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A Practical Conversation on ‘Spirituality

You know I like to keep things practical.

I am about doing more of the stuff that uplifts us, makes us more powerful, capable, expansive and competent; and doing less of the stuff that holds us back, diminishes us, constricts us, and triggers our survival emotional states.

So I consider the topic of ‘spirituality’ and a ‘spiritual practice’ through that lens.

And here is how the conversation / riff went.

This conversation became a part of my resilience program on how to become a natural Superhuman (a combination of Leader, Warrior and Sage).

I am interested to hear what it brings up for you, and do send me any questions you might have.

You can watch the video – just click on the image below to watch it on YouTube below – or if prefer to listen to the audio version, click HERE.

My Parting words

I am a big fan of using all the tools in our toolbox.

And one of them is our connection with that something bigger than ourselves, and how we can establish our relationship to that mostly unknown ‘thing’ to enhance the quality of our lives, and express our full potential.

It is a worthy topic to explore and I thought it was best done with me speaking (ad lib) as opposed to writing, in this case.

I hope you get something out of it, and do ask if you have any questions.

One of my favourite personal sayings is: “I was loved into life. I am loved by life. And life is for me and not against me.”

It makes me feel good (and supported). 🙂

Have a loved-into-life kinda day, and a life-is-definitely-for-me kinda week.

See you next week.

Take care,


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