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Why This (To Be Revealed) Might be One of Your Best Goals for 2017

goalsHello 2017!!

Now I am going to get straight to the point.

Let’s have a show of hands please for those of you that want to have more FUN in your days, weeks, months and life.
(And yes virtual hands will work for this exercise ;-))

Please do not read on if:

a. You already have more than enough fun than you can handle for one person.
b. You think having fun will stop you building your empire.
c. You like being a grumpy old so-and-so.

DO read on if you think there is more room, and a NECESSITY for more FUN in your life.


STEP 1: Set the Intention

It’s simple.

Repeat after me: I (add your name) CHOOSE to make having FUN a major priority for me in 2017, because it makes me feel better, it makes life more enjoyable, it changes the expression of the genes in my body (reducing illness and increasing my life span ;-)), and I bloody deserve it!!

(Note: Bloody is not a swear word in Australian ;-))

When we set an intention, we bring the thing of our attention to the forefront of our minds. By including the theme that ‘2017 is a year I choose to have a lot more fun’, you are planting a seed in your mind. You are reminding yourself what is most important for you. You are making ‘FUN’ a PRIORITY as opposed to hoping (with fingers and toes crossed) that it happens this year.

So…CHOOSE to have more fun this year (and it might just continue forever :).


STEP 2: Now make it happen

This is where many other people might trip up. They might say “Good idea, but how the hell I am meant to do that when I am in a job that sucks, I have this long commute to work every day and I have bills coming out my eyeballs. Fun? It’s just not possible?”

And thus it does become impossible. A shame really. They stop themselves before they start. But…I know that you know better. You have been reading my rants for a while now and you have some tricks up your sleeve.

You know if you ask GREAT questions, then you get GREAT answer (aka: ‘solutions’).

So your questions might go like this:

How can I have more fun…

…washing the dishes?
…taking that commute to work?
…in my current job?
…paying my bills?
…writing my fortnightly Newsletter?

When you ask this powerful question, the probability of you coming up with a great solution increases by a factor of 273.78!!
(Yep. You got me. I made that number up. But I know you get the point. ;-))

Here is an example of a great answer. I personally can have more fun writing my newsletter by goofing off more and being less serious. 😉
Yippee, I hear some of you say. 😉

And now some other answers / solutions:

I can have more fun taking the commute to work by buying some fun and uplifting audio books and listening to them on the way.
I can have more fun washing the dishes by playing some cool tunes and busting out some dance moves along the way.
I can have more fun paying my bills by…(thinking, thinking, thinking)…feeling gratitude for the service they provided me, and telling them how much I appreciate what they have given me. Gratitude changes us emotionally and makes us actually feel good.
I can have more fun at work by getting creative in how and where I do my work. I can redecorate my working environment to be more fun. I can set up a fun social club. I can ask myself for every project I have to do “How can I have more fun doing this?”

The idea is just to keep asking, and thinking, and getting creative in how you can bring more fun to whatever you are doing. I know you are a creative genius and you can come up with great answers and solutions if you give yourself the time and space to do so.


STEP 3: Choose fun stuff

Part 1 – Finish this statement: The things I experience a lot of FUN doing are…

Part 2 – Add these things into your days and weeks. Schedule them. Make them a priority. Say ‘no’ to more stuff that is not fun, so you can do more things that are fun. Choose fun as a priority for you. You deserve it.


STEP 4: There is no Step 4

Stop reading and go and have some FUN!!!!


Have a super awesomely FUN minute, hour, day and week!!!


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook.

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