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8 Pieces of Advice for Smart, Busy People

Not that I own a car now.

I used to.

Now that I live in Bali, I own a scooter, but the same rule applies.

Doing maintenance on my scooter, means it continues to run well, and doesn’t let me down when I am trying to overtake a rubbish truck while going uphill.

It is essential, in my mind, to an easeful life.

And a flourishing social life. Woohoo!!

PLUS it is something that if I don’t do, makes my life way harder than it needs to be.

Likewise if I don’t take care of my health – via maintenance – I am likely to be dealing with a train wreck or health scare downstream.

I know you know this already.

But given the proliferation of confusing or bad advice (and the many distractions with shiny new things to focus on) it can be hard to know where to direct your efforts.

So I am going to share some absolute basics for maintenance and expand on the idea where necessary.

Tick these off and you are on the right path.

Maintenance #1: Don’t eat too much.

We actually need a lot less volume of food than we have been told. We need to aim for high nutrient value. The more food we consume, especially if it is a little crappy, the more work out body needs to do, to get rid of waste products.

Maintenance #2: Get sunshine.

Sunshine trumps Vitamin D supplements. It’s natural. It’s free. It’s essential to life. And it is not something to hide from. Get some every day if you can – on bare skin. And ease up on the sunscreen (or buy the best you can afford with natural and organic ingredients). Better yet cover up before you get burnt.

Maintenance #3: Get fresh air.

Get out into nature. Spend less time indoors. Especially if indoors is air-conditioned. If you live in a city, spend more time in the local park. Open your windows at home to let air flow in and clean the air. Skip the Bikram yoga with recycled, stale air.

Maintenance #4: Move your body.

Movement of skeletal muscles helps the lymphatic system to clear toxins. Sweating also allows for the release of toxins from your body. Plus it makes you feel good (endorphins) and strengthens your body, so it can handle the unforeseen in life.

Maintenance #5: Reduce the toxic load on your body.

This is a much bigger subject, but it means reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals you ingest, breathe in, rub or spray on your body. Less synthetic cosmetics or beauty products and choose varietis that are organic and natural like a product range called Edible Beauty. Eat less processed foods (synthetic sweeteners, colourings and preservatives). Reduce your intake of pharmaceutical drugs, which are packed with synthetic materials and toxins. The more synthetic and toxic chemicals in your body, the harder the body has to work to detoxify these poisons and the more free radicals (and oxidative stress) you will create in your body.

Maintenance #6: Reduce emotional stress.

Do whatever you need to do to create this. Change jobs. Change relationships. Ask to work a 4-day work week. Turn down that promotion, which might be more stressful than your lifestyle desires. Take a sabbatical. Don’t answer your phone on Sundays. Get rid of clutter in your life. Reduce your expenses (so you need to work less). Choose a job you like.

Maintenance #7: Get a good nights sleep.

Aim for 7-9 hours. Have a dark and quiet room. Remove all technology from your rest, rejuvenation and regeneration space (aka: bedroom). Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

Maintenance #8: Drink more water (H2O)

I am just going to assume that you could benefit from drinking more, good quality, water. And probably less of some of the other ‘fluids’ you consume.

I do know that you know this.

I know you now this.

You are a smart person.

But sometimes smart people don’t pay enough attention to the basics, because they are to fixated on the big shiny things (and Goals) in the distance.

That’s why I have clients – who are very smart and capable – but have serious health challenges.

They forgot about the importance of consistent maintenance ON THEMSELVES.

Their cars are great, but…

I suggest, YOU FIRST, then take care of the wheels.

My main point, and takeaway

Consistently take care of the basics of self care (aka: maintenance) and your amazingly brilliant body will take care of you.

My Parting words

Your body is brilliantly capable

It can deal with a whole lot of use and abuse.

But there is a limit.

The smarter thing is to conduct maintenance so you rarely, if ever, hit a limit your body cannot handle with its innate intelligence, and its internal biological helpers (i.e. microorganisms in the trillions).

We are designed to thrive.

We just need to help the process.

And create the right environment for success.

And yes, I know you know.

Pay attention to integrating the basics today and have maintenance-rich kinda week.

See you next week.

Take care,


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