10 Tips: “Finding your Purpose”

I was doing an online presentation the other day for a group, when I was asked a question.

It related to ‘Purpose’.

And it was a combination of how do we ‘find’ our purpose, and how do we live a purpose inspired life?

It was a pretty good question, and probably relevant for many people.

So let me share with you my thoughts on the topic.

Firstly, I think there is great psychological benefit in having something to aim for, and a clear path to walk.

I think it was Aristotle who said we are teleological beings; meaning we are at our best when we have a target to aim for.

Where the target might be something one year into our future, or even what I would call our North Star.

The North Star, for me, is more like a guiding principle, which you may never reach, but guides you throughout your life.

A North Star might be that which you wish to become.

Made up of your values and virtues.

Some people might actually identify their legacy by considering what they want their EULOGY to say.

How do we want to be remembered?

That question can be a great guiding light, and helps us know when we are ‘off course’.

Now with our individual ‘Purpose’ (reason for being / Dharmic path / path with heart / etc.), there might be some people who have always known what their path and purpose is.

For these people, they might have always known they wanted to be a vet, or a marine biologist, or a fighter pilot, or a teacher.

In my experience, it is the minority of people who clearly know actually their ‘purpose’, whereas those like me, end up trying a bunch of different paths, before we get a better sense about what our purpose ISN’T, which takes us closer and closer to what it IS.

So don’t despair.

Rarely is your Purpose handed to you on a silver platter.

Most of us have to start the journey with a pretty crappy map of which way to head, and an ill-defined target (purpose) in mind.

But here are some ideas that might help if that is currently you.

10 PURPOSE Finding Ideas, Suggestions and Tips

Number 1: Don’t force it. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t know it now or are not 100% sure. Enjoy the journey of figuring it out (what it is, but also what it isn’t).

Number 2: If your purpose is inwardly focused (as in it mainly benefits you), it might have been the EGO who signed you up for this version. I think a path with heart, is actually one that is of service to those around you, and service to the greater community (which includes all of nature).

Number 3: Your purpose, while it might be in the same direction as others, requires that you add your own special signature sauce to it. This means you don’t become a clone or copy of someone else, but do ‘the thing’ in your own unique way, using your own unique gifts, and even embracing your quirky or dorky foibles.

Number 4: Your purpose does not need a ‘stamp of approval’ from anyone else. Certainly not other people. Which might make it hard to walk, as many people want others approval and validation. On this one, you don’t need it. The agreement is between you, and whoever or whatever you believe brings life to this planet (and creates intelligent order in the cosmos).

Number 5: If mum or dad ‘told you’ your purpose (or strongly encouraged you to take a particular path), it might be worth checking in and seeing if this is something that YOU really want to be doing. Again, your purpose is not a hand-me-down. Others might provide ‘suggestions’ but they are just that. You are the one who makes the final choice.

Number 6: The path, and journey on your purpose-inspired path, is likely to be ‘hard’, challenging, at times confusing, lonely and stressful, BUT it will also be fulfilling, growth-inspiring, self-esteem building, rewarding and with a deep feeling of rightfulness. Don’t automatically equate hard or uncomfortable with the “wrong’ path. It might in fact be the opposite.

Number 7: When you are on purpose, you have a feeling or sense of alignment. This also means that by CREATING alignment, you can bring yourself back onto or towards your path (through reverse engineering). You can create alignment by ensuring that you are in alignment with your values. That your words and actions are in alignment. That your head, heart and gut are in alignment. That your conscious and subconscious mind are in alignment (to the best of your abilities). As you align these parts, your path and purpose might actually be revealed for you, or easier to identify.

Number 8: If you want to “find” your purpose, you need to spend time (most likely more than once) where you get very still, silent, undisturbed, and preferably plugged in to nature. It is in this stillness that we connect to the wisdom of our heart and that ‘thing’ which is much greater than ourselves. This is also a way to ‘check-in’ to get a better sense of whether we are on the path or off the path.

Number 9: The expression of your Purpose – i.e. how it might look in action – may change over time. You may have a different looking (and doing) Purpose in your 20’s compared to your 30s, 40’s and 50’s. So I encourage the quiet check-in at regular times to tap into your inner wisdom and course-correct as needed. If any thing is ‘constant’ in this universe is it CHANGE. We are all evolving, all the time, based on how we interact and respond to this thing called Life.

Number 10: Sometimes our EGO tells us we are not ‘on Purpose’ because we are not living a glamorous or Instagram-worthy life. You need to call BS on your ego if that happens. Someone can live a very simple, peaceful and non-dramatic or glitzy life, and be TOTALLY in alignment with their purpose. It’s an inward thing, not an outward ‘runs on the board’ or ‘size of your bank account’ thing. It is more of a spiritual thing. And want to know a secret? Your spirit has no limits. You have the power of a supernova sitting right in the centre of your chest.

An example of my own North Star

I thought this might be useful.

If I was to boil my North Star (target) down to a single definition, it is: “To raise my consciousness.

This means, I am most on path, when I make choices that RAISE my consciousness, and discard choices and actions, which LOWER my consciousness.

And obviously, this is a work in progress and not easy.

But it helps me steer my life (purposefully).

And for those of you who might also wonder what my PURPOSE is, it is something life this.

The purpose of my life is to fully express my authentic and unique self, in a way that causes me to fully expand into my true potential. Which serves others and serves the greater good.

My book, The Guidebook to Authentic Success, has a chapter (19) called Living a Life of Purpose, which might be of use to you as you are figuring our your own Path and Purpose. The link also has a bunch or relevant resources.

(And there is a good chance – if you ask nicely – that I will just send you a copy of the chapter )

In Summary

I do believe we all have a Purpose, or what the yogi’s call our Dharmic Path.

Though I tend to think it is more generic in nature, but is made unique, by the unique expression of our true self, in a way which serves others.

ME & YOU are the fairy dust, which makes it sacred.

And silence, stillness and a connection to the natural world, helps us to tap into the wisdom and guidance of our hearts, which I think is the receiving centre for messages from Source (or whatever or wherever your primary life force comes from).

My Parting words

I hope my 10 ideas have helped you in some way, if you are uncertain of your purpose and path.

And a reminder that ‘comparing’ purposes is no real value.

Once you get into whose looks better or bigger, you are definitely off the path.

And likely hanging out with the un-evolved version of your ego.

(The evolved version of the ego, gives us power to get things done, as it is guided by the heart).

Remember to get still and quiet so you can hear the subtle wisdom of the heart.

Then, use the higher creative part of your mind, to bring that idea or sense into actuality.

In your own unique way, of course.

So, I wish you all the very best on your own unique journey, and I look forward to our ‘paths’ crossing one day.

Have a great day, aligned with your higher self, and a week where you consciously course-correct where necessary.

Take care,


PS: Have you read or listened to this book yet? 18 Ways We Make Life WAY Harder Than It Needs To Be

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