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Decision Making Mastery – Part 3 – Your Internal Guidance System


Welcome to Part 3 of this mini series specifically looking at Decision Making and based on my latest book ‘Decision Making Mastery’.

In Part 1 I looked at the bIggest mistakes. Part 2 I introduced you to the 3C’s. And in this final part I talk about your innate, highly intelligent, and deeply wise – internal guidance system.

Firstly I introduce the idea and what I have recognized in myself and my clients over the years, and then I talk about how to practically ‘bring it on’.

Make sure you pick up a copy of ‘Decision Making Mastery‘ and be a true co-creator in your destiny. It is available at Amazon as a Kindle or Paperback version.

If you would like to work with me to navigate your way through some major decisions or transitions, please get in touch via my website:

Have a fabulous day and take care.


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