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Are you thinking or thoughting??

thikingWould you like to understand how knowing the difference between thoughts and thinking can make a HUGE impact on your life. I am also going to show you how – regardless of the craziness of your thoughts – you can get more of the stuff that you want in life. Because it is not about your weird and crazy thoughts, it is more about your thinking.


Let me explain how I describe thoughts and thinking:


The stuff that comes and goes. Generally they come unbidden and quite often they are completely unwanted! Like the thought that ‘I am going to lose all my investments any moment now’ or ‘I bet I will fail at this’ or any number of other pictures that would be best in someone else’s head. 😉


This is the stuff that you guide. The stuff that requires the expenditure of energy. The stuff where you have the remote control and laser pointer to make it real clear what you want to watch and then focus on.

So what the heck does this mean to you and me? Well it means a couple of really important things. So this is the bit where you pay a lot of attention and read on as if you need to fully understand what I am going to say so that you can later teach someone else. Just setting that intention of teaching changes your focus and ensures you get even more out of what you read.

The key points are:

  1. You cannot really control your thoughts. They will come in of their own accord. Some good, some bad, some crap and some great. The thoughts are not the important stuff. So don’t worry about them and don’t define yourself by your thoughts. Thoughts do not determine your results or feelings.
  2. You choose what you focus on by thinking.
  3. Thinking is the process of creating the images you want in your mind. Of focusing on what you want. Of creating the story you would like to see happen. And even getting emotionally involved with the picture.
  4. Thinking requires practice. The more you do it – that is, consciously choose the movie you are going to play in the theatre of your mind – the better you get at it. Just like the more you lift weights, the stronger you get.
  5. Your subconscious mind kicks into action when thinking is involved. It will see what you want, and then be on the lookout (with a much greater and broader field of vision than your conscious mind) for exactly what you need to make the thinking picture come into physical form.

I think one of the main things I realised when I started playing with this thought and thinking stuff is that when you accept that you will occasionally have ridiculous or shitty thoughts and they are not you, then you relax a lot more. And the more relaxed you are, the easier the creating and thinking becomes.

Just because I had the ‘thought’ that I wanted to ring my friends neck is a-ok. It means nothing. It is the thinking about exactly how I am going to wring his neck that will make it happen. 😉

So here is to conscious thinking and non-attachment to our crazy thoughts!



If you want to do a course in thinking then you might want also want to check in for a healthy dose of the 30-Day Happiness Challenge. On Day 2 we do a deeper dive on the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind.

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