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All That You Need Is Within You Now


In Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) there are statement offered that are called ‘presuppositions’. Essentially statements that are ‘true’ and if they are pre-supposed of being true, and you incorporate them, they have significantly positive outcomes. 

One of my favourite presuppositions is: 
‘All you need is within you now.’

This is the message of this Podcast and I tell you why it is not only true, but true for you. And how knowing this you can move beyond ‘surviving’ and step into ‘thriving’. 

Many of us have been hood-winked into thinking we are less powerful than we actually are. So my mission in life is to remind you of your TRUE capabilities, possibilities and ultimate potential. 

All you need is within you now. 
And listen to this podcast to see what this is TRUE for YOU (and always has been). 

Have a super day.

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Who You Need to Become to Navigate Your Way Through 2021 and Beyond


So it is no secret that most of us have found the last 18 months to be the most tumultuous and disruptive time in our lives (for any billionaires listening to this – perhaps this does not apply to you.

And I don’t think things are going to be ‘smooth sailing’ for a good while to come yet. I think the foreseeable future is going to continue to disruptive, uncertain, and with some pretty funky vibes and energy circulating around us. 

So…I have been working with my clients and within my experience base to consider what is the best way to move through this with a bit more ease, grace, stability and even a bit of thriving thrown in for good measure. 

For me, it is about who we need to BECOME in order to achieve the things we most desire in life, or have the life experience we most desire. 

Therefore I have come up with an idea that the person we need to be needs to be part Leader, Warrior and Sage. Listen in to the podcast to see what I mean and how I see that benefiting you. I am here to serve you and humanity as best as I can, and I think this is a bloody good start. 

Stay plugged in to find out when the program will be released (most likely November) and I will probably set it up so you can choose to pay what you can afford and what value it is for you.
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Have a super fabulous day.
Take care

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The Power (and Necessity) of Courage to Self Actualise (and thrive in the 2020’s)


Today I talk about one of my favourite topics…COURAGE. 
The ultimate fuel source for thriving in a challenging world, plus the necessary fuel source if you want to self actualise or experience a higher level of mind or consciousness. 

This has been taught throughout the ages. The value and necessity of courage. 

I mention a previous episode about Courage Vs Confidence, which I encourage you to check out:

Also if you have not watched (or listened to) the presentation I did recently on Decision Making mastery, at The Practice yoga centre in Bali, check that out on YouTube with this link.

Enjoy the podcast and let me know if you have any questions or need any help by visiting my website and connecting with me via my contact page.

Take care

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Getting Sick Can Be a Growth Opportunity


In this podcast I play with a bit of a controversial topic – the idea that getting sick (like EVERYTHING in life) can be a growth opportunity. 

I talk about my own experiences with pneumonia and pleurisy and other ailments over my 51 years and how each of them – while a bit crappy to experience at the time – have lead to personal growth, and in some cases MAJOR personal growth.

I encourage you to tune in and see what it brings up for you. 

If you have not picked up a copy of Decision Making Mastery, make sure you check out the link below. I have also completed the Audiobook version and am selling it for the same price as the paperback. Enjoy!

Have a super day.
Take care

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Looking at Uncertainty in a Positive (and Fun) Light


I don’t think you are going to dispute the fact with me that we are living in uncertain times. Now there are a lot of things we can’t control or change.


We do get to choose how we see, give meaning to, and choose to interact with this thing called ‘uncertainty’.

And I will also share with you why uncertainty is actually a pretty good thing.

Enjoy this episode and if you need a hand at any stage, don’t hesitate to reach out via my website.

Plus make sure you grab a copy of my newest practical book ‘Decision Making Mastery’.

Have a super day and take care.

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A Common High Performers Blind Spot


This podcast is recorded by the ocean, so you will have a few ocean vibes in the background.

I was recently working with a client – someone who I would say performs at a high level in many areas of their life – especially ‘professionally’.

What I have noticed over time is there is a particular blind spot that applies more to people who are high performers, and can lead to a major setback if they are not aware of the generally unconscious bias they have.

You will have to listen to find out what the blind-spot is (no hints will be given).


PS: If you have any questions for me or want to request I talk on a particular subject, or answer a question, just head over to my website and check out my contact page.

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People, Social Comparison, and Aligned Purpose


This weeks podcast was inspired by a number of Coaching Sessions with my clients this last week.

We explored the idea of giving less of a sh#t about what other people wanted for you, thought you ‘should’ do and expected of you.

It was about getting back to SELF. You unique gifts. Your unique journey. Your unique path and purpose.

See what this brings up for you.
And then step into your GREATNESS!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via my website.

Have a super day.

PS: If you have not listened to my podcast on RADICAL Self Care, do yourself a big favour and check it out.

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What Might Be Holding You Back From Your Next Level of Success

holding backHiya,

Today’s podcast is looking at the idea of what might be holding you back from your next level of success (the 10X version)…and the ‘Authentic Success’ version. 🙂

Quite often what has got us to the level of success we have experienced in the past, might be the very thing holding us back from going to our next level.

Let me know what comes up for you.

Also if you would like to join me for 6-months of Coaching, with a cool group of international people, I have a couple of spots left, but we start soon, so chop-chop reaching out. 😉

The details are here.

Have a super day and please share this episode to pass on the insights and wisdom.

take care




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When One Door Closes Many Others Open


Today’s inspiration for this podcast is as a result of a great meditation I was doing this morning (created by Sacred Acoustics).

I was guided in this meditation to journey through time, forwards or backwards, to a time that feels right for you to explore.

Without any set intention in mind, I ended up journeying back to a time when I was 18 years old, at the Australian Defence Force Academy, and I thought my whole world was crashing down around me.

I thought the door to my very awesome future was being closed before my very eyes.

Little did I know, that numerous other totally awesome doors were being opened up before the original door had barely closed.

I think you will relate to this podcast and I hope you enjoy it, but more so take something from it to make a positive impact in your own life.

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Why It Is Not Only OK to Step Back, Sometimes It’s Essential


I hope you are having a great day.

In this Podcast I talk about the importance of embracing discomfort in order to experience the level of success and greatness that you are capable of.

I feel it is highly unlikely for you to reach your full potential if you step back from discomfort. Discomfort is on the path to Success, and in many cases discomfort is the stepping stones to the next level of your success and evolution.

I also talk about the difference between ‘pain’ and ‘discomfort’ which is important to fully understand.

As always if this was of value to you, please consider sharing it on your social media platforms. And if you want to ask me questions directly or work with me, reach out via my website.

NEWS FLASH: I am also excited to announce that at the end of November I will be running my LIFE MASTERCLASS seminar online, so make sure you check out the details for that and stay tuned in…it will be EPIC!!!

Have a super fabulous day and take care.