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How to Improve Your Manifesting Powers

Would you like to be better at manifesting what you ACTUALLY want?

If so, then read on.

Have you ever heard the theory of how many thoughts we have, each day? Since it is not easy to count thoughts, the number ranges from about 6,000 to 60,000. Regardless of the exact number of zero’s it is still A LOT.

In addition to this, researchers suggest most of our thoughts are recurring, and the vast majority of them are NEGATIVE. Eeeeeek!!

This is the foundation for the manifesting strategy I want to share.


If you are sending out, or percolating, or reacting to, 6,000-60,000 thoughts a day, many of which are not in your best interests (negative); do you want this to be your principle communication source to the Universe?

How does the Universe, or even the people around you, know what you REALLY want, if you have so many thoughts firing off in multiple different directions, like a firecracker?

This is why we need a better strategy.

How to make what I want (more) clear

I personally do a bunch of mindfulness work every day to help build up the power of my mind.

This includes daily meditation and breathwork plus directed creative thinking and planning.

However, I still have a bucket-load of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts bouncing around.

What to do?

What signal am I sending the Universe and the people around me as to what it is I really want, if my mind is doing the crazy chicken dance, every time I am out of present time consciousnesses?

Regardless of how sharp you imagine your mind to be, I think it is wise to have a back-up plan (strategy) in play.

The strategy

I have a strong belief in our ability, through conscious intention, to influence the unified quantum field, from which all things are created. The quantum physics double-slit experiment, along with more recent work by the likes of Dr Joe Dispenza, clearly show our attention and intention can affect matter.

So we want to do our best to hold in mind, with an elevated emotional state, what it is we REALLY want.

To that we want to add this strategy…

Let me start with a story first, which inspired this article.

I was talking with a friend the other day about manifesting what we want. They shared a related experience. They told me about when they decided they were ready to create / attract / manifest the right relationship, at the depth they desired, and had a clear intention in mind. They were also doing the inner work with guided meditations and the likes. Additionally they made the conscious decision to participate in ‘online dating’, even though doing it was not fun and felt like a total drag. Within a couple of months, they met an amazing person, and they have now been together for a bunch of years.

But, here’s the twist…

They did not meet their partner through Online Dating!!

So here is my belief and strategy.

I believe it is important for us to TAKE ALIGNED ACTIONS for what it is we really want; because it sends a MUCH CLEARER signal to the Universe, and to those around us.

Have you heard the saying; ACTIONS speak louder than words?

I was recently asked by a fellow Coach about my marketing strategies. I said I do specific marketing strategies; but many of my awesome clients come from random places, often completely unrelated my form of marketing.

This doesn’t mean I stop doing the marketing work.

It means it is my physical ACTIONS + doing the INNER work = the most COHERENT SIGNAL for what it is I desire.

If I want my manifesting to be supercharged, I need to do BOTH!!

Try it yourself.

But here is an important distinction: You need to LET GO OF ANY ATTACHMENT on how it is going to show up.

And when it does show up, in some random way, don’t assume that because it did not come directly from your ACTIONS, that they were unnecessary.

Your actions are the message.

The Steps

  • Get clear of what it is you truly want.
  • Plant those seeds in a quiet, still and open mind, while in an elevated emotional state.
  • Come up with a Plan and then take ACTION to clearly AFFIRM what it is you truly desire.
  • Remain open to how the result will manifest (don’t assume it will come in accordance with your ‘Plan’).
  • For extra quantum bonus points: Give gratitude before it arrives (“Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership” – Dr Joe Dispenza).

Some parting thoughts

Get really curious about what messages you are sending through your actions.

Are they clear, or all over the place (like a firecracker)?

If the idea of the Universe being a conscious provider to your desires is too much of a stretch, then know that your actions will send a clear message to people around you as to what you most desire. Then they may practically help you fulfill your desire (now they know what you want).

Align right thoughts with right action, and you will be in good hands (Divine hands).

And finally, TRY IT, to establish whether this strategy works or not.

(And trying it means longer than 1 day!!

Have a delightful day and a wunderbar (German for wonderful) week.

Take care,


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