Energy Healing Feelings Love Meditation

Guided Meditation – Taking in Light, Love, Abundance and Healing Energy (and letting go)


Welcome to this months Guided Meditation, where we get to prime your subconscious mind to draw in the good/empowering/uplifting and letting go of the bad/disempowering/clutter.

In this meditation we connect to the intention (and priming of the subconscious mind) to be open to receiving LIGHT, LOVE, ABUNDANCE and HEALING ENERGY, on the in breath. 

Then we add to the meditation the ‘letting go‘ of anything that no longer serves us on the out breath – both physical and non-physical, also what is known and not known.

In a nutshell: You will be breathing in goodness, breathing out stuff we no longer need.

What a great message to embed in the subconscious mind!
I hope you enjoy and please feel free to download (to listen to offline) and to share.

And if you need a helping hand at any time don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the very best.

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