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What Information Sources Do I Use for My News?


So I get asked quite a bit what information sources I use to navigate my way through these challenging times, to help me make better decisions when it comes to my health and happiness.

I teach in my book – Decision Making Mastery – that if you put crap information into your decision making process, then you are likely to make a crap decision, or a decision that has less stability and certainty to it.

This means over the last 12+ months in particular, I have been searching for the right information sources to use, in order to get closer to the truth of the matter, and therefore make sound and robust decisions.

A list of some of my ‘news’ and current event sources are:

Other speakers I listen to: Robert Kennedy Jnr, Del Bigtree, Dr Zack Bush, Dr Mercola, Dr Cowan, Prof Cahill, Pam Popper, American Front Line Doctors, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr McCullough, etc. 

Again, as I say in the podcast. Listen to these I recommend, and if they resonate (i.e. they feel like they are coming from the right place, and are pro humanity) listen on, and if not drop them. 

Good luck wading your way through the information quagmire.
Take care

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