Balance Choice Decision Making Meditation

Guided Meditation: Making Decisions Using Your Innate Inner Wisdom (and Head, Heart and Gut)


This Guided Meditation is a little different from normal, as I have created it to help you make any decisions that you are working with at the moment.

In my book – Decision Making Mastery – I talk about one of the most important things to making good decisions is to be in the right state – physically and emotionally.

In this guided meditation I take that one step further. I help you get in the right state, but I also help you tap into your Head, Heart and Gut when it comes to decision making. Too often we just use our head, and miss out on the innate wisdom in our whole body.

Take a decision you are working on, into the meditation, and use the meditation to get a better sense about the right decision for you.

As always, if you need a hand, have any questions, or any requests for me to address any topics, don’t hesitate to reach out. Plus feel free to download this meditation and share. And finally, do sign up to my weekly Newsletter.

Take care

Choice Feelings Life Meditation

Guided Meditation – Practicing Letting Go

It is that time of the month, where I serve you up a GUIDED MEDITATION.
Feel free to download it so you can listen to it ‘offline’.

This months Guided Meditation is all about practicing LETTING GO.
Letting go of the things that no longer serve you.

See where it takes you.
And see if it helps you to let go of some excess baggage you have been carrying around for too long.

Have a super day.
Take care

Choice Energy Healing Interview Intuition Leadership Meditation

Conversations with Carl: Talking Meditation & other Healing Modalities with Coach Sharon Cavanaugh


For this months ‘Conversation with Carl’ I reached out to a Coaching colleague of mine – Sharon Cavanaugh – and suggested we record a Podcast where we share all the different modalities we use on ourselves and our clients when it comes to the WELLNESS thing. 

I first met Sharon in Bali when I was one of the owners of a yoga centre called ‘The Practice‘, and both of us have attended a couple of Dr Joe Dispenza Retreats, so we share our own experiences of doing his work and the results we have personally experienced or witness at the events.

Then we get into all of the other modalities we have worked with and gathered over our personal development journeys (mine started in 1999!).

We talk EFT, the Sedona Method, Biofield Tuning, different meditation technologies and teachers, plus a bit of Dr David Hawkins and even some Wim Hof.

Sharon is based in the USA, so if you prefer to work with someone in that timezone, or want to try the Sedona Method for example, you can reach Sharon at her website here.

Enjoy the podcast and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if ever you have questions, suggestions for podcast topics or need a hand – I would be more than happy to help out.

Take care

Energy Healing Feelings Love Meditation

Guided Meditation – Taking in Light, Love, Abundance and Healing Energy (and letting go)


Welcome to this months Guided Meditation, where we get to prime your subconscious mind to draw in the good/empowering/uplifting and letting go of the bad/disempowering/clutter.

In this meditation we connect to the intention (and priming of the subconscious mind) to be open to receiving LIGHT, LOVE, ABUNDANCE and HEALING ENERGY, on the in breath. 

Then we add to the meditation the ‘letting go‘ of anything that no longer serves us on the out breath – both physical and non-physical, also what is known and not known.

In a nutshell: You will be breathing in goodness, breathing out stuff we no longer need.

What a great message to embed in the subconscious mind!
I hope you enjoy and please feel free to download (to listen to offline) and to share.

And if you need a helping hand at any time don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the very best.

Belief Book Review Life Meditation Possibility

Book Review: You Are The Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza


And welcome to this months Book Review podcast.

This is one of my favourite books, favourite author and favourite teacher.

This book is a game changer.

It is packed with good quality science, plus lots of examples about how effective the Placebo Effect really is. And how you can capitalize on it – making you the placebo (as the title suggests).

You will be AMAZED at just how incredible the power of the mind really is.

Not hearing this line anecdotally, but reading numerous examples of it in this book.

In the podcast I even talk about how the Placebo Effect has an impact on surgery, as Dr Mosely highlights in an incredible experiment he conducted. Check out a short BBC Documentary to hear the details, and see the effects.

I also talk in this podcast about the ‘Nocebo’ Effect, which less people know about, but which has a huge impact on us all.

Enjoy the podcast and then get yourself a copy of the book!
Take care

Balance Life Meditation

Guided Meditation – LAY DOWN, LAY BACK, and RELAX.


It is time for my monthly Guided Meditation and it is time for you to LAY BACK and RELAX.

This Guided Meditation is to help you put your body and mind into a deeply relaxed state of being, so you fully relax into the reorganization and realigning of your body from the inside out.

I also help you to shine a little brighter from the inside out.


And see you next week.

PS: Please share this meditation with anyone you thing could benefit with a bit more relaxation in their lives. Feel free to download it too, so you can share it or listen to it ‘offline’. 

Balance Belief Life Meditation

Guided Meditation – Tuning Into Your Heart


Each month I record a Guided Meditation, so the time we spend together – learning and growing – includes working on your inner landscape.

Doing inner mindfulness work is essential for creating the right vessel for bringing awesomeness into the world, and experience the most calm, peace, creativity and joy.

This meditation is about Tuning Into Your Heart and was a short guided meditation I did on our final call of the Become a Natural SuperHuman 5-week bootcamp.

I also spoke about my 9-Month Group Coaching Program with a focus on major transitioning, business building or business creation, and for coaches wanting to improve their business. If you are curious, do check it out. There are a maximum of 8 people, so the level of support is very high. 

If you ever need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out too. 

Have an awesome day.
Take care

Balance Confidence Meditation Possibility Thoughts

Guided Meditation – Creating Stillness, Calmness, Vitality and Vibrancy


It is Guided Meditation time.
I am a big fan of doing the inner work (like creating stillness, calmness, vitality and vibrancy), though guided meditations, that make the inner landscape more real than the outer landscape.

It helps up to connect to something much greater than us, plus to a part of us that is more powerful and more aware, than when our eyes are open and judging what we see.

I am a fan of unleashing the power, awareness, vitality, vibrancy, connection, love and intelligence that already exists within you. So that is what we do in this meditation, by having you connect with and experience your favourite place in mother nature.

I also mention my up-coming Online Workshop to round out 2021 and prepare for 2022. It is called “Become a Natural Superhuman” and is about helping you to hone the skills of, and draw out your inner Leader, Warrior and Sage, so you can better navigate these uncertain and somewhat tumultuous times.

Sign up to my Newsletter to stay posted on the details.

The start date is 15 Nov 2021. It will be for 5-weeks. You get to choose the price you pay. It includes weekly Q&A Sessions and a whole lot more. I would love to serve you there and help you thrive in the weeks, months and years ahead. 

Take care

Be more awesome. Do more awesome. Make the world a more awesome place.

Balance Energy Healing Feelings Health Love Meditation

Guided Meditation – Thank You Body


This Guided Meditation is a tribute to your amazing, magnificent, magical and mystical body of yours.

Too often we are judging our bodies, or being frustrated at our bodies, or being annoyed at our aches, pains and other messages our bodies are sending us.

So I thought it was time to say a big THANK YOU to our awesome bodies.

You body will be very grateful for you taking the time to listen to this meditation and share in the celebration of our amazing bodies.

Take care.