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The 1, 2, 3 to Getting More Clarity

The title may be a little misleading.

I was actually not thinking of step 1, step 2, and step 3.

But rather, Level 1Level 2 and Level 3, when it comes to getting more CLARITY.

And in this case, the levels also refer to the size of the ‘problem’ or issues, or the size of the consequences of the decisions you have to make.

Let’s think of it like this:

Level 1 – A problem or decision to solve or figure out, but that is not too big or high in consequences.

Level 2 – The problem or decisions is a bigger, or more complex, and has more consequences if you “F” it up.

Level 3 – This is where the decisions you are making are complex, there numerous overlapping parts, and possibly a shortage of resources, so you need to be extra creative, plus the consequences of “F’ing it up” are pretty high (and potentially a huge pain in the butt and maybe even a potential financial loss).

So I see that these three levels of “challenge” require three different ENVIRONMENTS to enhance the probability of me solving it to the best of my ability.

I also like to use the metaphor of ‘stepping back’.

Level 1 = small step back.

Level 2 = medium size step backwards.

Level 3 = a big step backwards to allow the greatest level of perspective.

The Practicalities

LEVEL 1 Challenge

With a Level 1 Challenge, I can actually work on it, and solve it in my own office. It does not require the level of focus and crafted environment that I need to create for a Level 2 or Level 3 Challenge.

Though I still tweak my environment

I have actually set up a special place in my office to deal with Level 1 Challenges – which still require a certain level of attention and creativity.

In my office I have my desk and chair, which faces my computer, where I do most of my ‘grunt’ work.

However, if I have a Level 1 Challenge to figure out, I sit at a different section of my desk, with a different outlook (usually blue skies ;-)), and I even have a different chair (see picture below).

I also pull out my trusty clipboard, coloured pens and markers, and some blank pieces of paper to figure sh#t out.

LEVEL 2 Challenge

With a Level 2 Challenge, where I need to take a medium step back, so I can get a broader and deeper perspective on the moving parts and the ‘Outcome’ I desire, I might play with my environment, so it is more conducive to the creative process.

For me, I find I can actually be very creative when I am in the right café, with the right views, the right volume of music (and sound) and the right amount of busyness.

I actually find when I have people around, doing normal stuff, that it helps me to not freak out about my challenge.

I also find my mind can expand and stretch in that environment as dive into my FSO (figuring sh#t out) and then look up at the scene around me, and then look out over the water or rice field (I also like a view of nature as part of my café choice).

I find this allows more creativity for my mind and less reactivity, so I am in my full creative genius mode.

So figure out for yourself, what a medium step back might be for you.

What environment is most conducive for you?

Don’t expect yours to be exactly the same as mine. Find your own best environment and fit.

LEVEL 3 Challenge

I was actually inspired to write this post, as a result of feeling a bit overwhelmed with a number of personal things and professional things converging (or seeming to converge) at this point in time.

I am launching my Authors Book Writing program in a bunch of weeks, then a new business (The Weekend Bookclub) in August, then there are presentations I am delivering in Bali and Australia in the coming weeks, plus I have house sale and building projects happening at the moment along with other personal and relationship stuff to work on.


There is lots of sh#t going on and I want to make sure I get on top of it, and come up with a solid plan, so stuff doesn’t fall through the cracks.

I need to take a BIG step back to get clarity and put an effective and efficient Plan in place.

So my BIG step back is also what I call a GETAWAY (which I have spoken about in the past).

It is me getting off the grid for a couple of days, without distraction, and in a crafted environment that allows me to be super calm, relaxed, nourished, nurtured and ULTRA creative.

For me personally, I have my go-to spot up in the mountains in Bali. It is super rustic. No television, phone and even crappy WiFi connection (and limited signal for my phone).

Just me. A desk. My pens, highlighters and white paper. A calming immersion, compliments of mother nature and the IDEAL environment (for me) to really figure sh#t out.

It is in this place of PEACE that my brain and mind are optimized.

I don’t have any beeps and buzzes vying for my attention.

My partner knows I will check in on her (briefly) – generally 2 times in the day.

I set up an ‘out of office’ auto-responder for my Inbox.

And I let the magic happen.

I reckon – as a number I pluck out of the air – that I am about 5-10 times more creative and productive in this environment than when I am in my office.

I am not a fan of LEAVING THINGS TO CHANCE and that is why I consciously and specifically create the ideal environment for me to succeed at figuring sh#t out.

What is your ideal crafted environment?

I also call my Level 3 experience a GETAWAY, which makes it sound, and feel, less ‘stressy’ and more like a creative outing.  

In Summary

Have a sense of what environment you need to create, when it comes to solving things, or getting clarity in your life.

Do you need a small step back, a medium step back, or a HUGE step back?

Decide on what each Level looks like for you.

Be a great leader of yourself and your life by creating the environment which is conducive to the success of the Team (the team being – ‘Team You’).

My Parting word

As I said, I don’t like leaving things to chance.

I like to do things consciously and strategically.

I also like to figure out my plan IN ADVANCE rather than when the proverbial poo is ‘hitting the fan’.

Do you know what works best for you?

Are you ready to flick the switch at a moments notice?

Be a warrior of your life and not only be prepared, but train yourself to step into immediate action when the need arises.

This is a simple, but effective strategy, and the ball is now in your court. 🙂

Enjoy playing with the three LEVELS and your own relevant ideal ENVIRONMENT for each.

So … have an optimized creative day and a creative-genius inspired kinda week.

Take care,


PS: Have you read or listened to this book yet? 18 Ways We Make Life WAY Harder Than It Needs To Be

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