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Right Timing and Who are Your Advisors?


Firstly, I have to admit that I started to record this podcast with one idea in mind, and then I went sideways, to what I think is a really great message.

I started with talking about when it is RIGHT it is RIGHT.
It was about right action at the right time, and getting guidance on how to determine that.

Which took me to the main valuable takeaway.

As a LEADER, and when it comes to great Decision Making, it is important to have access to great advisors. And a broad range of advisors. In this podcast I was specifically talking about advisors that actually are intuitive or channel or read ‘energy’.

In order to make the bets decisions, we want to tap into all of the available and relevant information. Like Kings and Queens of old, who has their spiritual advisors on the council.

I mentioned specifically Lee Harris and his monthly Energy Updates. They are pretty spot on (from my perspective).
Here is a link to his ‘reading’ for November 2021.

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Take care

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