Top 5 Tips On How to Supercharge Your Success

success cableGiven that we are all infinitely unique, I am going to give you a range of different ideas on how you can fuel your motivation, and create the energy and drive to succeed in whatever area it is you want.

And remember, a strategy unused is a nothing more than a minor light show in the inner recesses of your (potentially powerful) brain. Put into play one of these Tips, and then you will see results.


Tip 1: Get emotional

One of the most successful Coaches, business leaders and philanthropist around, is Tony Robbins (he often charges over $1M for one year of coaching). He is also is extremely passionate and emotional in the work that he does. In not unrealistic to see this 6’7” tall dude, in the middle of telling a story, bringing himself (and others) to tears. His emotions fuel his drive to keep on doing what needs to be done.

Likewise, it is our emotions, which cause us to act. The greater our emotions, the great ENERGY we have to apply to a situation. This happens at a very real, physical body level.

How can you bring more emotional energy into play in your life? What makes you angry and fires you up to act? Then direct that energy.


Tip 2: Get clear on what YOU want

This is SO important.

Step 1 – get CRYSTAL clear about what you want. Write about it. Brainstorm it. Visualise it. Play with it. Review and revise it. Get help with clarifying it. This might take hours or it might take weeks, but it is worth it. GET CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Step 2 – make sure it is YOUR goal. Do YOU really want it? Is it YOUR dream? Your Goal? Your reason for being? Your mission in life? Your purpose? Is it YOURS?!?!?!?!? (etc.)

If it is your goal then the fuel that comes with it comes from within. It is what I call POWER. If the goal is compliments of some other well-meaning person then you will have to FORCE it all the way to the finish line. Lots of hard work and most probably unsatisfying.

My story:
When I first came to Bali some well-meaning people convinced me I would be great running a Bootcamp business because of my army and fitness background. So I did. And I struggled. I had problems dragging my butt out of bed. And I finally made some lame excuses as to why I shut it down 6-months later. The goal was not mine, so it required me to force it every step of the way. Not fun. Not successful.


Tip 3: Roll your sleeves up

Sorry for this one. But effort is required. Energy in, results out. More energy, more results. If true success required no effort, everyone would be successful in all areas of their life. Results require effort. But…

This is my other belief. Part of the results from the ‘work’ is the clear message you are sending to everyone (and the universe) as to what your intentions really are. When people and the universe are clear about what you want, because you have shown it by physical action; periphery and seemingly random stuff will happen. You will suddenly be presented the resources or opportunity, which will give you a ‘quantum’ leap in your results.

Tim Ferriss forgot to mention a major point in his book: A (high paying) 4-hour workweek happens AFTER you have been working a 60-hour workweek, for weeks and weeks and weeks.


Tip 4: Fire up that thing between your ears

Elite athletes have been doing it for years. Successful business people have been doing it for years. High achievers have been doing it for years.

The brain does not know the difference between something that is real and something that is vividly imagined.

Also this brain and mind of ours, which is still not fully understood, is ridiculously powerful. Studies have been done that show measurable physical responses to focused visualisation. Not only improving someone’s ability to shoot hoops merely by envisioning it over and over in their mind, but musculature change in someone’s body, by thought and vision alone.

When you are crystal clear of what YOU want, play the vision in your mind. And research suggests that visualising the entire process and result, is much more effective than just visualising the end result. Seems that visualising requires effort too. No energy (effort) = no result. That’s physics.


Tip 5: Do you know everything there is to know in the known universe?

Two of my favourite lines are:

You only know what you know

You don’t know, what you don’t know

Get help. Read. Listen. Find someone who has done what you want to achieve and ask them how they did it (and then do it in your own authentic aligned style).

Be open to changing your stories, your beliefs, your ideas of what is possible and what is not. Because unless you know everything there is to know in the seen and unseen universe, who are you to say that you can’t pull anything you desire into your life by focused and emotionally changed visualisation. Or that the universe responds to your heart-felt desires.

Ahhhh…the POSSIBILITY!!!


Your Tasks

Which of these resonate for you? Which do you realise you have been ignoring or doing halfheartedly? Which could you ramp up in your own life?



Please ask any questions you have. Or tell me how much you love these tips (or hate them). 😉 Also do me and others a huge favour and pass them on. Knowledge used in the right way is definitely a way to access our incredible power.

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