How to Live More Consciously in 2014

lotusIn this Happiness Class, I introduce the intention for the Happiness Class in 2014. where we are going to be focused on ‘Conscious Living’. How to experience more happiness (and positive emotions) in our lives by choosing the right tools, tips and strategies which will be shared over the year.

I also share some great Happiness insights from the movie ‘About Time’ by the writer of Love Actually and Notting Hill. There is a very profound insight shared in the movie.

Here’s to a more consciously happy 2014!






How to Hardwire Happiness in 2014 with Carl Massy

hardwiringHello 2014!!

In this Happiness Class, we take a look at a great book called ‘Hardwiring Happiness’ by Rich Hanson PhD; and share his version of a technique for bringing more happiness in your life on a consistent basis. To the extent where we are actually wiring ourselves to experience happiness as our default.

This is a powerful, potentially life-changing and 30-second strategy you really want to check out.

If you have any questions just rock over to my Facebook Page and hit me up there. Have an awesome 2014!

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How the Law of Attraction Really Works

magnetHow does the Law of Attraction really work? You would have to have been living under a rock for the last 10 years not to have heard of the term ‘The Law of Attraction’. And maybe you have even seen the movie or read the book – The Secret.

In this Podcast we (Damo & Carl) have a good look at the general teachings on the Law of Attraction. We debunk some of the myths. Add a bit of science to the woo woo. And get really strategic about how to effectively use this universal law in your everyday, feet on the ground, highly hectic life.

We hope you enjoy it. And if you have any questions or comments, make sure you check out The Happiness Class Facebook Group Page, and share your experiences and thoughts.

Have a super day!





How to Meditate so You Can Increase Your Happiness, Health and Vitality

meditateWant more happiness? Want more success? Want more peace and harmony in your life? Want improved health?

How about some mental clarity, focus, stress resilience. All of these and more are the side effects of meditation. In this awesome Happiness Class Podcast Damo and Carl who are regular longterm mediators will teach you about meditation. How to do it. What to look out for. What will enhance your practice. What resources are available.

If you want to add this amazing practice into your life, and experience the awesome benefits, then this is the Class you need to attend. And don’s forget to head over to the Group Page on Facebook to ask questions and continue the dialogue. Have an awesome day (and awesome meditation)!





Understand the Real Deal on Breaking Commitments

promiseVery few things in life are black or white. It might even be said that nothing is an absolute. Or nothing is absolute in all cases. Except maybe the universal laws like gravity. 

This Happiness Class Session is about looking at not only the ethical questions about whether or not it is ok to change your mind, or break a promise, but you will also hear what some of the latest psychology research has to say on the matter.

Plus Carl reminds us of the fact he was in the army for 14 years, with some pretty bizarre analogies. Fortunately Damo saved him.

So tune in to hear Damo and Carl dissect this very touchy subject to help you better decide how to move forward or backward in your life.





That Sugar Film – Interview with Damon Gameau

damoToday Damo and I were so lucky and so are you.

We had the privilege to interview a great Australian actor and acclaimed filmmaker – Damon Gameau – to talk about his upcoming documentary ‘That Sugar Film’. A super-size me type film where he consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, for 60-days (which is not that much higher than teenagers generally consume worldwide). I can tell you know, this is a film you don’t want to miss; because he reveals some startling facts in this interview, as well as sharing his extremely broad knowledge of health and the impact of sugar on the body, moods and mind.

Damon is also a lot of fun and somehow we got onto the Tantra Retreat that Damo and Damon met at in Bali where a little bromance started. Abd it did get a bit confusing for Carl with the Damo’s & Damon’s. This is one of our favourite interviews to date. One because of the topic. Two because of the depth of insight Damon shares and thirdly because he is a pretty funny dude as well. Get ready to be informed and entertained. Have an awesome day. Cheers Damo & Carl PS: Here is Damon’s website here.




How to get out of an emotional funk with Damo and Carl

frustrationThis Happiness Class podcast with Damo and Carl is all about strategies we can adopt when we find ourselves in an emotional funk or low spot. Also what might be happening within the body or mind that causes you to just feel flat and unmotivated.

The podcast starts with Carl talking about a very real and very recent emotional flat spot he was in and what practices he used to move beyond it. Then Damo talks about his favourite strategies for dealing with low emotions.

Damo them follows his strategies up with a powerful energy shifting session; that if you follow, will have you feeling INCREDIBLE by the end.

Do share this journey with us as we work on teaching you the tips, tools and strategies to deal with the most persistent emotional challenges.





Unravelling The Power of Now with Damo & Carl

nowSo we have all heard the term before ‘The Power of Now’ or ‘Living in the Now’. But what the heck does that actually mean? And what are the benefits for us in our modern lifestyles? And most importantly; if it is so great for us, how the begeezus do we actually turn on this ‘now’ thing?

Those questions and more are playfully and cleverly answered by Damo and Carl in another great installment of The Happiness Class. They get right into the specifics of what it means, the benefits you will experience physically and emotionally, and also some SPECIFIC strategies you can apply TODAY.

Carl also – somehow – gets on to the subject of turtles – which totally throws Damo.

Another well delivered and fun look at a deeply meaningful topic by the boys from The Happiness Class. For more details on the actual live version of The Happiness Class check out the link:

Have an awesome day.




Why we MUST meditate in this modern age

prayerYou have probably heard before that meditation is good for you. Probably even been told it is great for you. But what I want to share with you in this podcast is why it is an absolute must in the modern age we are living in.

Stress levels are going up. People may be living longer, but are they doing so in a healthy and vibrant body? In this podcast I will be taking the gloves off and letting you know why if you want to be a peak performer in life (or even an above average performer winking) you need to tap into the power of meditation.

Let me truly motivate you into action by sharing with you the biggest WHY. You owe it to yourself to listen to this Strategic Happiness Podcast.




2 Awesomely Effective and Simple Strategies on Managing Your Emotions

happy guyHave you ever stopped to consider the idea that emotions are everything? That it is what we feel, that matters most. It is not the new shiny red Porsche that is the big deal it is the FEELINGS that we experience as a result of owning or driving in or seeing that car. What makes us move? What makes us do anything? It is emotions. Since they are so important, I want to share with you a couple of awesomely effective but simple strategies.

Last week I attended a 5-Day course on the LifeLine Technique, presented by the creator of the system – Dr Darren Weissman. To say that the course was insightful would be selling it short. I prefer to use the term – mind popping. It was simply amazing and I recommend it to anyone else – regardless if it is for you personally or to use as a professional tool with clients. It is superb!

The big theme of the training and the stuff that we most need to understand for joy, success, happiness and fulfillment in life is EMOTIONS. So in this podcast I will share with you just 2 tools you can use immediately to better manage and utilise the power of your emotions.

For a copy of The Guidebook to Happiness, check out:

Dr Darren Weissman:

The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude book: