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Dealing with Problems & 3 Important Things You Need to Know

puzzleI was totally stumped today when I was trying to think about what subject might best serve you today. I was trying to think of something that is useful, insightful and practical.

And I figured let’s talk about the very broad and general subject of ‘How to Deal with Problems’. I guessed it would definitely be relevant to us all probably right at this very moment.

So…can you think of a problem that you have in your life now?
hey! Don’t get lost in it.

Just raise your hand so I know you are not an alien. 😉


Dealing with Problems Tip 1: the perspective thing

Today’s tips might actually be quite short, because I am going to speak about some pretty simple stuff here.

The first point to realise is … we ALL have problems. Everyone. Even one of my multi-multi-millionaire clients that has been retired since he was 32 (15 years ago!). And yes, I have problems as well, on a regular basis. Which one of my coaches yesterday was very gratified to hear. 😉

But here is the thing I want you to get in your bones…

Life does not happen to you. Life happens FOR YOU.

The way we grow or evolve or become better or experience more or achieve more or feel more of life is through challenges (aka: problems).

Life is actually for you.
Life wants you to succeed.

When you embrace the idea that the challenges in life are there not because we are BAD, or BROKEN, or INCOMPLETE, or BEING PUNISHED, but because life wants us to grow and evolve, the story changes in relation to challenges.

And when the story changes, so does everything.

Yes it SUCKS BIG TIME when we are going through a painful challenge, but how good does it feel when you come out the other side? How much better do you become? How much more are you capable of?


Dealing with Problems Tip 2: one of my beliefs

I have this belief, which you are welcome to borrow, if it works for you.

I believe that in this equal and opposite world we live in (yin & yang, matter & anti-matter, dark & light, up & down, etc.) there is a harmonious SOLUTION for every PROBLEM.

Now it might not be obvious. And there is a 99% chance that it might be hard or difficult or painful.
BUT I believe there is always a solution.

And maybe the solution is something you might not THINK you want. But maybe, just maybe, in this crazy universe of ours where everything is connected in some weird quantum way, the solution might grant you the growth opportunity YOU PERSONALLY NEED in order to fully evolve.

The other part of my belief is that the right solution FEELS right.
Deep in your heart, even though it might not look right, or fit the idea of what you thought was ‘meant’ to happen; at some deeper level you have a knowing that it is best for you.

Our biggest challenge is that it is hard to project ourselves 5 years into the future and look back on our current challenges and see that our challenges are actually our greatest gifts, causing us to become even better versions of ourselves and have a more meaningful life experience.


Dealing with Problems Tip 3: a weird random thought that just came to my mind

For some reason the analogy of ‘online gaming’ came to mind.

The most popular games are about getting to THE NEXT LEVEL. People are committed to getting to the next level. They have a strong desire to go higher. Even though they know the games are designed so that the next level is going to be harder to get through.


Why do we have a desire to get to the next level, even when we know it will be harder?

Do you think at some level you know that the feeling you will experience when you get to a new level, even though it is likely to be even tougher, is something deeply satisfying?

We just feel a need to grow. It is built into our circuitry.

But here is the thing. For us to grow and expand we need some form of resistance. Whether it is mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. We need something pushing back against us, so something within us (what I call our latent potential) can be called forth. We need some form of resistance to flick the switch on unlocking our true potential.

We need challenges and problems.
They are not only a sign of life, but they what causes us to become the best (and most EVOLVED) versions of ourselves.

Are you ready to celebrate your ‘problems’?
(Please, take your time, but not too long ;-)).
Parting words
I expect you have all heard the idea of changing the word ‘problems’ to CHALLENGES.
And yes I do know it sounds a wee bit too new-agey.


What if life (God, Source, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Universe, etc.) is throwing us regular curve balls because it knows what we are truly capable of. That we have more within us then we have brought to life yet.

What if we NEED problems in order to grow and have the most meaningful life experience.

How would that change the story? And therefore the experience.

What problems do you have in your life right now, that in 5 years time will be obvious that they were gifts in strange wrapping paper? Do you need to wait 5 years, or do you have the courage and belief to embrace your problems now, and step though the discomfort with a KNOWING SMILE ON YOUR FACE (which also might look like a grimace on the outside, but that is totally cool ;-))?

So…not easy (granted)…but the experience is more meaningful because you know the bigger picture.
Your evolution into the best version of yourself. A journey worth taking.

And thus endeth my philosophical musings for this fine day. And now back to my current problem of getting a membership site ready for launch in a number of weeks when there is still SO MUCH work to do and ‘problems’ to figure out.

Have an awesome day and I am sending love to you and your problems. 😉


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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