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Discover 10 Steps for Manifesting The (Seemingly) Impossible

wateringI follow a fantastic Coach by the name of Rich Litvin (the author of The Prosperous Coach) and a highly successful transformational Coach (I am actually attending his workshop in LA in the middle of September. Yippee!).

I was listening to an interview by Rich the other day with one of his apprentices, and he wanted to uncover exactly what she did to become so powerful at manifesting what she wants in life. He asked some great questions, and as a result got some great answers, which I want to share with you now.

They are less steps that you have to follow one after the other and more like principles. The more of these principles you actively apply, the better you are likely to become at manifesting what you want in your own life.

So let’s get started.



Principle 1: Ask for what you want

Most of us, most of the time, forget to ask for what we REALLY want. Maybe we think it is too big or beyond us, or we think we don’t deserve it, or we think people will judge us and say ‘why do you think you can have that?’, or some other rubbish like this. Maybe we are also living someone else’s goals for us.

The other thing is we often ask for (and focus on) is we don’t want. STOP DOING THAT!!!!!!!!!! (he says as he looks in the mirror) 😉

This is my latest want. I am creating 4-6 clients per year who do a 6-month deep-dive transformational coaching program with me which includes a week of trekking in Nepal, SE Asia, or Australia, where there are just the two of us, and we completely transform the next chapter of their life. (see Principle 2 to see why I wrote it like this)


Principle 2: Talk about your Vision as if it is happening

This takes courage. But it makes a shift in our brains that serves us extremely well. Instead of saying, “I am going to…”, say “I am doing…”

e.g. You want to write a book. You have created a Word Document and saved the file. You have called it a name. And you have only written 5 words, ‘I have always found it strange’. As soon as you take one micro step in the direction, you can start saying, “I am writing a book…” The same applies if you are losing weight, starting a new hobby, quitting smoking, traveling the world, changing careers, buying a business, etc. Say it with purpose and conviction as if it is a done deal.

Also talk about it a lot. It might just be that the person you share it with can make it a reality.


Principle 3: Take action and be persistent

No surprises here. Unfortunately there is action required, contrary to The Secret method of manifesting.

For me, the key here is persistence. Most people give up just steps away from achieving their goals. The greatest achievers (and creators) are also great at persistence.


Principle 4: Don’t get attached

Ok. It is time to go Zen or Yogi if that is your thing. Don’t get (too) attached to what the final vision will look like. If you are looking for an exact replica of your vision, you might just miss the result right beside it, which is even better than what you asked for. Also don’t be too attached to your plan and processes. Maybe there is a better way, that you just don’t know yet. Remain flexible and open.


Principle 5: Maintain a sense of gratitude

This might seem simple. But the true super-manifester, is also grateful for the seemingly ‘bad’ stuff as well. This is what sets them apart and what will set you apart. If you remain grateful for all that life has to offer and see the bigger picture: Life is for you and not against you. Life wants you to succeed.


Principle 6: Time to do a reframe

Failure does not exist.

There is success and there is LEARNING & GROWTH and that is it. Something only becomes a negative if we see it in that way. If we see everything, regardless of how uncomfortable or painful or gut-wrenching it is, as a chance to learn, grow and evolve, then the result is we learn and grow and evolve.

This one definitely takes work (and a bit of principle 9), but it is definitely possible and an absolute life-changer.


Principle 7: Play a BIG game

Often the goal you are after is much closer than you think. It might just take one conversation or one ‘yes’ or one insight or one connection or one investor or one opportunity or just one smile.

You may as well play big. Who knows what you are really capable of when you use closer to 100% of your true potential?


Principle 8: The world is full of peers

This principle is HUGE. See everyone as equals. Whether it is CEO’s, celebrities, guru’s, professors, presidents or billionaires. They are first and foremost people. Don’t hold back on sharing your vision because you think someone is above you. I assure you, everyone has their gunk. They are also worse at some things than you. So speak up. Talk with who you need to talk with. Put your idea and vision in the hands of someone that might be able to make it a reality with the flick of a pen.

For me this was always a challenge. I grew up feeling I needed approval from above. I was also intimidated by those I thought above me. What that did was put a ceiling on my potential. Now I just ask. They can only say no, but they could also say YES.


Principle 9: This thing called faith

Have faith that things will work out. Trust that life is for us, as I said before. The reality is that we cannot do everything that needs to be done. This is a big world moving around us. Sometimes the pieces might be too big or out of our sight. Trust the unknown. Plan of doing 80% of the work, and then hand the other 20% over to the unknown.

Have you ever thought about someone who you have not thought about in months or years and then they magically reappear in your life? Can you explain that one to me? It has happened to us all. So has letting go sometimes and things magically working themselves out in the end. If you try to do 100% of the work, and control things down the micro detail I can assure you, life will be a struggle. Sometimes letting go is just what is needed.

This is not blind faith (or a religious thing). This is about doing your very best, and then having faith that things will work out in the end. You will meet that right person. Make that right connection. Find that right house. Figure out the answer. Find that extra money.

This is possibly one of the most challenging for all of us – but worth exploring and practicing.


Principle 10: The heart thing

This is an extra that I have added in. It is about wanting things and doing things that resonate with your heart. If the thing you want is just a head thing it will be much harder to create than if you have something at a heart level. If someone wants something with all their heart, they are likely to find the way, as opposed to someone who just has a great idea.

For me, the heart draws on power, but the mind requires force. So make sure you heart is really in the game. And if not, then change the game. Change the vision. Change the goal. Connect to something deeply meaningful and it will make all the difference.


My Final Words

Choose one or a few of these to work on. Maybe you are already ticking off a few. But which of these principles caused you to sit up and pay attention and acknowledge you don’t do them at all, or you don’t do them well?

For me, it was talking about my goal as if I am doing it right now. Owning it. Speaking aloud and out into the world. I do this ok, but I could definitely do better. The other one for me was playing a bigger game. I need to tick that box, and not just on paper, but in person. Own the big stuff and talk about it, even if my mates tell me, “Have you completely lost your mind Massy!?!”

What are you really capable of?
Are you prepared to give it a go and see?
Start applying one now and see where it takes you.

All the very best!!
And Enjoy!! 😉


As always, please ask questions of me, or share your thoughts in a response email or by putting a post on Facebook. Plus please share these very practical Tips and Strategies with your friends and family. Pay it forward and you might just change someone’s life with an insight that is just right for them, right now.   

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