Getting from Loneliness to Deep Connection in 30 Seconds

aloneAre we more or less connected these days? That is a very valid and pertinent question to be asking these days. If the technology of Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp, etc. has increased the level of connection we have with people, do we feel more ‘connected’?

This the question I address in this Happiness Class and I also consider the idea of loneliness – which I consider through my observation to be quite prevalent in this apparently very connected wotld.

I will share with you a remarkably simple technique I have been using of late to increase the level of connection I feel in the moment and which tends to have a lingering impact.

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One of the Biggest Keys to Happiness

friendsIn this short Coaching session I will be sharing with you one of the keys to happiness and fulfillment and something we all have easy access to. We just forget how important it is to us. It is also something that is free.

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The Keys to Increasing Self-Love: Interview with Angela Perez

angelaThis week I was very fortunate to interview Spanish-born yoga, meditation, and Tantra teacher, Angela Perez. She comes with a wealth of experience when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves. Especially that elusive thing called ‘SELF-LOVE’. She shares some amazing insights and strategies to help you increase self-love.

We all figure we could do with more, but most people do not know where to start. A low level of self-love is common with all of my coaching clients too. So I am really excited to be able to ask Angela specifically what she recommends are the things we can do to build up our level of self-love.

I also share some of my biggest insights from working with my coaching clients.

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How the Law of Attraction Really Works

magnetHow does the Law of Attraction really work? You would have to have been living under a rock for the last 10 years not to have heard of the term ‘The Law of Attraction’. And maybe you have even seen the movie or read the book – The Secret.

In this Podcast we (Damo & Carl) have a good look at the general teachings on the Law of Attraction. We debunk some of the myths. Add a bit of science to the woo woo. And get really strategic about how to effectively use this universal law in your everyday, feet on the ground, highly hectic life.

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Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Podcast 44In this great book, ‘Loving What Is’ by Byron Katie, she introduces us to the idea that the greatest amount of emotional pain we experience in our lives is because of the stories and statements that we buy into.


The stories that we tell ourselves are more based on assumptions than reality. And one of Byron Katie’s greatest reminders is in her statement “When I argue with reality I lose. But only 100% of the time.” She has also developed 4 amazing questions, which she simply calls The Work, which are profound in their simplicity and effect. In this Podcast I introduce you to those 4 great questions and how you can use them as a fantastic happiness strategy in your own life.

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The Amazing 5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman

Podcast 9Happiness Strategies, the Science of Happiness and the Best Love Strategy (The 5 Love Languages)


The ‘5 Love Languages‘ by Dr Gary Chapman is a Must Read Book. It is a perfect happiness strategy. How to fill your partners love tank up so effectively and easily you will seem like a love rock-star. Pushing the right buttons to keep the love flowing, and flowing and flowing. If one of your goals is to have more love in your relationship than you need to listen to this Strategic Happiness Podcast.

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