Balance Choice Decision Making Meditation

Guided Meditation: Making Decisions Using Your Innate Inner Wisdom (and Head, Heart and Gut)


This Guided Meditation is a little different from normal, as I have created it to help you make any decisions that you are working with at the moment.

In my book – Decision Making Mastery – I talk about one of the most important things to making good decisions is to be in the right state – physically and emotionally.

In this guided meditation I take that one step further. I help you get in the right state, but I also help you tap into your Head, Heart and Gut when it comes to decision making. Too often we just use our head, and miss out on the innate wisdom in our whole body.

Take a decision you are working on, into the meditation, and use the meditation to get a better sense about the right decision for you.

As always, if you need a hand, have any questions, or any requests for me to address any topics, don’t hesitate to reach out. Plus feel free to download this meditation and share. And finally, do sign up to my weekly Newsletter.

Take care

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Creating Stability of Mind Using a Simple Yogic Practice


I have been interested in looking deeper into Stability, as it ended up being one of the 5 common virtues, among a Leader, Warrior and Sage (who are part of your SuperHuman gifts).

This simple breathing technique is designed to create higher levels of stability in the mind, which I teach is essential for making informed, intelligent and high quality DECISIONS in life. So learning practical ways to stabilise the mind is a great thing to learn – especially if they are simple, nil cost and you don’t need any props. A trifecta of goodness!! 

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Right Timing and Who are Your Advisors?


Firstly, I have to admit that I started to record this podcast with one idea in mind, and then I went sideways, to what I think is a really great message.

I started with talking about when it is RIGHT it is RIGHT.
It was about right action at the right time, and getting guidance on how to determine that.

Which took me to the main valuable takeaway.

As a LEADER, and when it comes to great Decision Making, it is important to have access to great advisors. And a broad range of advisors. In this podcast I was specifically talking about advisors that actually are intuitive or channel or read ‘energy’.

In order to make the bets decisions, we want to tap into all of the available and relevant information. Like Kings and Queens of old, who has their spiritual advisors on the council.

I mentioned specifically Lee Harris and his monthly Energy Updates. They are pretty spot on (from my perspective).
Here is a link to his ‘reading’ for November 2021.

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Power up for 2022, with practical tips, tools and strategies. 🙂

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The (Real) Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration


Let’s talk about motivation versus inspiration.
Which do you think is the better fuel and the most likely to get you through the inevitable obstacles?

Let me share with you what I have come to learn about these two, and why I cringe when people get caught up on ‘getting motivated’.

I would love for you to join me for my 5-week workshop called BECOMING A NATURAL SUPERHUMAN.

It is packed with great teachings, plus practical activities to help you integrate the teachings, and we dive deep into the archetypes of Leader, Warrior and Sage, which are the perfect players for uncertain, turbulent and challenging times (i.e. 2021 and beyond).

Check out the details here:
I have decided to reduce the ticket price from $297 to $4!!

I just want to serve the most people possible, so please pass the word.
We could all use a helping hand about now, and it makes a lot of sense to prepare in advance in case 2022 is more of the same.

See you on 15 Nov 2021. 
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Breakthrough Choice Decision Making Leadership Life Possibility

Who You Need to Become to Navigate Your Way Through 2021 and Beyond


So it is no secret that most of us have found the last 18 months to be the most tumultuous and disruptive time in our lives (for any billionaires listening to this – perhaps this does not apply to you.

And I don’t think things are going to be ‘smooth sailing’ for a good while to come yet. I think the foreseeable future is going to continue to disruptive, uncertain, and with some pretty funky vibes and energy circulating around us. 

So…I have been working with my clients and within my experience base to consider what is the best way to move through this with a bit more ease, grace, stability and even a bit of thriving thrown in for good measure. 

For me, it is about who we need to BECOME in order to achieve the things we most desire in life, or have the life experience we most desire. 

Therefore I have come up with an idea that the person we need to be needs to be part Leader, Warrior and Sage. Listen in to the podcast to see what I mean and how I see that benefiting you. I am here to serve you and humanity as best as I can, and I think this is a bloody good start. 

Stay plugged in to find out when the program will be released (most likely November) and I will probably set it up so you can choose to pay what you can afford and what value it is for you.
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What Information Sources Do I Use for My News?


So I get asked quite a bit what information sources I use to navigate my way through these challenging times, to help me make better decisions when it comes to my health and happiness.

I teach in my book – Decision Making Mastery – that if you put crap information into your decision making process, then you are likely to make a crap decision, or a decision that has less stability and certainty to it.

This means over the last 12+ months in particular, I have been searching for the right information sources to use, in order to get closer to the truth of the matter, and therefore make sound and robust decisions.

A list of some of my ‘news’ and current event sources are:

Other speakers I listen to: Robert Kennedy Jnr, Del Bigtree, Dr Zack Bush, Dr Mercola, Dr Cowan, Prof Cahill, Pam Popper, American Front Line Doctors, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr McCullough, etc. 

Again, as I say in the podcast. Listen to these I recommend, and if they resonate (i.e. they feel like they are coming from the right place, and are pro humanity) listen on, and if not drop them. 

Good luck wading your way through the information quagmire.
Take care

Breakthrough Decision Making Life Success

Live Presentation: Decision Making Mastery (in Bali)


Last week I did my first ‘LIVE’ presentation in front of an audience to talk about decision-making and to promote my new book ‘Decision Making Mastery’. 

I say at the start of the presentation that I will give people tips to improve their decision-making skills by at least 20-100%. 

Let me know if you agree, after listening to the presentation. 

I also talk about the Audiobook that we have just finished editing, which I will sell for just $8.99 for the next 30 days. 

Go here to purchase a copy:

Have a super day.

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Looking at Uncertainty in a Positive (and Fun) Light


I don’t think you are going to dispute the fact with me that we are living in uncertain times. Now there are a lot of things we can’t control or change.


We do get to choose how we see, give meaning to, and choose to interact with this thing called ‘uncertainty’.

And I will also share with you why uncertainty is actually a pretty good thing.

Enjoy this episode and if you need a hand at any stage, don’t hesitate to reach out via my website.

Plus make sure you grab a copy of my newest practical book ‘Decision Making Mastery’.

Have a super day and take care.

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A Common High Performers Blind Spot


This podcast is recorded by the ocean, so you will have a few ocean vibes in the background.

I was recently working with a client – someone who I would say performs at a high level in many areas of their life – especially ‘professionally’.

What I have noticed over time is there is a particular blind spot that applies more to people who are high performers, and can lead to a major setback if they are not aware of the generally unconscious bias they have.

You will have to listen to find out what the blind-spot is (no hints will be given).


PS: If you have any questions for me or want to request I talk on a particular subject, or answer a question, just head over to my website and check out my contact page.