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Being in Alignment is Essential for Happiness and Well-Being


Today’s episode is not only asking you the question of “How in alignment are you in XYZ”, but I am also doing my best to encourage you to really take a step back and ask that question with the full power and light of your consciousness.

Being out of alignment, does not feel good (I am sure you will agree).

But often we don’t understand why we are feeling the way we are feeling. In this podcast I give you SPECIFIC areas to focus on, so you might get to the source of your discomfort more quickly.

Listen to this podcast and then spend some time with the question, focused on the specific areas in your life I mention and see how you go.

Then let me know.

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Have a great day and take care.

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Best Books: The Alchemist (A book I have read over 10 times!!)

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

This months BOOK REVIEW & RECOMMENDATION is a book that I have read over 10 times!!
I read this book every year.

The book is by renowned author – Paulo Coelho – and the book is of course The Alchemist.

In the Podcast I say that it sold over 100 million copies. I got the numbers wrong it was only 65,000,000 copies.

A quote from the book:
The secret lies in the present – if you pay attention to the present, you will be able to improve it. And if you improve the present, whatever happens afterwards will be better too. Each day brings us Eternity.

This is definitely one of the most INSPIRING books I have ever read and is essential reading if you want a helping hand to overcome any obstacles in your life.

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy The Alchemist.

If you need a hand don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take care

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Creating Space for the Mystical and Magical to Show Up in Your Life


Hands up if you would like a little more magical and mystical in your life?

If that is a resounding yes, then I have some tips for you to make it more likely to happen.

It’s called the forgotten art of creating space into your life.

Most peoples tendency these days is to fill up all of the time with extra stuff, leaving absolutely no space for something new and unforeseen to show up.

In this podcast episode I talk about how to PRACTICALLY create space in your life for the magic to appear.

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share.

If you want to work with me, or do one of my online transformational programs, check out the details here.

Have a great day and take care

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How to Build Better Humans (Good Exercise and Nutrition are not Enough)


So I was recently working out in a Crossfit gym in Bali and I was reading their tagline. It was ‘Building Better Humans’. That is a great target to be aiming for. I am a fan.

However, as I saw people immersed with their phones (taking lots of pictures of themselves), strutting around like peacocks, showing off their 6-packs, and their moves on the rings or horizontal bars, I started to question the ‘better’ bit. There was also a strong feeling of ‘competition’ and ‘hey look at me’.

As a result – and inspired by my research into my book ‘The Guidebook to Optimum Health’ – I started to look again at what needs to be added to the exercise arsenal, when it comes to creating better humans. Because a really fit-looking narcissist is not a ‘better human’ in my mind. 🙂

I think there are two other BIG things to focus on, which I share in this podcast.
Let me know if you agree.

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I am also putting together the small team of Superhumans, that will be joining me for a 9-month coaching program in 2022, where I teach you everything I have learned in 52 years and you get to integrate it. Click here for all the information.   

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(Plus remember you can listen to the whole audiobook of ‘The Successful Mind‘ on my podcast channel). 

Have a super fabulous day and please share my podcasts with others. 
All the best.

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Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life (Consciousness, Money, and $$$ Back in Your Pocket!!)


Welcome to 2022 and my first podcast of 2022!!
I wish you all the very best for today and the rest of the year. 🙂

As an upgrade on the New Year, I have decided to get a little more strategic about what I offer with my podcasts. So each month I will be doing 4 different formats: 1) Book Review, 2) Guest Conversation, 3) A topic and integration strategies, and 4) Guided Meditation.

So to get the party started, this is a BOOK REVIEW of a great book on MONEY $$$$. I teach about consciousness in all areas of our lives, and this is a biggie, as money has the potential to knock us out of consciousness and get seriously triggered.

The book is:
Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Here website for more information is:

I also mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp, where you can either do the ‘self-paced’ version and start NOW, or there will be a Group program starting on 12 March 2022.

Check out all the details here

Have a super day and take care.

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A 2022 Message of Possibility and Opportunity, but There is a Caveat…


Welcome to the tail end of 2021 if you are listening to this before the start of 2022. And if you are hearing this in 2022, welcome to a message that might be just what you need to hear.

I actually think the last couple of years have been shaping us, and crafting us for a bit of a break-out experience in 2022.

I see the possibilities as huge, and the creative powers flowing in a way that brings new, interesting and meaningful things into our lives in a much quicker way.

But there is a caveat that I think is VERY important to consider, and you will have to listen to the podcast to hear what I think is a major part of turning 2022 into a THRIVE-FEST!!

As always, if you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also I mention the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week resilience bootcamp in 2022, starting in March. For more details go to 

Have a great close to 2021 and an AWESOME start to 2022. 
Take care

PS: Sorry about the sound of rain in the background. It seems whoever controls the weather was not really interested in my ‘plans’.

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When and Why you Need to RUTHLESSLY Protect Your Time


At the time of recording, I was not only hanging out on a great seaside bungalow on the East Coast of Bali, but I was also in Week 3 – Warrior Week of the Become a Natural SuperHuman workshop. So I was focused on how to bring our inner warrior into life to get more stuff done.

A common ‘excuse’ from us all is we don’t have enough time, or we didn’t have enough time to get something done.

In this podcast i suggest that we need to get a whole let better – like WARRIOR better – at protecting our time. At having clear boundaries. At saying “NO” and not being worried if we are going to upset someone.

The only person that will truly get you more time is YOURSELF.

So time to get ruthless in what you say ‘yes’ to, and what you say ‘no’ to. What is a priority and what is not a priority. What is essential and what is merely desirable.

Enjoy the podcast and then get back to work (ruthlessly) protecting your time to create more space for the stuff that is really important to YOU.

If you would still like to access the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week workshop, for $4, with 6-months access, then you have until 17 December to sign up. And your $4 will be going to charity too. Just click on this link and away you go!

Have a super day.
Take care

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When Leadership Meets EGO: Think Oil and Water


I hope you are well. 🙂

Today’s podcast is inspired by all my work with the Become Natural SuperHuman workshop (starting on 15 Nov 2021 & priced at $4!! (normally $300)) which is digging deeply into bringing forth our inner LEADER, WARRIOR and SAGE. Just one outcome will be increased RESILIENCE

So one of the key things about great and TRUE Leadership, is that there is no real place for the ego. This is part of why there have been such poor decision-making over the last 2 years. There has been too much ego, and ego DOES NOT LIKE TO BE CHALLENGED.

I talk about what true leadership looks like. And not just for leaders of people, but for each of us as leaders of ourselves and our choices and actions.

I hope you get some insights from this.

Do join me for the 5-week workshop starting on 15 Nov 2021. It is around building resilience, stability, groundedness, and goes a lot deeper and broader than my Podcasts alone. And at a price of $4 (with a money back guarantee) there is ZERO risk, but HUGE opportunity. 

If you know anyone who is struggling, is a bit of centre, is feeling a bit lost or isolated, do tell them to sign up for the workshop. I would love to see what 1000 global superhumans can do, in making the world a better place. 

Have a super day.
Take care

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The (Real) Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration


Let’s talk about motivation versus inspiration.
Which do you think is the better fuel and the most likely to get you through the inevitable obstacles?

Let me share with you what I have come to learn about these two, and why I cringe when people get caught up on ‘getting motivated’.

I would love for you to join me for my 5-week workshop called BECOMING A NATURAL SUPERHUMAN.

It is packed with great teachings, plus practical activities to help you integrate the teachings, and we dive deep into the archetypes of Leader, Warrior and Sage, which are the perfect players for uncertain, turbulent and challenging times (i.e. 2021 and beyond).

Check out the details here:
I have decided to reduce the ticket price from $297 to $4!!

I just want to serve the most people possible, so please pass the word.
We could all use a helping hand about now, and it makes a lot of sense to prepare in advance in case 2022 is more of the same.

See you on 15 Nov 2021. 
Take care

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Let’s Talk About How to Bullet Proof Your Life


This weeks topic is inspired by a conversation with an Balinese employee working in a restaurant I recently visited. We were talking about doing stuff that we don’t to do. 

It got me to thinking about the bigger topic of how we can ‘bullet proof’ our life so that we are less dependent on external providers. This is all part of the process to self actualisation. To standing strong in our own power and have less possibility for someone to pull the rug out from under you. 

How bullet proof is your life? 
Who ‘controls’ aspects of your life, and how can you take back more control? 

Psychologists tell us it is very healthy for us mentally to have a feeling of autonomy (control) over our lives. So what ways can we take back the control and power in our lives. 

It is a worthy discussion and I hope it gives you food for thought and some ideas to work with. 

Have a super day.