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2 BIG Ideas!!

wisdomWelcome to the first newsletter and blog post of the decade. I am honoured to have you join me.

Today I am going to share 2 BIG ideas to take into 2020 (and beyond).

Last year I attended a magnificent retreat with one of the top Coaches in the USA and abroad – Michael Neill – who I have also offered to host in Bali in September this year (so keep plugged in to hear details about that).

There were two major things I took away from the event, which reinforced what I already understand about the nature of things, which I apply in my own life (sometimes more effectively than other times) and which I teach at my Life Masterclass (and yes that is a shameless plug…hope to see you there!).

So let’s jump right to them…


BIG Idea Number 1: The nature of ‘Thoughting’
I help them uncover all of the lies and stories and statements and beliefs they bring to life, which disempower them. Which cause them to be less creative, less resourceful, less effective, less loving, less courageous than they REALLY are.

In my experience people are (a LOT) more creative, courageous, loving, powerful, effective, resourceful, than they give themselves credit for or allow to be manifest.

Here is the primary thing in the way: Thoughts that are not true.

Here are my recommended antidotes (choose what works best for you):

  1. Firstly, be open to the POSSIBILITY that your thoughts are not facts (the disaster you imagine, which makes you feel terrible, may not occur, or may be so small as to not even register on your life disaster measurer).
  2. Challenge your thoughts by asking questions like, ‘Could something else also be true?’
  3. Bring yourself back to the present moment (and the more real world) by asking, ‘What is the reality?’
  4. If you are not 100% sure of something then it is not a FACT, but a HYPOTHESIS. Confirm your hypothesis, rather than making sh#t up, or making decisions based on ASSUMPTIONS.
  5. STOP and BREATHE to enhance your ability to discern Truth from rubbish.
  6. Get even more CURIOUS about what is BEHIND the thought. You might actually find a Truth.
  7. Practice mindfulness exercises like meditation to create space between your thoughting and any reactive emotions.
  8. If you add wisdom and consciousness to ‘thoughting’ it becomes THINKING.
  9. Read or listen to The Successful Mind to deepen this understanding.


BIG Idea Number 2: Somehow we just know

I like to think I am a pretty smart dude, as a result of lots of learning and 50 years of experience.

I acknowledge that whatever forces created the current universe over the last 13.8 billion years, from the disorganization of the Big Bang to a universe of order and wonder, which includes something as inconceivable as an inhabited planet called Earth, is much smarter and effective than me.

I don’t need any spiritual or religious belief to know this. I don’t even need to call this ‘thing’ anything specific. (That is a different conversation and everyone is likely to have their own take on it)

But for me to serve you best, I am all about the practical.

And my ‘practical’ side is asking, “How do I tap into a deeper sense of knowing when it comes to making decisions about what to do, or not do, in my life?”

Have you ever come to a situation and just KNOWN WITH ABSOLUTELY CERTAINTY what choice to make? (Now this does not mean you actually listened to that wisdom, but I don’t know anyone who has not had an experience in their life where they just knew with 100% certainty, what was the right choice to make. They felt ‘guided’ for want of a better word)

So this is BIG idea number 2:
We all have access to a much deeper sense of knowing and wisdom, which is invariably more intelligent than what we can dream up in our brains.

Let’s not bother getting into where it comes from, as it does not really matter. What matters more to me, is how to most effectively access it.

Here is what I think are parts of the recipe (and again use what works for you):

  1. Stop. Get still.
  2. Remove external distractions.
  3. Take your attention inwards.
  4. Ask a simple question (often one that has a yes or no answer).
  5. Take your attention from your head to your heart.
  6. Listen deeply.
  7. Have patience. Take the time (it will be worth it).

I also find – for the really important decisions I need to make – being in nature helps me hear or sense that inner guidance more clearly.

Unfortunately the modern lifestyle, of busyness and distraction, is not conducive with accessing this inner guidance. We need to actively  create the ideal setting, until we become more finely attuned to hearing the inner guidance when we are more active.

In summary, we all have the ability to access deeper wisdom, but we need to create the environment which enables us to hear or sense it.

In 2020…one of my first reminders for you is to SLOW DOWN.


My final words

There might also be a Part B of BIG Idea number 2.

Our ability to TRUST the inner guidance. To listen and act on the guidance, when our thinking is telling us otherwise. I acknowledge this is much easier said than done (and I have the disasters to highlight when I chose ‘thinking’ over my inner guidance).

It might take a bunch of trial and error for us to finally trust our inner guidance over our brain-level thinking. But it is a journey well worth taking. I wish us all Bon Voyage for that!!

Thank you for joining me for this conversation and I trust that you got out of this what you needed. Go forth and prosper!

Have a fabulous day, weekend and 2020!
Take care and much love.

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