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Why ‘Power Versus Force’ is Such an AWESOME Book

In my last blog, I said of the 500+ books I have read on all manner of personal development topics – neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum physics, numerous psychology teachings, epigenetics, spirituality, cosmology, etc. – one of my all times favourites is ‘Power Versus Force‘ by Dr David Hawkins. 

One of the reasons is because it is very aligned with one of my long-term teachings which is essentially:

Confidence is skin deep and cannot weather real obstacles. It is COURAGE that is the difference maker in all aspects of our life.

I think most people have been sold a dud when they have been convinced that if only they had more confidence they could achieve their greatest dreams.

I think that is pretty much bollocks.

In my experience as a coach for the last 14 years, courage trumps confidence every time. ESPECIALLY when facing bigger obstacles, the unknown, discomfort, uncertainty, new projects, new relationships, crazy stuff happening in the world, etc.

Here is why I say this.

Dr Hawkins teachings on COURAGE

Dr Hawkins is probably most ‘famous’ for coming up with the Levels of Consciousness scale, which he validated through the use of kinesiology, and it is a scale which maps lower levels of consciousness, to higher levels of consciousness.

The levels of consciousness are actually familiar to us all, as they are presented as ’emotional states’.

The lowest state being ‘shame’ and the highest being ‘peace’.
No surprises there.

He articulates very clearly in Power Versus Force, how each emotional state is represented and shows up in our lives (there is a diagram of his levels at the bottom of this article).

He also draws a line between lower mind, and higher mind. Between the little self and the higher or bigger Self. Between ego-based emotions and elevated emotional states. 

And do you want to know what ’emotion’ is at the doorway between the lower mind and higher mind???

You guessed it!!


It is by not just about practicing courage occassionally, but by becoming COURAGEOUS, that we truly start to head in the direction of self-actualization that Abraham Maslow talks about, or being at ‘peace’ (all the time) which Dr Hawkins suggests is possible.

What COURAGE in action looks like

I have been telling my clients for years – when they tell me it is a ‘lack of confidence’ hold them back – to park the confidence story to the side for now and take down, off the top shelf, this reverent thing called COURAGE.

Actually you already have it. I have it. We all have it.
It has been with us all through our lives. It just might be a little weak if we have not used it a lot – just like any unused muscle in our bodies.

Can you imagine what would happen if…

  • you were more courageous in your relationships,
  • you were more courageous in meetings at work,
  • you were more courageous in maintaining your boundaries,
  • you were more courageous in saying ‘no’ to the things you don’t want to do,
  • you were more courageous in choosing work that actually lit you up,
  • you were more courageous in your conversations with your parents, siblings or intimate partner, 
  • you were more courageous in talking to strangers,
  • you were more courageous in putting your ideas or products into the market-place,
  • you were more courageous in asking for feedback from trusted friends or colleagues,
  • etc.

Your life would change. Completely.
And here is the other secret…

You only need to be about 5% more courageous than last time to create a whole new experience in your life, and build up your courage muscle, until the time you become someone who is considered COURAGEOUS.

5% = course correction = new life

Other forms of COURAGE that WILL change your life

I have witnessed one of the greatest ways to raise our level of conscious, to transcend small self, to access higher mind, and to unleash our potential.

It’s simple, but not easy. 

This is where I think COURAGE has a huge impact on lowering your stress and increasing your joy in life. Plus allowing you to get on with doing what you really want to do, and LOVE to do in your life.


I think this is what traps so many people in playing a smaller game in life. They are SO worried about what other people think, and it holds them back. It makes them retract and contract. It stifles their magnificence.

And the very interesting thing, but not surprisingly, is on the Levels of Consciousness scale by Dr Hawkins, Pride comes before COURAGE (i.e. pride is lower). My belief is many people don’t ascend to higher levels of consciousness, because they get caught up in playing the game of ‘pride’.

They might be attached to looking good. To having the fancy house or car. Attached to competition. Trying to out-do other people, or give the impression of out-performing others. It could be attachment to an old belief or habit that you are unwilling to surrender. It might be trying to use the same old method of achieving goals, when it no longer works. It might be an unwillingness to say “I don’t know” or to ask for help. 

In my opinion ‘pride’ is a useful thing when we are younger, but life gets better when we grow out of our need to appease others, or get external feedback, or look good, or that stuff.

Me personally (and get ready for some serious truth-telling). I don’t care what other coaches are doing. I don’t care how many of my books are sold. I don’t care if people decide they don’t like me and unsubscibe to my newsletter. I don’t care if I haven’t owned a car since 2000. I don’t care if someone likes my dress sense, or not. This is all related to PRIDE.

What I DO care about is being the most authentic person I can be. Being of service to the world. Loving as deeply as I can. Being willing to share my imperfections and failures. Not letting set-backs stop me from serving others. Being a great partner. Doing what I want to do, not what others think I ‘should’ be doing. Not letting failed business ventures or partnerships define me. Helping others wherever I can. Serving humanity in trying times. Sharing what I have learned over the last 50 plus years. Doing what is right, rather than what is easy or looks good.

Don’t let pride hold you back from your full potential and the fullest expression of the UNIQUE YOU.  

In summary

I did intend to write a short newsletter. I guess this is short(ish).
My core message is this:

Choose to live life more courageously, with less worry about what other people think of you, and you will burst forth into a field of daisies, with the sun shining brightly, and a gentle breeze cooling your skin. You will arrive at the place called ‘the land of infinite possibilities‘.

The end.

Have a great day and do grab a copy of Power Versus Force and tap into the true power of your potential.
Take care and much love,

PS: Below is a good representaion of Dr Hawkins Levels of Consciousness with some other commentary on ‘what we experience’ at the various levels.

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