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ELITE Goal Setting Tip 4: Its best to step up to the plate

Blog-8This Goal Setting Tip by Carl Massy is: Don’t be scared to set goals, for fear that you might not achieve them. Or might not achieve them by a set date or to a desired standard. Don’t let any fears, real or imagined hold you back from getting more out of life.

My Goal Setting tip for this month is to actually set some Goals. Don’t blow it off because of the bad wrap that New Years Resolutions get. The chances of you achieving something that you write down are about 400% more likely to happen than if you don’t write it down, according to research gathered by Heidi Halvorson, in her informative book “Succeed

I remember sitting on a hill near the ocean on Christmas Day 2001 and writing out a goal to work overseas for 5 years and save at least $20,000 each year. Well 2002-2006 saw me living and Consulting in the USA, Greece, Italy and Qatar; whilst travelling all over the world and getting to the end of 2006 with $300,000 in the bank. I not only achieved my goal I exceeded it. I believe that getting clear on what I wanted and then writing it down was key to that result.

So do yourself a favour and get clear about your goals for 2012 (and the following 5 years) and then write them down. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Carl Massy is an ex-Army Major, a world-leading consultant to the Olympic Games and now NLP Life Coach. His blend of excellent strategy with the deeper workings of the mind and body, ensure that the results are at the next level!

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