate in. So for me, due to the world we live in, I find I thrive on 7.5hrs plus. I am less likely to get ill. I recover much faster. My mind is much sharper. I am more creative and resilient than when I have less.


Am I repeating myself?

Yep. But only because I care. 😉

My big point is that if you or I want to get different (or better) results, when it comes to our health, energy and vitality, and we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always got.

To get new results we definitely need to work on lifestyle changes.

The bigger result you want, the more ‘radical’ change you need to make to your lifestyle.


A final word

I made a MASSIVE change in my life in 1999.

I made major changes to my LIFESTYLE, which I have continued to refine until this date. Back then I made three major lifestyle changes:

1. I added yoga to my physical activity regime (this further integrated my brain and my body)
2. I changed to a more plant-based diet (my vitality increased)
3. I significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I consumed (I am sure you can figure this one out)

I also change my ‘personality’ – which we will be talking about next week. And why it is imperative when it comes to changing your health profile.

So…what 3 lifestyle changes could you make this month (and year) that would create a major change for yourself?


If you want to understand more clearly about the best do’s and don’ts when it comes to optimizing your health, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of The Guidebook to Optimum Health.


Got any questions or comments? You know how to find me. Also feel free to help me to share these Tips with others, by forwarding them to your friends and family, since we could all do with reminders, support and useful tips along the way.

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